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Abaddon's Reliquary Cypress Sapling
Abaddon's Reliquary Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Abaddon's Reliquary Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Abaddon's Reliquary Omnomberries
Abaddon's Reliquary Orrian Oyster
Abaddon's Reliquary Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Abandoned Barrows Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Abandoned Barrows Desert Vegetables
Abandoned Barrows Flax
Abandoned Barrows Lentils
Abbey Ruins Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Acrid Springs Cluster of Desert Herbs
Acrid Springs Desert Vegetables
Acrid Springs Lentils
Acrid Springs Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Airport (area) Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Airport (area) Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Airport (area) Taproots
Airport (area) Grapes
Akk Wilds Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Akk Wilds Ekku Sapling
Akk Wilds Blueberry Bush
Akk Wilds Herb Seedlings
Akk Wilds Potato (node) Potato
Aldon's Ledge Ore Synthesizer
Aldon's Ledge Lumber Synthesizer
Aldon's Ledge Berry Synthesizer
Aldon's Ledge Herb Synthesizer
Aldon's Ledge Vegetable Synthesizer
Aldon's Ledge Cloth Synthesizer
Aldon's Ledge Leather Synthesizer
Aleem's Penance Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Aleem's Penance Banyan Sapling
Aleem's Penance Portobello Mushrooms
Aleem's Penance Verdant Herbs
Allied Encampment Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Almorra's Stand Mistonium
Almorra's Stand Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Almorra's Stand Rich Orichalcum Vein
Almorra's Stand Mebahya Sapling
Almorra's Stand Cluster of Desert Herbs
Almorra's Stand Lentils
Almuten Estates Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Almuten Estates Gummo Sapling
Almuten Estates Clam (node) Clam
Almuten Estates Herb Sprouts
Almuten Estates Onions
Altar Brook Vale Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Altar Brook Vale Aspen Sapling
Altar Brook Vale Blueberry Bush
Altar Brook Vale Carrots
Altar Brook Vale Herb Seedlings
Altar's Windings Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Altar's Windings Rich Copper Vein
Altar's Windings Aspen Sapling
Altar's Windings Button Mushrooms
Amduat Point Cayenne Pepper (node) Cayenne Pepper
Amnoon Farms Cluster of Desert Herbs
Amnoon Farms Desert Vegetables
Amnoon Farms Flax
Amnoon Farms Lentils
Amnoon Farms Mussels
Amnoon Farms Ancient Sapling
Amnoon Farms Mebahya Sapling
Amnoon Farms Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Amnoon Southern Outskirts Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Amnoon Southern Outskirts Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Amnoon Southern Outskirts Ancient Sapling
Amnoon Southern Outskirts Mebahya Sapling
Amnoon Southern Outskirts Cluster of Desert Herbs
Amnoon Southern Outskirts Desert Vegetables
Amnoon Southern Outskirts Lentils
Amnoon Southern Outskirts Mussels
Ancient Hollow Palm Sapling
Ancient Hollow Jungle Plants
Ancient Hollow Primordial Orchid
Anzalias Pass Ore Synthesizer
Anzalias Pass Lumber Synthesizer
Anzalias Pass Berry Synthesizer
Anzalias Pass Herb Synthesizer
Anzalias Pass Vegetable Synthesizer
Anzalias Pass Cloth Synthesizer
Anzalias Pass Leather Synthesizer
Apostate Wastes Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Apostate Wastes Inglewood Sapling
Apostate Wastes Butternut Squash (node) Butternut Squash
Apostate Wastes Portobello Mushrooms
Apostate Wastes Verdant Herbs
Arah's Hope Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Arah's Hope Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Arca Lake Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Arca Lake Gummo Sapling
Arca Lake Tukawa Sapling
Arcallion Digs Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Arcallion Digs Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Arcallion Digs Varied Mushrooms
Archen Foreland Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Archen Foreland Mature Herbs
Archen Foreland Scallions
Archen Foreland Variegated Taproots
Archen Foreland Tukawa Sapling
Arcovian Foothills Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Arcovian Foothills Rich Iron Vein
Arcovian Foothills Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Argon Garrison Mistonium
Argon Garrison Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Arid Gladefields Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Arid Gladefields Rich Mithril Vein
Arid Gladefields Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Arid Gladefields Ancient Sapling
Arid Gladefields Mebahya Sapling
Arid Gladefields Flax
Arid Gladefields Cluster of Desert Herbs
Arid Gladefields Lentils
Arid Gladefields Mussels
Arid Gladefields Desert Vegetables
Arkjok Farmlands Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Arkjok Farmlands Cluster of Desert Herbs
Arkjok Farmlands Flax
Arrowhead Vale Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Arrowhead Vale Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Arrowhead Vale Palm Sapling
Arrowhead Vale Ancient Sapling
Arrowhead Vale Flax
Arrowhead Vale Jungle Plants
Arrowhead Vale Sawgill Mushrooms
Artergon Woods Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Artergon Woods Ekku Sapling
Artergon Woods Blueberry Bush
Artergon Woods Carrots
Artergon Woods Onions
Arundon Vale Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Arundon Vale Butternut Squash (node) Butternut Squash
Arundon Vale Raspberries
Arundon Vale Snow Truffle (node) Snow Truffle
Ascalon Basin Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Ascalon Basin Rich Copper Vein
Ascalon Basin Herb Seedlings
Ascalon Basin Kertch Sapling
Ascalon City Ruins Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Ascalon City Ruins Rich Copper Vein
Ascalon City Ruins Kertch Sapling
Ascalon City Ruins Onions
Ascension Bay Berry Synthesizer
Ascension Bay Herb Synthesizer
Ascension Bay Vegetable Synthesizer
Ascension Bay Lumber Synthesizer
Ashen Skerries Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Ashen Skerries Petrified Stump
Ashen Waste Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Askalion Hills Berry Synthesizer
Askalion Hills Herb Synthesizer
Askalion Hills Vegetable Synthesizer
Askalion Hills Lumber Synthesizer
Astralholme Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Astralholme Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Astralholme Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Astralholme Aspen Sapling
Astralholme Spinach
Astralholme Strawberry Patch
Astrozintli Forelands Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Astrozintli Forelands Banyan Sapling
Astrozintli Forelands Leeks
Astrozintli Forelands Verdant Herbs
Atholma Coral
Atholma Mussels
Auburn Hills Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Auburn Hills Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Auburn Hills Cluster of Desert Herbs
Auburn Hills Flax
Auburn Hills Lentils
Auburn Hills Ancient Sapling
Auburn Hills Mebahya Sapling
Augury Rock Rich Orichalcum Vein
Avernan Volatile Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Axedrag Cut Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Axedrag Cut Rich Iron Vein
Axedrag Cut Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Azabe Qabar, the Royal Tombs Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Bakestone Cavern Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Bakestone Cavern Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Balthazar's Reliquary Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Balthazar's Reliquary Orrian Oyster
Balthazar's Rest Flax
Balthazar's Rest Jungle Plants
Balthazar's Rest Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Bard's Valley Banyan Sapling
Bard's Valley Verdant Herbs
Barren Outpost Ore Synthesizer
Barren Outpost Lumber Synthesizer
Barren Outpost Berry Synthesizer
Barren Outpost Herb Synthesizer
Barren Outpost Vegetable Synthesizer
Barren Outpost Cloth Synthesizer
Barren Outpost Leather Synthesizer
Barrett Farmstead Ore Synthesizer
Barrett Farmstead Lumber Synthesizer
Barrett Farmstead Berry Synthesizer
Barrett Farmstead Herb Synthesizer
Barrett Farmstead Vegetable Synthesizer
Barrett Farmstead Cloth Synthesizer
Barrett Farmstead Leather Synthesizer
Basalt Rise Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Basalt Rise Petrified Stump
Basaltic Fringe Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Basaltic Fringe Rich Mithril Vein
Basaltic Fringe Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Basaltic Fringe Ancient Sapling
Basaltic Fringe Mebahya Sapling
Basaltic Fringe Cluster of Desert Herbs
Basaltic Fringe Desert Vegetables
Basaltic Fringe Flax
Basaltic Fringe Lentils
Bauer Farmstead Ore Synthesizer
Bauer Farmstead Lumber Synthesizer
Bauer Farmstead Berry Synthesizer
Bauer Farmstead Herb Synthesizer
Bauer Farmstead Vegetable Synthesizer
Bauer Farmstead Cloth Synthesizer
Bauer Farmstead Leather Synthesizer
Bay of Elon Cluster of Desert Herbs
Bay of Elon Desert Vegetables
Bay of Elon Clam (node) Clam
Bay of Elon Coral
Bay of Elon Flax
Bay of Elon Mussels
Bay of Elon Lentils
Bay of Elon Ancient Sapling
Bay of Elon Mebahya Sapling
Bay of Elon Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Bay of Elon Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Bay of Elon Rich Mithril Vein
Bazaar Docks Quartz Crystal Formation
Beetletun Farms Aspen Sapling
Beetletun Farms Herb Patch
Beetletun Farms Lettuce
Beetletun Farms Onions
Beetletun Farms Root Vegetables
Behem Gauntlet Kale
Behem Gauntlet Varied Mushrooms
Behem Gauntlet Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Behem Gauntlet Rich Gold Vein
Behem Gauntlet Rich Iron Vein
Behem Gauntlet Tukawa Sapling
Belag Crossroads Gummo Sapling
Belag Crossroads Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Benthic Kelp Beds Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Benthic Kelp Beds Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Benthic Kelp Beds Coral
Bento Canyon Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Berdrow's Hideaway Ore Synthesizer
Berdrow's Hideaway Lumber Synthesizer
Berdrow's Hideaway Berry Synthesizer
Berdrow's Hideaway Herb Synthesizer
Berdrow's Hideaway Vegetable Synthesizer
Berdrow's Hideaway Cloth Synthesizer
Berdrow's Hideaway Leather Synthesizer
Betrayal Grounds Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Betrayal Grounds Fir Sapling
Betrayal Grounds Mature Herbs
Bitterfly Bayou Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Bitterfly Bayou Ancient Sapling
Bitterfly Bayou Flax
Bitterfrost Peaks Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Bitterfrost Peaks Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Bitterfrost Peaks Gummo Sapling
Black Earth Coalmine Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Black Ice Pass Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Blackblade Lake Onions
Blackroot Cut Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Blackroot Cut Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Blackroot Cut Aspen Sapling
Blackroot Cut Herb Sprouts
Blackroot Cut Onions
Blackroot Cut Toxic Seedling
Blackwing Excavation Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Blackwing Excavation Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Bleeding Pulpit Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Bleeding Pulpit Ancient Sapling
Bleeding Pulpit Petrified Stump
Blighted Arch Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Blighted Arch Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Blighted Arch Cypress Sapling
Blighted Arch Orrian Sapling
Blighted Battleground Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Blighted Battleground Cypress Sapling
Blighted Depths Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Blighted Depths Flax
Blighted Depths Jungle Plants
Blighted Depths Palm Sapling
Blightwater Basin Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Blightwater Basin Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Blightwater Basin Young Herbs
Blightwater Basin Tukawa Sapling
Blistering Undercroft Ore Synthesizer
Blistering Undercroft Berry Synthesizer
Blistering Undercroft Herb Synthesizer
Blistering Undercroft Vegetable Synthesizer
Blistering Undercroft Lumber Synthesizer
Blizzard Basin Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Blizzard Basin Cypress Sapling
Blizzard Basin Coral
Blizzard Basin Verdant Herbs
Blizzard Basin Winterberry Bush
Blizzard Basin Winter Root Vegetables
Bloated Beach Cypress Sapling
Bloated Beach Coral
Bloated Beach Orrian Oyster
Blood Hill Camps Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Blood Hill Camps Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Blood Hill Camps Gummo Sapling
Bloodcliff Quarry Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Bloodfin Lake Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Bloodfin Lake Inglewood Sapling
Bloodfin Lake Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Bloodfin Lake Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Bloodfin Lake Variegated Taproots
Bloodstone Maw Bloodstone Crystals
Bloodstone Maw Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Blue Alpine Garrison Berry Synthesizer
Blue Alpine Garrison Herb Synthesizer
Blue Alpine Garrison Vegetable Synthesizer
Blue Alpine Garrison Lumber Synthesizer
Blue World Valley Berry Synthesizer
Blue World Valley Herb Synthesizer
Blue World Valley Vegetable Synthesizer
Blue World Valley Lumber Synthesizer
Bluebriar Ore Synthesizer
Bluebriar Lumber Synthesizer
Bluebriar Berry Synthesizer
Bluebriar Herb Synthesizer
Bluebriar Vegetable Synthesizer
Bluebriar Cloth Synthesizer
Bluebriar Leather Synthesizer
Bluelake Ore Synthesizer
Bluelake Lumber Synthesizer
Bluelake Berry Synthesizer
Bluelake Herb Synthesizer
Bluelake Vegetable Synthesizer
Bluelake Cloth Synthesizer
Bluelake Leather Synthesizer
Bluevale Refuge Ore Synthesizer
Bluevale Refuge Lumber Synthesizer
Bluevale Refuge Berry Synthesizer
Bluevale Refuge Herb Synthesizer
Bluevale Refuge Vegetable Synthesizer
Bluevale Refuge Cloth Synthesizer
Bluevale Refuge Leather Synthesizer
Bluewater Lowlands Ore Synthesizer
Bluewater Lowlands Lumber Synthesizer
Bluewater Lowlands Berry Synthesizer
Bluewater Lowlands Herb Synthesizer
Bluewater Lowlands Vegetable Synthesizer
Bluewater Lowlands Cloth Synthesizer
Bluewater Lowlands Leather Synthesizer
Boettiger's Hideaway Ore Synthesizer
Boettiger's Hideaway Lumber Synthesizer
Boettiger's Hideaway Berry Synthesizer
Boettiger's Hideaway Herb Synthesizer
Boettiger's Hideaway Vegetable Synthesizer
Boettiger's Hideaway Cloth Synthesizer
Boettiger's Hideaway Leather Synthesizer
Bonerattler Caverns Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Bonerattler Caverns Varied Mushrooms
Bore Lynch Rich Mithril Vein
Bouldermouth Vale Young Herbs
Bouldermouth Vale Snow Cherry Sapling
Boundary Preserve Ancient Sapling
Boundary Preserve Cluster of Desert Herbs
Boundary Preserve Flax
Boundary Preserve Lentils
Boundary Preserve Mebahya Sapling
Boundary Preserve Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Bramble Pass Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Bramble Pass Cypress Sapling
Bramble Pass Artichoke (node) Artichoke
Bramble Pass Asparagus
Bravost Escarpment Ore Synthesizer
Bravost Escarpment Lumber Synthesizer
Bravost Escarpment Berry Synthesizer
Bravost Escarpment Herb Synthesizer
Bravost Escarpment Vegetable Synthesizer
Bravost Escarpment Cloth Synthesizer
Bravost Escarpment Leather Synthesizer
Breachwater Lake Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Breachwater Lake Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Breakneck Pass Herb Seedlings
Brigantine Isles Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Brigantine Isles Clam (node) Clam
Brightwater Inlet Ancient Sapling
Brightwater Inlet Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Brightwater Inlet Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Brightwater Inlet Flax
Brightwater Inlet Haresfoot Herb (object) Haresfoot Herb
Brightwater Inlet Mussels
Brightwater Inlet Strawberry Patch
Brilitine Swath Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Brilitine Swath Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Brilitine Swath Mimosa Sapling
Brilitine Swath Taproots
Bristleback Chasm Flax
Bristleback Chasm Jungle Plants
Bristleback Chasm Mussels
Bristleback Chasm Sawgill Mushrooms
Bristleback Chasm Ancient Sapling
Bristleback Chasm Palm Sapling
Bristleback Chasm Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Bristleback Chasm Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Broadhollow Bluffs Gummo Sapling
Broken Arrow River Banyan Sapling
Broken Arrow River Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Broken Arrow River Verdant Herbs
Broken Bluffs Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Broken Bluffs Flax
Broken Bluffs Jungle Plants
Broken Bluffs Mussels
Broken Bluffs Sawgill Mushrooms
Broken Bluffs Ancient Sapling
Broken Bluffs Palm Sapling
Broken Shelf Ancient Sapling
Broken Shelf Cluster of Desert Herbs
Broken Shelf Flax
Broken Shelf Lentils
Broken Shelf Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Broken Shelf Mebahya Sapling
Broken Shelf Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Buloh Crossing Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Buloh Crossing Asparagus
Buloh Crossing Verdant Herbs
Burning Grotto Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Burning Grotto Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Burnisher Quarry Jungle Plants
Burrows of Moledavia Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Burrows of Moledavia Rich Iron Vein
Burrows of Moledavia Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Burrows of Moledavia Button Mushrooms
Cadem Forest Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Cadem Forest Kertch Sapling
Cadem Forest Blueberry Bush
Cadem Forest Button Mushrooms
Cadem Forest Carrots
Cadem Forest Herb Seedlings
Cadem Forest Onions
Calon Islet Desert Vegetables
Calon Islet Flax
Calon Islet Lentils
Calon Islet Cluster of Desert Herbs
Calon Islet Baoba Sapling
Calon Islet Difluorite Crystals
Calon Islet Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Calx's Hideout Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Captain's Retreat Cypress Sapling
Cathedral of Eternal Radiance Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Cathedral of Verdance Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Cathedral of Verdance Rich Mithril Vein
Cathedral of Verdance Omnomberries
Cathedral of Verdance Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Cathedral of Verdance Lotus
Cathedral of Verdance Ghost Pepper (node) Ghost Pepper
Cathedral of Zephyrs Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Cathedral of Zephyrs Cypress Sapling
Caustic Spur Flax
Caustic Spur Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Caustic Spur Rich Mithril Vein
Cavern of Unseen Lights Bloodstone Crystals
Cavern of Unseen Lights Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Cavern of Unseen Lights Sawgill Mushrooms
Cavern of the Shining Lights Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Cavern of the Shining Lights Rich Mithril Vein
Cavern of the Shining Lights Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Central Brand Scar Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Central Brand Scar Mistonium
Central Brand Scar Lentils
Central Brand Scar Mebahya Sapling
Cereboth Canyon Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Cereboth Canyon Rich Iron Vein
Cereboth Canyon Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Cereboth Canyon Rich Silver Vein
Cereboth Canyon Button Mushrooms
Chak Hollow Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Chak Hollow Ancient Sapling
Chak Hollow Palm Sapling
Chak Hollow Flax
Chak Hollow Jungle Plants
Challdar Gorges Pine Sapling
Challdar Gorges Scallions
Challenger Cliffs Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Challenger Cliffs Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Challenger Cliffs Quartz Crystal Formation
Challenger Cliffs Cypress Sapling
Challenger Cliffs Ancient Sapling
Challenger Cliffs Cactus
Chalon Docks Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Chalon Docks Cluster of Desert Herbs
Chalon Docks Desert Vegetables
Chalon Docks Flax
Chalon Docks Mussels
Chalon Docks Seaweed (node) Seaweed
Chalon Docks Baoba Sapling
Champion's Dawn Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Champion's Dawn Cluster of Desert Herbs
Champion's Dawn Desert Vegetables
Champion's Dawn Flax
Champion's Dawn Lentils
Champion's Dawn Seaweed (node) Seaweed
Champion's Dawn Baoba Sapling
Champion's Demesne Ore Synthesizer
Champion's Demesne Lumber Synthesizer
Champion's Demesne Berry Synthesizer
Champion's Demesne Herb Synthesizer
Champion's Demesne Vegetable Synthesizer
Champion's Demesne Cloth Synthesizer
Champion's Demesne Leather Synthesizer
Champion's Gap Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Champion's Gap Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Champion's Gap Desert Vegetables
Champion's Gap Flax
Champion's Gap Lentils
Champion's Gap Mebahya Sapling
Champion's Shield Blackberries
Champion's Shield Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Champion's Shield Inglewood Sapling
Champion's Shield Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Champion's Shield Mature Herbs
Champion's Shield Variegated Taproots
Charr's Triumph Blueberry Bush
Charr's Triumph Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Charr's Triumph Kertch Sapling
Chillwing Perch Herb Sprouts
Chillwing Perch Snow Cherry Sapling
Chokevine Gorge Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Chokevine Gorge Banyan Sapling
Choking Depths Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Choking Depths Orrian Oyster
Choking Depths Coral
Chukara Sea Difluorite Crystals
Chukara Sea Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Chukara Sea Cluster of Desert Herbs
Chukara Sea Coral
Chukara Sea Mussels
Churrhir Cliffs Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Churrhir Cliffs Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Churrhir Cliffs Cluster of Desert Herbs
Churrhir Cliffs Desert Vegetables
Churrhir Cliffs Flax
Churrhir Cliffs Lentils
Churrhir Cliffs Mussels
Churrhir Cliffs Seaweed (node) Seaweed
Churrhir Cliffs Ancient Sapling
Churrhir Cliffs Baoba Sapling
Clayent Falls Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Clayent Falls Rich Copper Vein
Clayent Falls Aspen Sapling
Clayent Falls Blueberry Bush
Clayent Falls Carrots
Cliffside Ore Synthesizer
Cliffside Lumber Synthesizer
Cliffside Berry Synthesizer
Cliffside Herb Synthesizer
Cliffside Vegetable Synthesizer
Cliffside Cloth Synthesizer
Cliffside Leather Synthesizer
Cloven Hoof Pass Onions
Cloven Hoof Pass Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Compass Plaza Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Compass Plaza Cypress Sapling
Compass Plaza Orrian Sapling
Compass Plaza Black Crocus
Compass Plaza Ghost Pepper (node) Ghost Pepper
Cornucopian Fields Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Cornucopian Fields Gummo Sapling
Cornucopian Fields Herb Sprouts
Cornucopian Fields Onions
Cornucopian Fields Taproots
Corsair Flotilla Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Corsair Flotilla Mussels
Corsair Flotilla Seaweed (node) Seaweed
Corsair Flotilla Baoba Sapling
Corsair Landing Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Corsair Landing Mussels
Cozen Desolation Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Cozen Desolation Cayenne Pepper (node) Cayenne Pepper
Coztic Grounds Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Cragged Vale Cluster of Desert Herbs
Cragstead Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Cragstead Rich Copper Vein
Cragstead Button Mushrooms
Cragtop Ore Synthesizer
Cragtop Lumber Synthesizer
Cragtop Berry Synthesizer
Cragtop Herb Synthesizer
Cragtop Vegetable Synthesizer
Cragtop Cloth Synthesizer
Cragtop Leather Synthesizer
Crankshaft Depot Ore Synthesizer
Crankshaft Depot Lumber Synthesizer
Crankshaft Depot Berry Synthesizer
Crankshaft Depot Herb Synthesizer
Crankshaft Depot Vegetable Synthesizer
Crankshaft Depot Cloth Synthesizer
Crankshaft Depot Leather Synthesizer
Crater Rim Root Vegetables
Crater Rim Tukawa Sapling
Craven Blight Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Craven Blight Cypress Sapling
Craven Blight Orrian Sapling
Craven Blight Omnomberries
Craven Blight Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Creeping Crevasse Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Creeping Crevasse Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Creeping Crevasse Ancient Sapling
Creeping Crevasse Flax
Creeping Crevasse Jungle Plants
Crescent's Prosperity Cluster of Desert Herbs
Crescent's Prosperity Mistonium
Crescent's Prosperity Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Crescent's Prosperity Mebahya Sapling
Criterion Canyon Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Criterion Canyon Rich Platinum Vein
Criterion Canyon Banyan Sapling
Criterion Canyon Asparagus
Criterion Canyon Leeks
Crusted Shoals Lotus
Crystal Wing Baoba Sapling Baobab Sapling
Crystal Wing Coral
Crystal Wing Flax
Crystal Wing Mistborn Mote (node) Mistborn Mote
Crystalwept Groves Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Cuatl Morass Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Cuatl Morass Ekku Sapling
Cuatl Morass Blueberry Bush
Cuatl Morass Onions
Dabiji Hollows Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Dabiji Hollows Rich Mithril Vein
Dabiji Hollows Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Dabiji Hollows Rich Orichalcum Vein
Dabiji Hollows Portobello Mushrooms
Damos Isle Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Damos Isle Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Damos Isle Baoba Sapling
Damos Isle Cluster of Desert Herbs
Damos Isle Desert Vegetables
Damos Isle Lentils
Danelon Passage Ore Synthesizer
Danelon Passage Lumber Synthesizer
Danelon Passage Berry Synthesizer
Danelon Passage Herb Synthesizer
Danelon Passage Vegetable Synthesizer
Danelon Passage Cloth Synthesizer
Danelon Passage Leather Synthesizer
Dappled Shores Ancient Sapling
Dappled Shores Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Dappled Shores Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Dappled Shores Passiflora
Darkhoof Heights Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Darkriven Bluffs Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Darkriven Bluffs Aspen Sapling
Darkweather Rise Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Darkweather Rise Banyan Sapling
Darkweather Rise Blackberries
Darkweather Rise Leeks
Darkweather Rise Portobello Mushrooms
Dawn's Eyrie Ore Synthesizer
Dawn's Eyrie Lumber Synthesizer
Dawn's Eyrie Berry Synthesizer
Dawn's Eyrie Herb Synthesizer
Dawn's Eyrie Vegetable Synthesizer
Dawn's Eyrie Cloth Synthesizer
Dawn's Eyrie Leather Synthesizer
Dawnrise Pass Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Dawnrise Pass Rich Copper Vein
Dawnrise Pass Aspen Sapling
Dawnrise Pass Onions
De Molish Post Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
De Molish Post Rich Gold Vein
De Molish Post Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Deathless Necropolis Ore Synthesizer
Deathless Necropolis Lumber Synthesizer
Deathless Necropolis Berry Synthesizer
Deathless Necropolis Herb Synthesizer
Deathless Necropolis Vegetable Synthesizer
Deathless Necropolis Cloth Synthesizer
Deathless Necropolis Leather Synthesizer
Decimus Stones Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Dehwan Expanse Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Dehwan Expanse Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Dehwan Expanse Mebahya Sapling
Delanian Foothills Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Delanian Foothills Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Delanian Foothills Aspen Sapling
Delanian Foothills Gummo Sapling
Delanian Foothills Herb Sprouts
Delanian Foothills Onions
Delanian Foothills Taproots
Deldrimor Ruins Dragon Crystal Node
Deldrimor Ruins Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Deldrimor Ruins Cypress Sapling
Deldrimor Ruins Snow Truffle (node) Snow Truffle
Deldrimor Ruins Verdant Herbs
Deldrimor Ruins Winter Root Vegetables
Demon's Maw Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Demon's Maw Rich Gold Vein
Demon's Maw Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Demon's Maw Zucchini (node) Zucchini
Demon's Maw Fir Sapling
Demon's Maw Snow Cherry Sapling
Deserter Flats Tukawa Sapling
Desider Atum Ekku Sapling
Desider Atum Carrots
Desmina's Hallows Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Desmina's Hallows Cypress Sapling
Desmina's Hallows Black Crocus
Desmina's Hallows Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Destiny's Ascent Mussels
Destiny's Gorge Ancient Sapling
Destiny's Gorge Mussels
Destiny's Gorge Flax
Destiny's Gorge Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Destiny's Gorge Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Devast District Button Mushrooms
Devast District Carrots
Devast District Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Dimotiki Waters Seaweed (node) Seaweed
Diremane Woods Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Diremane Woods Young Herbs
Diresight Caverns Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Diresight Caverns Portobello Mushrooms
Displaced Towers Mistonium
Displaced Towers Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Displaced Towers Rich Mithril Vein
Displaced Towers Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Displaced Towers Black Crocus
Displaced Towers Ghost Pepper (node) Ghost Pepper
Displaced Towers Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Dissun's Mine Portobello Mushrooms
Diviner's Passage Mebahya Sapling
Diviner's Passage Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Dociu Excavation Portobello Mushrooms
Doldenvan Passage Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Doldenvan Passage Button Mushrooms
Dolyak Pass Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Dolyak Pass Blueberry Bush
Dolyak Pass Carrots
Dolyak Pass Herb Seedlings
Dolyak Pass Onions
Dominion of Winds (area) Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Dominion of Winds (area) Ekku Sapling
Doric Lumberyard Baoba Sapling
Doric's Landing Jade Fragments
Doric's Landing Baoba Sapling
Dostoev Sky Peak Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Dostoev Sky Peak Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Dragon's Causeway Mistborn Mote (node) Mistborn Mote
Dragon's Passage Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Dragon's Rising Snow Cherry Sapling
Dragon's Snare Ancient Sapling
Dragon's Snare Baoba Sapling Baobab Sapling
Dragon's Snare Mebahya Sapling
Dragon's Snare Flax
Dragon's Snare Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Dragon's Snare Mistborn Mote (node) Mistborn Mote
Dragon's Teeth Hot Springs Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Dragon's Teeth Hot Springs Ancient Sapling
Dragon's Teeth Hot Springs Cypress Sapling
Dragon's Teeth Hot Springs Verdant Herbs
Dragon's Teeth Hot Springs Winter Root Vegetables
Dragon's Teeth Hot Springs Leeks
Dragonrot Domains Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Dragonrot Domains Rich Iron Vein
Dragonwatch Varied Mushrooms
Dragonwatch Young Herbs
Dragonwatch Zucchini (node) Zucchini
Dragonwatch Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Dragonwatch Tukawa Sapling
Dreadfall Bay Berry Synthesizer
Dreadfall Bay Herb Synthesizer
Dreadfall Bay Vegetable Synthesizer
Dreadfall Bay Lumber Synthesizer
Dreamdark Enclave Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Dreaming Bay Berry Synthesizer
Dreaming Bay Herb Synthesizer
Dreaming Bay Vegetable Synthesizer
Dreaming Bay Lumber Synthesizer
Dredgehat Isle Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Dredgeways Dragon Crystal Node
Dredgeways Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Dredgeways Cypress Sapling
Dredgeways Snow Truffle (node) Snow Truffle
Dredgeways Verdant Herbs
Dredgeways Winter Root Vegetables
Driftglass Springs Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Driftglass Springs Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Driftglass Springs Cypress Sapling
Driftglass Springs Passiflora
Drowned Brine Coral
Drowned Brine Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Drowned Brine Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Dry Step Mesas Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Dry Step Mesas Flax
Dry Step Mesas Jungle Plants
Durios Gulch Ore Synthesizer
Durios Gulch Lumber Synthesizer
Durios Gulch Berry Synthesizer
Durios Gulch Herb Synthesizer
Durios Gulch Vegetable Synthesizer
Durios Gulch Cloth Synthesizer
Durios Gulch Leather Synthesizer
Duskstruck Moors Herb Sprouts
Duskstruck Moors Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Duskstruck Moors Mimosa Sapling
Dustwhisper Well Ore Synthesizer
Dustwhisper Well Lumber Synthesizer
Dustwhisper Well Berry Synthesizer
Dustwhisper Well Herb Synthesizer
Dustwhisper Well Vegetable Synthesizer
Dustwhisper Well Cloth Synthesizer
Dustwhisper Well Leather Synthesizer
Dwarven Catacombs Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Dwarven Catacombs Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Dwarven Catacombs Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Dwarven Catacombs Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Dwarven Catacombs Portobello Mushrooms
Dwarven Catacombs Snow Truffle (node) Snow Truffle
Dwayna's Reliquary Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Dwayna's Reliquary Cypress Sapling
Dwayna's Reliquary Omnomberries
Dwayna's Reliquary Orrian Oyster
Dwayna's Reliquary Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Dysphoric Rim Leeks
Dysphoric Rim Banyan Sapling
Dzasha Uplands Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Earthlord's Gap Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Earthlord's Gap Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Earthlord's Gap Gummo Sapling
Earthlord's Gap Toxic Seedling
Earthshake Basin Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Earthshake Basin Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Earthshake Basin Ancient Sapling
Earthshake Basin Cypress Sapling
Earthshake Basin Leeks
Earthshake Basin Winter Root Vegetables
Eastern Boiling Sea Primordial Orchid
Eastern Brand Scar Mistonium
Eastern Complex Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Eastern Complex Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Eastern Complex Baoba Sapling
Eastern Complex Desert Vegetables
Eastern Confluence Tunnel Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Eastern Confluence Tunnel Sawgill Mushrooms
Eastern Confluence Tunnel Jungle Plants
Eastern Divinity Dam Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Eastern Divinity Dam Rich Copper Vein
Eastern Divinity Reservoir Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Eastern Front Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Eastern Front Mussels
Eastern Front Mebahya Sapling
Eastern Hunting Grounds Jade Fragments
Eastern Hunting Grounds Baoba Sapling
Eastern Hunting Grounds Sawgill Mushrooms
Eastern Mihan Hillsides Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Eastern Mihan Hillsides Mebahya Sapling
Eastern Mihan Hillsides Cluster of Desert Herbs
Eastern Mihan Hillsides Desert Vegetables
Eastern Mihan Hillsides Flax
Eastwatch Bluff Ancient Sapling
Eastwatch Bluff Flax
Eastwatch Bluff Jungle Plants
Eastwatch Bluff Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Eastwatch Bluff Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Eastwatch Bluff Palm Sapling
Eastwatch Bluff Sawgill Mushrooms
Ebbing Heart Run Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Ebbing Heart Run Rich Platinum Vein
Ebbing Heart Run Scallions
Ebbing Heart Run Variegated Taproots
Echoslab Arches Blackberries
Echoslab Arches Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Echoslab Arches Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Echoslab Arches Rich Platinum Vein
Echoslab Arches Scallions
Elon Basin Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Elon Basin Mebahya Sapling
Elon Basin Mussels
Elon Flow Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Elon Flow Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Elon Flow Cauliflower
Elon Flow Flax
Elon Flow Mussels
Elon Flow Lentils
Elon Flow Cluster of Desert Herbs
Elon Flow Desert Vegetables
Elon Flow Ancient Sapling
Elon Flow Mebahya Sapling
Elon Riverbank Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Elon Riverbank Ancient Sapling
Elon Riverbank Mebahya Sapling
Elon Riverbank Cluster of Desert Herbs
Elon Riverbank Flax
Elon Riverbank Lentils
Elon Riverbank Mussels
Enchanted Bluffs Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Enchanted Bluffs Cluster of Desert Herbs
Enchanted Bluffs Desert Vegetables
Enchanted Bluffs Mussels
Eternal Necropolis Ore Synthesizer
Eternal Necropolis Lumber Synthesizer
Eternal Necropolis Berry Synthesizer
Eternal Necropolis Herb Synthesizer
Eternal Necropolis Vegetable Synthesizer
Eternal Necropolis Cloth Synthesizer
Eternal Necropolis Leather Synthesizer
Etheron Hills Herb Sprouts
Etheron Hills Onions
Etheron Hills Taproots
Etheron Hills Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Etheron Hills Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Etheron Hills Snow Cherry Sapling
Eukaryan Caves Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Exhumed Delve Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Exhumed Delve Palm Sapling
Exhumed Delve Flax
Exhumed Delve Jungle Plants
Exhumed Delve Mussels
Exhumed Delve Sawgill Mushrooms
Faithleap Ore Synthesizer
Faithleap Lumber Synthesizer
Faithleap Berry Synthesizer
Faithleap Herb Synthesizer
Faithleap Vegetable Synthesizer
Faithleap Cloth Synthesizer
Faithleap Leather Synthesizer
False Lake Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
False Lake Fir Sapling
False Lake Grapes
False Lake Taproots
False River Valley Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
False River Valley Snow Cherry Sapling
False River Valley Root Vegetables
Far Silverwastes Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Far Silverwastes Rich Mithril Vein
Far Silverwastes Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Far Silverwastes Ancient Sapling
Far Silverwastes Cypress Sapling
Far Silverwastes Cactus
Faun's Gap Gummo Sapling
Faun's Gap Onions
Fields of Gold Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Fields of Gold Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Fields of Gold Cypress Sapling
Fields of Gold Black Crocus
First Level Toxic Seedling
Firth of Revanion Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Firth of Revanion Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Firth of Revanion Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Firth of Revanion Pine Sapling
Firth of Revanion Portobello Mushrooms
Firth of Revanion Variegated Taproots
Fisher's Beach Bend Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Fisher's Beach Bend Rich Copper Vein
Fisher's Beach Bend Herb Seedlings
Flamefrog Vale Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Flamefrog Vale Banyan Sapling
Flameroot Caverns Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Flameroot Caverns Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Flameroot Caverns Rich Silver Vein
Flooded Castavall Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Floodwater Causeway Banyan Sapling
Floodwater Causeway Verdant Herbs
Flywheel Depot Ore Synthesizer
Flywheel Depot Lumber Synthesizer
Flywheel Depot Berry Synthesizer
Flywheel Depot Herb Synthesizer
Flywheel Depot Vegetable Synthesizer
Flywheel Depot Cloth Synthesizer
Flywheel Depot Leather Synthesizer
Foghaven Ore Synthesizer
Foghaven Lumber Synthesizer
Foghaven Berry Synthesizer
Foghaven Herb Synthesizer
Foghaven Vegetable Synthesizer
Foghaven Cloth Synthesizer
Foghaven Leather Synthesizer
Forge Plains Inglewood Sapling
Forge Plains Cayenne Pepper (node) Cayenne Pepper
Forge Plains Verdant Herbs
Forged Foothold Quartz Crystal Formation
Fort Cadence Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Fort Cadence Banyan Sapling
Fort Cadence Verdant Herbs
Fort Evennia Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Fort Evennia Jade Fragments
Fort Evennia Baoba Sapling
Fort Evennia Ancient Sapling
Fort Evennia Sawgill Mushrooms
Fortress of Jahai Mistonium
Fortress of Jahai Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Fortress of Jahai Mebahya Sapling
Fortress of Jahai Mussels
Forum Highlands Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Forum Highlands Rich Mithril Vein
Forum Highlands Mebahya Sapling
Forum Highlands Desert Vegetables
Forum Highlands Flax
Forum Highlands Lentils
Fragmented Wastes Bloodstone Crystals
Fragmented Wastes Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Fragmented Wastes Jungle Plants
Fragmented Wastes Ancient Sapling
Fragmented Wastes Palm Sapling
Free City of Amnoon Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Free City of Amnoon Mebahya Sapling
Free City of Amnoon Ancient Sapling
Free City of Amnoon Cluster of Desert Herbs
Free City of Amnoon Desert Vegetables
Free City of Amnoon Lentils
Freewain Pastures Gummo Sapling
Freewain Pastures Herb Seedlings
Freewain Pastures Onions
Freewain Pastures Taproots
Front Line Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Front Line Mussels
Front Line Mebahya Sapling
Frostgate Falls Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Frostgate Falls Herb Sprouts
Frostland Melt Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Frostland Melt Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Frostland Melt Fir Sapling
Frostland Melt Scallions
Frostwalk Tundra Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Frostwalk Tundra Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Frostwalk Tundra Ancient Sapling
Frostwalk Tundra Cypress Sapling
Frostwalk Tundra Leeks
Frostwalk Tundra Raspberries
Frostwalk Tundra Winter Root Vegetables
Frusenfell Creek Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Frusenfell Creek Aspen Sapling
Frusenfell Creek Blueberry Bush
Frusenfell Creek Button Mushrooms
Frusenfell Creek Carrots
Frusenfell Creek Herb Seedlings
Frusenfell Creek Onions
Fuller Cistern Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Fuller Cistern Raspberries
Fuller Cistern Coral
Fuller Cistern Inglewood Sapling
Garden of Ilya Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Garden of Ilya Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Garden of Ilya Cypress Sapling
Garden of Ilya Orrian Sapling
Garden of Ilya Omnomberries
Garden of Ilya Ghost Pepper (node) Ghost Pepper
Gastor Gullet Onions
Gastor Gullet Zucchini (node) Zucchini
Gastor Gullet Young Herbs
Gastor Gullet Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Gastor Gullet Tukawa Sapling
Gauntlet Gulch Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Gauntlet Gulch Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Gauntlet Gulch Asparagus
Gauntlet Gulch Verdant Herbs
Gauntlet Gulch Banyan Sapling
Gauntlet Gulch Baoba Sapling
Gee Farmstead Ore Synthesizer
Gee Farmstead Lumber Synthesizer
Gee Farmstead Berry Synthesizer
Gee Farmstead Herb Synthesizer
Gee Farmstead Vegetable Synthesizer
Gee Farmstead Cloth Synthesizer
Gee Farmstead Leather Synthesizer
Gilded Hollow Ore Synthesizer
Gilded Hollow Lumber Synthesizer
Gilded Hollow Berry Synthesizer
Gilded Hollow Cloth Synthesizer
Gilded Hollow Herb Synthesizer
Gilded Hollow Leather Synthesizer
Gilded Hollow Vegetable Synthesizer
Gillfarn Plains Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Gillfarn Plains Onions
Gillfarn Plains Kale
Gillfarn Plains Gummo Sapling
Gillfarn Plains Tukawa Sapling
Glacial Collapse Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Glacial Collapse Cypress Sapling
Glacial Collapse Raspberries
Glacial Collapse Snow Truffle (node) Snow Truffle
Gladefall Run Inglewood Sapling
Gladefall Run Mature Herbs
Gladefall Run Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Gladefall Run Rich Platinum Vein
Gladefall Run Scallions
Gladefall Run Variegated Taproots
Glencarn Sperrins Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Glencarn Sperrins Ekku Sapling
Glencarn Sperrins Button Mushrooms
Glencarn Sperrins Carrots
Glencarn Sperrins Herb Seedlings
Glint's Legacy Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Glint's Legacy Rich Orichalcum Vein
Glint's Legacy Rich Quartz Crystal Formation
Glory's Steps Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Glory's Steps Inglewood Sapling
Glowering Overlook Lentils
Gnarlgrove Mussels
Gnashar's Hills Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Gnashar's Hills Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Gnashar's Hills Mimosa Sapling
Gnashar's Hills Herb Sprouts
Gnashar's Hills Onions
Godslore Ore Synthesizer
Godslore Lumber Synthesizer
Godslore Berry Synthesizer
Godslore Herb Synthesizer
Godslore Vegetable Synthesizer
Godslore Cloth Synthesizer
Godslore Leather Synthesizer
Godslost Swamp Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Godslost Swamp Aspen Sapling
Golanta Clearing Ore Synthesizer
Golanta Clearing Lumber Synthesizer
Golanta Clearing Berry Synthesizer
Golanta Clearing Herb Synthesizer
Golanta Clearing Vegetable Synthesizer
Golanta Clearing Cloth Synthesizer
Golanta Clearing Leather Synthesizer
Golemancer's Tomb Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Golemancer's Tomb Primordial Orchid
Golemancer's Tomb Rich Mithril Vein
Golemancer's Tomb Sawgill Mushrooms
Govoran Terraces Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Govoran Terraces Banyan Sapling
Govoran Terraces Leeks
Gram Hills Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Gram Hills Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Gram Hills Herb Seedlings
Gram Hills Gummo Sapling
Grand Court of Sebelkeh Ancient Sapling
Grand Court of Sebelkeh Mebahya Sapling
Graupel Kohn Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Graupel Kohn Onions
Graupel Kohn Root Vegetables
Graupel Kohn Young Herbs
Graupel Kohn Zucchini (node) Zucchini
Graupel Kohn Fir Sapling
Graven Cay Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Graven Cay Cypress Sapling
Graven Cay Omnomberries
Graven Cay Black Crocus
Green Alpine Garrison Berry Synthesizer
Green Alpine Garrison Herb Synthesizer
Green Alpine Garrison Vegetable Synthesizer
Green Alpine Garrison Lumber Synthesizer
Green World Border (Blue Borderlands) Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Green World Border (Red Borderlands) Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Green World Lowlands Berry Synthesizer
Green World Lowlands Herb Synthesizer
Green World Lowlands Vegetable Synthesizer
Green World Lowlands Lumber Synthesizer
Greenbriar Ore Synthesizer
Greenbriar Lumber Synthesizer
Greenbriar Berry Synthesizer
Greenbriar Herb Synthesizer
Greenbriar Vegetable Synthesizer
Greenbriar Cloth Synthesizer
Greenbriar Leather Synthesizer
Greenflin Plateau Tukawa Sapling
Greenflin Plateau Young Herbs
Greenlake Ore Synthesizer
Greenlake Lumber Synthesizer
Greenlake Berry Synthesizer
Greenlake Herb Synthesizer
Greenlake Vegetable Synthesizer
Greenlake Cloth Synthesizer
Greenlake Leather Synthesizer
Greenvale Refuge Ore Synthesizer
Greenvale Refuge Lumber Synthesizer
Greenvale Refuge Berry Synthesizer
Greenvale Refuge Herb Synthesizer
Greenvale Refuge Vegetable Synthesizer
Greenvale Refuge Cloth Synthesizer
Greenvale Refuge Leather Synthesizer
Greenwater Lowlands Ore Synthesizer
Greenwater Lowlands Lumber Synthesizer
Greenwater Lowlands Berry Synthesizer
Greenwater Lowlands Herb Synthesizer
Greenwater Lowlands Vegetable Synthesizer
Greenwater Lowlands Cloth Synthesizer
Greenwater Lowlands Leather Synthesizer
Grenbrack Delves Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Grenbrack Delves Ekku Sapling
Grenth's Reliquary Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Grenth's Reliquary Cypress Sapling
Grenth's Reliquary Omnomberries
Grenth's Reliquary Black Crocus
Grenth's Reliquary Orrian Oyster
Grenth's Teeth Ancient Sapling
Grenth's Teeth Mebahya Sapling
Grenth's Teeth Ghost Pepper (node) Ghost Pepper
Grenth's Teeth Black Crocus
Grenth's Teeth Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Grenth's Teeth Mistborn Mote (node) Mistborn Mote
Greyfern Expanses Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Greyfern Expanses Ekku Sapling
Greyfern Expanses Blueberry Bush
Greyhoof Meadows Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Greyhoof Meadows Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Greyhoof Meadows Gummo Sapling
Greyhoof Meadows Herb Sprouts
Greyhoof Meadows Onions
Greystone Rise Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Griffon Old Growth Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Griffon Old Growth Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Griffon Old Growth Cypress Sapling
Griffon Old Growth Winterberry Bush
Griffonfall (Auric Basin) Flax
Griffonfall (Auric Basin) Mussels
Griffonfall (Auric Basin) Sawgill Mushrooms
Griffonfall (Auric Basin) Ancient Sapling
Griffonfall (Snowden Drifts) Strawberry Patch
Griffonstone Buttresses Difluorite Crystals
Griffonstone Buttresses Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Griffonstone Buttresses Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Griffonstone Buttresses Ancient Sapling
Griffonstone Buttresses Baoba Sapling
Griffonstone Buttresses Desert Vegetables
Griffonstone Buttresses Flax
Grimm Hills Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Grimstone Mol Seaweed (node) Seaweed
Groznev Delve Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Guardian Lake Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Guardian Lake Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Guardian's Pass Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Guardian's Pass Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Guardian's Pass Gummo Sapling
Guardian's Pass Herb Sprouts
Guardian's Pass Onions
Gyre Rapids Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Gyre Rapids Pine Sapling
Gyre Rapids Portobello Mushrooms
Habib's Encampment Ore Synthesizer
Habib's Encampment Lumber Synthesizer
Habib's Encampment Berry Synthesizer
Habib's Encampment Herb Synthesizer
Habib's Encampment Vegetable Synthesizer
Habib's Encampment Cloth Synthesizer
Habib's Encampment Leather Synthesizer
Hailstone Floe Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Hailstone Floe Cypress Sapling
Hailstone Floe Coral
Hailstone Floe Leeks
Hailstone Floe Winterberry Bush
Hailstone Floe Winter Root Vegetables
Halacon Cataracts Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Halacon Cataracts Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Halacon Cataracts Gummo Sapling
Halacon Cataracts Herb Sprouts
Half Circle Cove Cypress Sapling
Halkor Meadows Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Halkor Meadows Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Halkor Meadows Rich Silver Vein
Halkor Meadows Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Halkor Meadows Gummo Sapling
Halkor Meadows Tukawa Sapling
Halrunting Plains Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Halrunting Plains Kertch Sapling
Halrunting Plains Button Mushrooms
Halvaunt Snowfield Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Halvaunt Snowfield Aspen Sapling
Halvaunt Snowfield Blueberry Bush
Halvaunt Snowfield Carrots
Halvaunt Snowfield Onions
Halvaunt Snowfield Potato (node) Potato
Hamm's Lab Ore Synthesizer
Hamm's Lab Lumber Synthesizer
Hamm's Lab Berry Synthesizer
Hamm's Lab Herb Synthesizer
Hamm's Lab Vegetable Synthesizer
Hamm's Lab Cloth Synthesizer
Hamm's Lab Leather Synthesizer
Hangman's Saddle Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Hangman's Saddle Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Hangrammr Climb Aspen Sapling
Hangrammr Climb Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Hardened Rampart Ore Synthesizer
Hardened Rampart Berry Synthesizer
Hardened Rampart Herb Synthesizer
Hardened Rampart Vegetable Synthesizer
Hardened Rampart Lumber Synthesizer
Harrier's Palace Ore Synthesizer
Harrier's Palace Lumber Synthesizer
Harrier's Palace Berry Synthesizer
Harrier's Palace Herb Synthesizer
Harrier's Palace Vegetable Synthesizer
Harrier's Palace Cloth Synthesizer
Harrier's Palace Leather Synthesizer
Harrowed Sea Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Harrowed Sea Rich Mithril Vein
Harrowed Sea Lotus
Harrowed Sea Coral
Harvest Cascades Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Harvest Cascades Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Harvest Cascades Baoba Sapling
Harvest Cascades Ancient Sapling
Harvest Cascades Sawgill Mushrooms
Harvest Cascades Lotus
Harvester's Glade Scallions
Hatari Tablelands Cluster of Desert Herbs
Hatari Tablelands Desert Vegetables
Hatari Tablelands Flax
Hatari Tablelands Lentils
Hatari Tablelands Ancient Sapling
Hatari Tablelands Mebahya Sapling
Hatari Tablelands Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Hatari Tablelands Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Haunted Canyons Bloodstone Crystals
Haunted Canyons Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Haunted Canyons Jungle Plants
Haunted Canyons Mussels
Haunted Canyons Ancient Sapling
Haunted Canyons Palm Sapling
Hautclaire Vale Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Hautclaire Vale Gummo Sapling
Hautclaire Vale Root Vegetables
Havoc Steppes Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Havoc Steppes Inglewood Sapling
Havoc Steppes Asparagus
Havoc Steppes Verdant Herbs
Heartless Pass Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Heartless Pass Ancient Sapling
Heartless Pass Flax
Heartless Pass Mussels
Heartless Pass Sawgill Mushrooms
Heathen's Hold Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Heathen's Hold Primordial Orchid
Heathen's Hold Sawgill Mushrooms
Heimdahl's Last Stand Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Heimdahl's Last Stand Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Heimdahl's Last Stand Mature Herbs
Heimdahl's Last Stand Scallions
Heimdahl's Last Stand Variegated Taproots
Helcoid Seeps Flax
Helcoid Seeps Lentils
Helcoid Seeps Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Hellion Forest Inglewood Sapling
Hellion Forest Tukawa Sapling
Heretic Plain Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Heretic Plain Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Heretic Plain Tukawa Sapling
Heretic Plain Cabbage
Heretic Plain Kale
Heretic Plain Root Vegetables
Heretic Plain Varied Mushrooms
Heretic Plain Zucchini (node) Zucchini
Heretic's Arena Desert Vegetables
Heretic's Arena Flax
Heretic's Arena Lentils
Hero's Lodge Ore Synthesizer
Hero's Lodge Lumber Synthesizer
Hero's Lodge Berry Synthesizer
Hero's Lodge Herb Synthesizer
Hero's Lodge Vegetable Synthesizer
Hero's Lodge Cloth Synthesizer
Hero's Lodge Leather Synthesizer
Hexane Regrade Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Hexane Regrade Rich Copper Vein
Hexane Regrade Ekku Sapling
Hexane Regrade Button Mushrooms
Hexane Regrade Herb Seedlings
Hezran Outcrops Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Hezran Outcrops Gummo Sapling
Hezran Outcrops Taproots
Hezran Outcrops Button Mushrooms
Hidden Copse Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Hidden Copse Jungle Plants
Hidden Copse Mussels
Hidden Copse Sawgill Mushrooms
Hidden Lake Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Hidden Lake Herb Sprouts
Hidden Lake Taproots
Hidden Ourobon Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Hidden Ourobon Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Highden Caves Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Highden Caves Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Highden Caves Rich Gold Vein
Highden Caves Portobello Mushrooms
Highfirn Passage Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Highfirn Passage Snow Cherry Sapling
Highfirn Passage Root Vegetables
Highland Thaw Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Highland Thaw Inglewood Sapling
Highpeaks Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Highpeaks Cypress Sapling
Highpeaks Leeks
Highpeaks Snow Truffle (node) Snow Truffle
Highwayman's Vale Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Highwayman's Vale Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Highwayman's Vale Mimosa Sapling
Holystone Caves Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Holystone Caves Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Holystone Caves Gummo Sapling
Holystone Caves Button Mushrooms
Howling Gate Mistborn Mote (node) Mistborn Mote
Hughe's Hideaway Ore Synthesizer
Hughe's Hideaway Lumber Synthesizer
Hughe's Hideaway Berry Synthesizer
Hughe's Hideaway Herb Synthesizer
Hughe's Hideaway Vegetable Synthesizer
Hughe's Hideaway Cloth Synthesizer
Hughe's Hideaway Leather Synthesizer
Human's Lament Button Mushrooms
Human's Lament Herb Seedlings
Hundar Pike Dragon Crystal Node
Hundar Pike Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Hundar Pike Rich Orichalcum Vein
Hundar Pike Cypress Sapling
Hundar Pike Snow Truffle (node) Snow Truffle
Hundar Pike Verdant Herbs
Hundar Pike Winter Root Vegetables
Hunter's Gorge Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Hunter's Gorge Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Hunter's Gorge Gummo Sapling
Hunter's Lake Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Hunter's Lake Aspen Sapling
Hunter's Lake Carrots
Hunter's Lake Onions
Hunter's Pitfalls Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Hunter's Pitfalls Aspen Sapling
Hunter's Pitfalls Herb Sprouts
Hunter's Pitfalls Onions
Ice Floe Dragon Crystal Node
Ice Floe Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Ice Floe Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Ice Floe Clam (node) Clam
Ice Floe Seaweed (node) Seaweed
Icedevil's Needle Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Icedevil's Needle Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Icedevil's Needle Rich Iron Vein
Icedevil's Needle Varied Mushrooms
Icegate Gorge Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Icegate Gorge Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Icegate Gorge Rich Silver Vein
Icegate Gorge Button Mushrooms
Icegate Gorge Taproots
Icegate Gorge Gummo Sapling
Icespear's Shelf Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Icespear's Shelf Raspberries
Icevine Dale Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Icevine Dale Aspen Sapling
Icevine Dale Blueberry Bush
Icevine Dale Carrots
Icevine Dale Herb Seedlings
Impassive Rampart Ore Synthesizer
Impassive Rampart Lumber Synthesizer
Impassive Rampart Berry Synthesizer
Impassive Rampart Herb Synthesizer
Impassive Rampart Vegetable Synthesizer
Impassive Rampart Cloth Synthesizer
Impassive Rampart Leather Synthesizer
Impressive Rampart Ore Synthesizer
Impressive Rampart Berry Synthesizer
Impressive Rampart Herb Synthesizer
Impressive Rampart Vegetable Synthesizer
Impressive Rampart Lumber Synthesizer
Incendio Templum Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Incendio Templum Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Infernal Cape Petrified Stump
Invariant Enclave Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Invariant Enclave Rich Orichalcum Vein
Invariant Enclave Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Invariant Enclave Rich Mithril Vein
Invariant Enclave Ancient Sapling
Invariant Enclave Baoba Sapling
Invariant Enclave Desert Vegetables
Invariant Enclave Flax
Ironhead Lake Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Ironhead Lake Tukawa Sapling
Isha Corridor Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Isha Corridor Mebahya Sapling
Isha Corridor Cluster of Desert Herbs
Isha Corridor Flax
Isha Corridor Lentils
Issnur Bay Mussels
Issnur Bay Seaweed (node) Seaweed
Jaka Itzel Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Jaka Itzel Flax
Jaka Itzel Mussels
Jaka Itzel Palm Sapling
Jelako Cliffrise Pine Sapling
Jelako Cliffrise Variegated Taproots
Jennur's Run Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Jennur's Run Mebahya Sapling
Jennur's Run Cluster of Desert Herbs
Jennur's Run Desert Vegetables
Jennur's Run Lentils
Jerrifer's Slough Ore Synthesizer
Jerrifer's Slough Lumber Synthesizer
Jerrifer's Slough Berry Synthesizer
Jerrifer's Slough Herb Synthesizer
Jerrifer's Slough Vegetable Synthesizer
Jerrifer's Slough Cloth Synthesizer
Jerrifer's Slough Leather Synthesizer
Jeztar Falls Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Jeztar Falls Ekku Sapling
Jeztar Falls Carrots
Jeztar Falls Herb Seedlings
Jinx Isle Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Jinx Isle Rich Mithril Vein
Joko's Domain Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Joko's Domain Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Joko's Domain Ancient Sapling
Joko's Domain Mebahya Sapling
Joko's Domain Desert Vegetables
Joko's Domain Cluster of Desert Herbs
Joko's Domain Flax
Joko's Domain Lentils
Jormabakke Stead Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Jormabakke Stead Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Jotun's Shoulders Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Jotun's Shoulders Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Judgment Rock Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Judgment Rock Leeks
Jungle Anomaly Mistonium
Jungle Anomaly Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Jungle Anomaly Flax
Jungle Anomaly Jungle Plants
Jungle Anomaly Sawgill Mushrooms
Kaluun Ravine Mebahya Sapling
Kaluun Ravine Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Karinn's Passage Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Karinn's Passage Rich Platinum Vein
Karinn's Passage Banyan Sapling
Karinn's Passage Blackberries
Karst Plains Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Karst Plains Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Karst Plains Cypress Sapling
Karst Plains Black Crocus
Karston Chambers Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Karston Chambers Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Karston Chambers Button Mushrooms
Karston Chambers Spinach
Kay'li Academy Ore Synthesizer
Kay'li Academy Lumber Synthesizer
Kay'li Academy Berry Synthesizer
Kay'li Academy Herb Synthesizer
Kay'li Academy Vegetable Synthesizer
Kay'li Academy Cloth Synthesizer
Kay'li Academy Leather Synthesizer
Keeper's Sanctum Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Keeper's Sanctum Red Oak Sapling
Keeper's Sanctum Cayenne Pepper (node) Cayenne Pepper
Keeper's Sanctum Portobello Mushrooms
Kindling Bridge Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Kindling Bridge Tukawa Sapling
Kindling Bridge Variegated Taproots
King Jalis's Refuge Button Mushrooms
Klovan Gully Ore Synthesizer
Klovan Gully Lumber Synthesizer
Klovan Gully Berry Synthesizer
Klovan Gully Herb Synthesizer
Klovan Gully Vegetable Synthesizer
Klovan Gully Cloth Synthesizer
Klovan Gully Leather Synthesizer
Kodash Bazaar Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Kodash Bazaar Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Kodash Bazaar Ancient Sapling
Kodash Bazaar Mebahya Sapling
Kodonur Crossing Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Kodonur Temple Mistonium
Kodonur Temple Cluster of Desert Herbs
Kodonur Temple Desert Vegetables
Kodonur Temple Mebahya Sapling
Kodonur Temple Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Koga Ruins Mimosa Sapling
Kolkorensburg Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Kolkorensburg Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Kolkorensburg Rich Iron Vein
Kolkorensburg Varied Mushrooms
Krongar Pass Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Krongar Pass Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Krongar Pass Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Krongar Pass Pine Sapling
Krongar Pass Mature Herbs
Krongar Pass Variegated Taproots
Krytan Freeholds Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Krytan Freeholds Aspen Sapling
Krytan Freeholds Blueberry Bush
Krytan Freeholds Herb Seedlings
Krytan Freeholds Onions
Kusini Crossing Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Kusini Crossing Ancient Sapling
Kusini Crossing Cluster of Desert Herbs
Kusini Crossing Desert Vegetables
Kusini Crossing Lentils
Kusini Crossing Mussels
Labyrinthine Cliffs Quartz Crystal Formation
Lair of the Coil Rich Platinum Vein
Lair of the Coil Coral
Lair of the Forgotten Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Lair of the Forgotten Mebahya Sapling
Lair of the Forgotten Flax
Lair of the Forgotten Lentils
Lake Adorea Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Lake Adorea Kertch Sapling
Lake Bounty Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Lake Bounty Gummo Sapling
Lake Bounty Clam (node) Clam
Lake Carnifex Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Lake Carnifex Inglewood Sapling
Lake Carnifex Blackberries
Lake Carnifex Coral
Lake Delavan Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Lake Delavan Button Mushrooms
Lake Desolann Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Lake Desolann Coral
Lake Gendarr Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Lake Gendarr Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Lake Gendarr Clam (node) Clam
Lake of Lamentation Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Lakeside Bazaar Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Lakeside Bazaar Ancient Sapling
Lakeside Bazaar Sawgill Mushrooms
Lamia Mire Carrots
Lamia Mire Kertch Sapling
Lamprey Grottoes Inglewood Sapling
Lamprey Grottoes Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Langor Gulch Ore Synthesizer
Langor Gulch Lumber Synthesizer
Langor Gulch Berry Synthesizer
Langor Gulch Herb Synthesizer
Langor Gulch Vegetable Synthesizer
Langor Gulch Cloth Synthesizer
Langor Gulch Leather Synthesizer
Last Stand Shelter Portobello Mushrooms
Lastgasp Well Ore Synthesizer
Lastgasp Well Lumber Synthesizer
Lastgasp Well Berry Synthesizer
Lastgasp Well Herb Synthesizer
Lastgasp Well Vegetable Synthesizer
Lastgasp Well Cloth Synthesizer
Lastgasp Well Leather Synthesizer
Lastgear Standing Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Lastgear Standing Rich Mithril Vein
Lastgear Standing Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Lastgear Standing Ancient Sapling
Lastgear Standing Palm Sapling
Lastgear Standing Flax
Lastgear Standing Jungle Plants
Laughing Gull Island Pine Sapling
Laughing Gull Island Tukawa Sapling
Laughing Gull Island Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Lava Flats Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Lava Flats Petrified Stump
Leeshore Gauntlet Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Leeshore Gauntlet Banyan Sapling
Leeshore Gauntlet Coral
Leeshore Gauntlet Verdant Herbs
Leopard's Tail Valley Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Leopard's Tail Valley Cypress Sapling
Leopard's Tail Valley Raspberries
Leopard's Tail Valley Winter Root Vegetables
Leopard's Tail Valley Leeks
Leopard's Tail Valley Snow Truffle (node) Snow Truffle
Lesh's Lab Ore Synthesizer
Lesh's Lab Lumber Synthesizer
Lesh's Lab Berry Synthesizer
Lesh's Lab Herb Synthesizer
Lesh's Lab Vegetable Synthesizer
Lesh's Lab Cloth Synthesizer
Lesh's Lab Leather Synthesizer
Ley-Line Confluence Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Ley-Line Confluence Sawgill Mushrooms
Liberation Dell Portobello Mushrooms
Lifeblood Ravine Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Lifeblood Ravine Ancient Sapling
Lifeblood Ravine Mebahya Sapling
Lifeblood Ravine Cluster of Desert Herbs
Lifeblood Ravine Desert Vegetables
Lifeblood Ravine Lentils
Lifeblood Ravine Flax
Lightfoot Passage Cypress Sapling
Lightfoot Passage Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Lightfoot Passage Rich Mithril Vein
Lionbridge Expanse Onions
Lionbridge Expanse Taproots
Lionbridge Expanse Gummo Sapling
Lionshead Outcrops Rich Iron Vein
Lionshead Outcrops Rich Silver Vein
Loch Jezt Ekku Sapling
Longview Ore Synthesizer
Longview Lumber Synthesizer
Longview Berry Synthesizer
Longview Herb Synthesizer
Longview Vegetable Synthesizer
Longview Cloth Synthesizer
Longview Leather Synthesizer
Loreclaw Expanse Kertch Sapling
Loreclaw Expanse Potato (node) Potato
Lornar's Gate Carrots
Lost Delver's Ridge Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Lost Delver's Ridge Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Lost Delver's Ridge Herb Sprouts
Lost Precipice Ore Synthesizer
Lost Precipice Lumber Synthesizer
Lost Precipice Berry Synthesizer
Lost Precipice Cloth Synthesizer
Lost Precipice Herb Synthesizer
Lost Precipice Leather Synthesizer
Lost Precipice Vegetable Synthesizer
Luminates Plant Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Luminates Plant Blueberry Bush
Lychcroft Mere Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Lychcroft Mere Taproots
Lychcroft Mere Toxic Seedling
Lyssa's Reliquary Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Lyssa's Reliquary Orrian Sapling
Lyssa's Reliquary Black Crocus
Lyssa's Reliquary Omnomberries
Lyssa's Reliquary Orrian Oyster
Lyssa's Reliquary Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Mad King's Labyrinth Raw Candy Corn
Maelstrom's Bile Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Maelstrom's Bile Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Maelstrom's Bile Rich Platinum Vein
Maguuma Shallows Flax
Maguuma Shallows Mussels
Maguuma Shallows Ancient Sapling
Maguuma Shallows Palm Sapling
Maguuma Shallows Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Maguuma's Breach Mussels
Maguuma's Breach Palm Sapling
Malchor's Fingers Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Manbane's Outcrop Herb Sprouts
Manbane's Outcrop Gummo Sapling
Manbane's Outcrop Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Manbane's Outcrop Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Mangonel Cavern Portobello Mushrooms
Mantle's Breach Jade Fragments
Mantle's Breach Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Mantle's Breach Baoba Sapling
Mantle's Breach Sawgill Mushrooms
Mariner Landing Palm Sapling
Mariner Landing Jungle Plants
Mariner Landing Primordial Orchid
Martyr's Woods Blueberry Bush
Martyr's Woods Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Martyr's Woods Carrots
Martyr's Woods Kertch Sapling
Martyr's Woods Onions
Mausollus Sea Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Mausollus Sea Lotus
Mausollus Sea Coral
McLain's Encampment Ore Synthesizer
McLain's Encampment Lumber Synthesizer
McLain's Encampment Berry Synthesizer
McLain's Encampment Herb Synthesizer
McLain's Encampment Vegetable Synthesizer
McLain's Encampment Cloth Synthesizer
McLain's Encampment Leather Synthesizer
Mekele Bluffs Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Mekele Bluffs Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Mekele Bluffs Cluster of Desert Herbs
Mekele Bluffs Flax
Mekele Bluffs Lentils
Mekele Bluffs Mussels
Melandru's Chalice Baoba Sapling Baobab Sapling
Melandru's Chalice Mistborn Mote (node) Mistborn Mote
Melandru's Chalice Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Melandru's Chalice Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Melandru's Chalice Coral
Melandru's Chalice Flax
Melandru's Chalice Jungle Plants
Melandru's Chalice Mussels
Melandru's Chalice Seaweed (node) Seaweed
Melandru's Chalice Verdant Herbs
Melandru's Refuge Jade Fragments
Melandru's Refuge Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Melandru's Refuge Baoba Sapling
Melandru's Refuge Sawgill Mushrooms
Melandru's Reliquary Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Melandru's Reliquary Cypress Sapling
Melandru's Reliquary Black Crocus
Melandru's Reliquary Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Mendon's Gap Ore Synthesizer
Mendon's Gap Lumber Synthesizer
Mendon's Gap Berry Synthesizer
Mendon's Gap Herb Synthesizer
Mendon's Gap Vegetable Synthesizer
Mendon's Gap Cloth Synthesizer
Mendon's Gap Leather Synthesizer
Mentecki Pass Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Mentecki Pass Scallions
Mentecki Pass Mature Herbs
Mentecki Pass Portobello Mushrooms
Mentecki Pass Variegated Taproots
Merchantman's Strait Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Merchantman's Strait Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Merciless Shore Cypress Sapling
Merciless Shore Orrian Sapling
Merciless Shore Black Crocus
Merciless Shore Coral
Merciless Shore Omnomberries
Merciless Shore Orrian Oyster
Merciless Shore Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Meremoot Hill Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Meremoot Hill Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Meremoot Hill Gummo Sapling
Meremoot Hill Toxic Seedling
Michoan Marsh Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Michoan Marsh Ekku Sapling
Midwater Hollows Rich Mithril Vein
Midwater Hollows Seaweed (node) Seaweed
Midwater Hollows Lotus
Mistriven Gorge Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Mistriven Gorge Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Mistriven Gorge Rich Silver Vein
Mistriven Gorge Snow Cherry Sapling
Mistriven Gorge Taproots
Mithric Cliffs Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Mithric Cliffs Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Modniir Gorge Rich Gold Vein
Modri Caverns Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Modri Caverns Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Modri Caverns Flax
Modri Caverns Lentils
Modri Caverns Mussels
Modri Caverns Sawgill Mushrooms
Modri Caverns Seaweed (node) Seaweed
Moleberia Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Moleberia Rich Copper Vein
Moleberia Button Mushrooms
Molent Summit Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Molent Summit Varied Mushrooms
Mon Maelstrom Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Mon Maelstrom Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Monger's Sink Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Monger's Sink Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Monger's Sink Inglewood Sapling
Monger's Sink Tukawa Sapling
Monger's Sink Blackberries
Monger's Sink Coral
Monger's Sink Scallions
Monument Grounds Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Mordant Crescent Great Hall Flax
Mordant Crescent Great Hall Lentils
Mordant Crescent Great Hall Baoba Sapling
Morgan's Spiral Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Morgan's Spiral Ekku Sapling
Morgan's Spiral Carrots
Morgan's Spiral Herb Seedlings
Morgan's Spiral Onions
Moriarity's Hold Portobello Mushrooms
Morwood Wilds Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Morwood Wilds Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Morwood Wilds Flax
Morwood Wilds Jungle Plants
Morwood Wilds Sawgill Mushrooms
Morwood Wilds Ancient Sapling
Morwood Wilds Palm Sapling
Mossheart Walk Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Mossheart Walk Ancient Sapling
Mossheart Walk Flax
Mossheart Walk Jungle Plants
Mossheart Walk Sawgill Mushrooms
Muridian Uplands Ekku Sapling
Muridian Uplands Carrots
Muridian Uplands Herb Seedlings
Muridian Uplands Onions
Naui Waters Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Naui Waters Fir Sapling
Naui Waters Pine Sapling
Naui Waters Blackberries
Naui Waters Scallions
Naui Waters Variegated Taproots
Nebo Terrace Gummo Sapling
Nebo Terrace Herb Sprouts
Nebo Terrace Onions
Nemeton Grove Onions
Nemeton Grove Herb Sprouts
Nemeton Grove Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Nemeton Grove Mimosa Sapling
Nemus Groves Gummo Sapling
Nemus Groves Taproots
Nemus Groves Onions
Nentor Valley Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Nentor Valley Snow Cherry Sapling
Nentor Valley Onions
Nentor Valley Varied Mushrooms
New Loamhurst Lotus
Nightguard Beach Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Nightguard Beach Varied Mushrooms
Noble Ledges Flax
Noble Ledges Palm Sapling
Nonmoa Lake Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Nonmoa Lake Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Nonmoa Lake Coral
Nonmoa Lake Scallions
Noose Road Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Noose Road Cypress Sapling
Noose Road Black Crocus
Noose Road Ghost Pepper (node) Ghost Pepper
Noose Road Omnomberries
Noose Road Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Norfolk's Refuge Ore Synthesizer
Norfolk's Refuge Lumber Synthesizer
Norfolk's Refuge Berry Synthesizer
Norfolk's Refuge Herb Synthesizer
Norfolk's Refuge Vegetable Synthesizer
Norfolk's Refuge Cloth Synthesizer
Norfolk's Refuge Leather Synthesizer
Northeastern Silverwastes Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Northeastern Silverwastes Ancient Sapling
Northeastern Silverwastes Cypress Sapling
Northeastern Silverwastes Cactus
Northern Complex Coves Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Northern Complex Coves Baoba Sapling
Northern Complex Coves Cluster of Desert Herbs
Northern Complex Coves Lentils
Northern Confluence Tunnel Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Northern Silverwastes Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Northern Silverwastes Rich Mithril Vein
Northern Silverwastes Ancient Sapling
Northern Silverwastes Cypress Sapling
Northern Silverwastes Cactus
Northfields Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Northfields Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Northwatch Descent Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Northwatch Descent Ancient Sapling
Northwatch Descent Palm Sapling
Northwatch Descent Flax
Northwatch Descent Jungle Plants
Noxin Dells Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Noxin Dells Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Noxin Dells Gummo Sapling
Noxin Dells Onions
O'del Academy Ore Synthesizer
O'del Academy Lumber Synthesizer
O'del Academy Berry Synthesizer
O'del Academy Herb Synthesizer
O'del Academy Vegetable Synthesizer
O'del Academy Cloth Synthesizer
O'del Academy Leather Synthesizer
Obscura Incline Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Obscura Incline Ekku Sapling
Obsidian Run Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Ocean's Gullet Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Ocean's Gullet Coral
Ogham Wilds Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Ogham Wilds Ekku Sapling
Ogham Wilds Button Mushrooms
Ogham Wilds Onions
Ogre Camp Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Ogre Camp Ancient Sapling
Ogre Camp Palm Sapling
Ogre Camp Flax
Ogre Camp Jungle Plants
Ogre Camp Sawgill Mushrooms
Ogrewatch Cut Ore Synthesizer
Ogrewatch Cut Lumber Synthesizer
Ogrewatch Cut Berry Synthesizer
Ogrewatch Cut Herb Synthesizer
Ogrewatch Cut Vegetable Synthesizer
Ogrewatch Cut Cloth Synthesizer
Ogrewatch Cut Leather Synthesizer
Old Duke's Estate Kertch Sapling

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Oldgate Clearing Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Oldgate Clearing Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Oldgate Clearing Button Mushrooms
Oldgate Clearing Herb Seedlings
Oldgate Clearing Onions
Olivier's Refuge Ore Synthesizer
Olivier's Refuge Lumber Synthesizer
Olivier's Refuge Berry Synthesizer
Olivier's Refuge Herb Synthesizer
Olivier's Refuge Vegetable Synthesizer
Olivier's Refuge Cloth Synthesizer
Olivier's Refuge Leather Synthesizer
Omiramba Sand Sea Cluster of Desert Herbs
Omiramba Sand Sea Desert Vegetables
Omiramba Sand Sea Flax
Omiramba Sand Sea Lentils
Omiramba Sand Sea Mussels
Omiramba Sand Sea Potato (node) Potato
Omiramba Sand Sea Ancient Sapling
Omiramba Sand Sea Mebahya Sapling
Onager Bivouac Rich Platinum Vein
Onager Bivouac Portobello Mushrooms
Orlaf Escarpments Onions
Orvanic Shore Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Orvanic Shore Rich Platinum Vein
Orvanic Shore Banyan Sapling
Orvanic Shore Blackberries
Orvanic Shore Cauliflower
Orvanic Shore Coral
Orvanic Shore Verdant Herbs
Orvar's Glen Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Osprey Pillars Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Osprey Pillars Palm Sapling
Osprey Pillars Petrified Stump
Osprey Pillars Jungle Plants
Osprey Pillars Lotus
Osprey Pillars Passiflora
Osprey's Palace Ore Synthesizer
Osprey's Palace Lumber Synthesizer
Osprey's Palace Berry Synthesizer
Osprey's Palace Herb Synthesizer
Osprey's Palace Vegetable Synthesizer
Osprey's Palace Cloth Synthesizer
Osprey's Palace Leather Synthesizer
Ourobore Caves Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Ourobore Caves Varied Mushrooms
Overlook Caverns Rich Iron Vein
Overlook Caverns Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Overlook Caverns Taproots
Owain's Refuge Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Owain's Refuge Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Owain's Refuge Blooming Passiflora
Owain's Refuge Passiflora
Owl's Abattoir Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Owl's Abattoir Carrots
Owl's Abattoir Button Mushrooms
Pact Vanguard Mistonium
Pact Vanguard Cluster of Desert Herbs
Pact Vanguard Desert Vegetables
Pact Vanguard Lentils
Palawa Cut Cluster of Desert Herbs
Palawa Cut Desert Vegetables
Palawa Cut Lentils
Palawa Cut Ancient Sapling
Palawa Cut Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Palawa Cut Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Palawadan, Jewel of Istan Cluster of Desert Herbs
Palawadan, Jewel of Istan Flax
Palawadan, Jewel of Istan Lentils
Palawadan, Jewel of Istan Mussels
Palawadan, Jewel of Istan Seaweed (node) Seaweed
Palawadan, Jewel of Istan Baoba Sapling
Palawadan, Jewel of Istan Ancient Sapling
Palawadan, Jewel of Istan Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Pangloss Rise Ore Synthesizer
Pangloss Rise Lumber Synthesizer
Pangloss Rise Berry Synthesizer
Pangloss Rise Herb Synthesizer
Pangloss Rise Vegetable Synthesizer
Pangloss Rise Cloth Synthesizer
Pangloss Rise Leather Synthesizer
Parched Outpost Ore Synthesizer
Parched Outpost Lumber Synthesizer
Parched Outpost Berry Synthesizer
Parched Outpost Herb Synthesizer
Parched Outpost Vegetable Synthesizer
Parched Outpost Cloth Synthesizer
Parched Outpost Leather Synthesizer
Patrick's Encampment Ore Synthesizer
Patrick's Encampment Lumber Synthesizer
Patrick's Encampment Berry Synthesizer
Patrick's Encampment Herb Synthesizer
Patrick's Encampment Vegetable Synthesizer
Patrick's Encampment Cloth Synthesizer
Patrick's Encampment Leather Synthesizer
Pearl Islet Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Performance Field Palm Sapling
Performance Field Petrified Stump
Performance Field Passiflora
Phasmatis Corridor Kertch Sapling
Phinney Ridge Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Phinney Ridge Rich Copper Vein
Phinney Ridge Aspen Sapling
Phinney Ridge Blueberry Bush
Pig Iron Mine Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Pig Iron Mine Rich Platinum Vein
Pig Iron Mine Coral
Pig Iron Mine Raspberries
Pig Iron Mine Inglewood Sapling
Pilaster Rock Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Pilaster Rock Coral
Pilaster Rock Orrian Oyster
Pinion Trail Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Plains of Jarin Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Plains of Jarin Ancient Sapling
Plains of Jarin Baoba Sapling
Plains of Jarin Cluster of Desert Herbs
Plains of Jarin Desert Vegetables
Plains of Jarin Flax
Plains of Jarin Lentils
Plinth Timberland Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Plinth Timberland Cypress Sapling
Plinth Timberland Cluster of Herbs
Plinth Timberland Cayenne Pepper (node) Cayenne Pepper
Plinth Timberland Asparagus
Pockmark Roughs Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Pockmark Roughs Kale
Pockmark Roughs Onions
Pockmark Roughs Root Vegetables
Pockmark Roughs Young Herbs
Pockmark Roughs Tukawa Sapling
Poisoned Outcrops Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Poisoned Outcrops Rich Mithril Vein
Poisoned Outcrops Mebahya Sapling
Poisoned Outcrops Flax
Poisoned Outcrops Desert Vegetables
Portage Hills Tukawa Sapling
Portage Hills Scallions
Pride of the Pact Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Pride of the Pact Bloodstone Crystals
Pride of the Pact Jungle Plants
Pride of the Pact Palm Sapling
Prismatic Postpile Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Promenade of the Gods Cypress Sapling
Promenade of the Gods Orrian Sapling
Prophet's Fall Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Prophet's Fall Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Prophet's Fall Cluster of Desert Herbs
Prophet's Fall Lentils
Prophet's Fall Flax
Prophet's Fall Desert Vegetables
Prophet's Path Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Prophet's Path Cluster of Desert Herbs
Prophet's Path Flax
Prophet's Path Desert Vegetables
Prophet's Path Lentils
Prophet's Path Mebahya Sapling
Prophet's Path Ancient Sapling
Prospect Valley Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Prospect Valley Quartz Crystal Formation
Prospect Valley Cypress Sapling
Prospect Valley Ancient Sapling
Prospect Valley Cactus
Prosperity's Approach Mistonium
Prosperity's Approach Desert Vegetables
Prosperity's Approach Mebahya Sapling
Provern Shore Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Provern Shore Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Provern Shore Gummo Sapling
Purling Deep Rich Mithril Vein
Pursuit Pass Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Pursuit Pass Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Pursuit Pass Cypress Sapling
Pursuit Pass Black Crocus
Pyrite Peninsula Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Pyrite Peninsula Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Pyrite Peninsula Cypress Sapling
Pyrite Peninsula Black Crocus
Quandry Scratch Portobello Mushrooms
Queen's Forest Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Queen's Forest Aspen Sapling
Quentin Lake Ore Synthesizer
Quentin Lake Lumber Synthesizer
Quentin Lake Berry Synthesizer
Quentin Lake Herb Synthesizer
Quentin Lake Vegetable Synthesizer
Quentin Lake Cloth Synthesizer
Quentin Lake Leather Synthesizer
Quetzal Bay Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Quetzal Bay Ekku Sapling
Quetzal Bay Blueberry Bush
Quetzal Bay Carrots
Quetzal Bay Onions
Rancher's Wash Gummo Sapling
Rancher's Wash Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Rancher's Wash Taproots
Rat's Run Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Rata Arcanum Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Rata Arcanum Primordial Orchid
Rata Arcanum Sawgill Mushrooms
Rata Novus Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Rata Novus Rich Orichalcum Vein
Rata Novus Sawgill Mushrooms
Rata Novus Lane Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Rata Novus Lane Sawgill Mushrooms
Rata Primus Difluorite Crystals
Rata Primus Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Ratatosk Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Ratatosk Varied Mushrooms
Ratcatcher Knoll Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Ratcatcher Knoll Young Herbs
Ratcatcher Knoll Tukawa Sapling
Reaper's Corridor Taproots
Reaper's Gate Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Reaper's Gate Snow Cherry Sapling
Reaver's Dale Snow Cherry Sapling
Reaver's Dale Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Reaver's Dale Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Reaver's Dale Rich Iron Vein
Reaver's Dale Button Mushrooms
Reaver's Dale Herb Sprouts
Reaver's Dale Carrots
Rebel's Seclusion Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Rebel's Seclusion Rich Platinum Vein
Reclaimed Chantry Mistonium
Reclaimed Chantry Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Reclaimed Chantry Mebahya Sapling
Reclaimed Chantry Cluster of Desert Herbs
Reclaimed Chantry Desert Vegetables
Red Alpine Garrison Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Red Alpine Garrison Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Red Alpine Garrison Snow Cherry Sapling
Red Alpine Garrison Taproots
Red World Overlook Berry Synthesizer
Red World Overlook Herb Synthesizer
Red World Overlook Vegetable Synthesizer
Red World Overlook Lumber Synthesizer
Redbriar Ore Synthesizer
Redbriar Lumber Synthesizer
Redbriar Berry Synthesizer
Redbriar Herb Synthesizer
Redbriar Vegetable Synthesizer
Redbriar Cloth Synthesizer
Redbriar Leather Synthesizer
Redlake Ore Synthesizer
Redlake Lumber Synthesizer
Redlake Berry Synthesizer
Redlake Herb Synthesizer
Redlake Vegetable Synthesizer
Redlake Cloth Synthesizer
Redlake Leather Synthesizer
Redvale Refuge Ore Synthesizer
Redvale Refuge Lumber Synthesizer
Redvale Refuge Berry Synthesizer
Redvale Refuge Herb Synthesizer
Redvale Refuge Vegetable Synthesizer
Redvale Refuge Cloth Synthesizer
Redvale Refuge Leather Synthesizer
Redwater Lowlands Ore Synthesizer
Redwater Lowlands Lumber Synthesizer
Redwater Lowlands Berry Synthesizer
Redwater Lowlands Herb Synthesizer
Redwater Lowlands Vegetable Synthesizer
Redwater Lowlands Cloth Synthesizer
Redwater Lowlands Leather Synthesizer
Refuge Peak Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Refuge Peak Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Relliatus Canyon Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Relliatus Canyon Rich Gold Vein
Relliatus Canyon Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Relliatus Canyon Variegated Taproots
Relliatus Canyon Young Herbs
Relliatus Canyon Tukawa Sapling
Remanda Saltmarsh Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Remanda Saltmarsh Mature Herbs
Remanda Saltmarsh Variegated Taproots
Remanda Saltmarsh Pine Sapling
Reserve Generator Site Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Reserve Generator Site Baoba Sapling
Reserve Generator Site Desert Vegetables
Resplendent Trace Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Resplendent Trace Mebahya Sapling
Rilohn River Mistonium
Rilohn River Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Rilohn River Desert Vegetables
Rilohn River Lentils
Rilohn River Mussels
Rilohn River Mebahya Sapling
Risen Lowlands Cypress Sapling
Risewild Hills Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Risewild Hills Portobello Mushrooms
Risewild Hills Sugar Pumpkin (node) Sugar Pumpkin
Risewild Hills Pine Sapling
Risewild Hills Tukawa Sapling
Rogue's Quarry Ore Synthesizer
Rogue's Quarry Lumber Synthesizer
Rogue's Quarry Berry Synthesizer
Rogue's Quarry Herb Synthesizer
Rogue's Quarry Vegetable Synthesizer
Rogue's Quarry Cloth Synthesizer
Rogue's Quarry Leather Synthesizer
Roy's Refuge Ore Synthesizer
Roy's Refuge Lumber Synthesizer
Roy's Refuge Berry Synthesizer
Roy's Refuge Herb Synthesizer
Roy's Refuge Vegetable Synthesizer
Roy's Refuge Cloth Synthesizer
Roy's Refuge Leather Synthesizer
Ruined Procession Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Ruined Procession Mistonium
Ruined Procession Cluster of Desert Herbs
Ruined Procession Desert Vegetables
Ruined Procession Lentils
Ruined Procession Mebahya Sapling
Ruins of Holy Demetra Rich Iron Vein
Ruins of Holy Demetra Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Ruins of Oldgate Gummo Sapling
Ruins of Oldgate Rich Iron Vein
Ruins of Oldgate Herb Seedlings
Ruins of the Unseen Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Ruins of the Unseen Rich Copper Vein
Ruins of the Unseen Ekku Sapling
Ruins of the Unseen Button Mushrooms
Rustbowl Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Rustbowl Inglewood Sapling
Rustbowl Raspberries
SCAR Bivouac Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
SCAR Bivouac Ancient Sapling
SCAR Bivouac Palm Sapling
SCAR Bivouac Flax
SCAR Bivouac Jungle Plants
SCAR Bivouac Sawgill Mushrooms
SCAR Lane Rich Orichalcum Vein
Saidra's Haven Jade Fragments
Salt Flats Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Salt Flats Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Salt Flats Ancient Sapling
Salt Flats Mebahya Sapling
Salt Flats Cluster of Desert Herbs
Salt Flats Flax
Salt Flats Lentils
Saltflood Mire Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Saltflood Mire Banyan Sapling
Saltflood Mire Leeks
Saltflood Mire Variegated Taproots
Sanctum Way Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Sanctum Way Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Sanctum Way Gummo Sapling
Sanctum Way Herb Sprouts
Sanctum Way Onions
Sandycove Beach Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Sandycove Beach Ekku Sapling
Sandycove Beach Blueberry Bush
Sargol Sea Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Sargol Sea Coral
Sargol Sea Flax
Sargol Sea Mussels
Sati Passage Inglewood Sapling
Savage Rise Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Savage Rise Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Savage Rise Flax
Savage Rise Sawgill Mushrooms
Scalding Gorge Primordial Orchid
Scalding Gorge Ancient Sapling
Scalding Gorge Rich Mithril Vein
Scalding Gorge Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Scalding Gorge Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Scalding Gorge Sawgill Mushrooms
Scaver Plateau Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Scaver Plateau Aspen Sapling
Scaver Plateau Blueberry Bush
Scorched March Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Scorched March Rich Mithril Vein
Scorched March Mebahya Sapling
Scorched March Flax
Scorched March Desert Vegetables
Scorching Undercroft Ore Synthesizer
Scorching Undercroft Berry Synthesizer
Scorching Undercroft Herb Synthesizer
Scorching Undercroft Vegetable Synthesizer
Scorching Undercroft Lumber Synthesizer
Scoured Plains Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Scoured Plains Cypress Sapling
Scoured Plains Ancient Sapling
Scoured Plains Passiflora
Scourgejaw's Vault Portobello Mushrooms
Sea of Elon Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Sea of Istan Seaweed (node) Seaweed
Seashell Hills Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Seashell Hills Cypress Sapling
Second Level Toxic Seedling
Sector Zuhl Rich Platinum Vein
Sentry Steppes Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Sentry Steppes Rich Mithril Vein
Sentry Steppes Cypress Sapling
Sentry Steppes Asparagus
Sentry Steppes Cayenne Pepper (node) Cayenne Pepper
Sentry Steppes Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Shadaran Hills Berry Synthesizer
Shadaran Hills Herb Synthesizer
Shadaran Hills Vegetable Synthesizer
Shadaran Hills Lumber Synthesizer
Shallows of Despair Desert Vegetables
Shallows of Despair Cluster of Desert Herbs
Shallows of Despair Lentils
Shallows of Despair Mussels
Shallows of Despair Flax
Shallows of Despair Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Shallows of Despair Mebahya Sapling
Shaman's Rookery Rich Copper Vein
Shaman's Rookery Button Mushrooms
Shark's Teeth Archipelago Rich Mithril Vein
Shark's Teeth Archipelago Cypress Sapling
Shattercleft Hills Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Shattercleft Hills Banyan Sapling
Shattered Cliffs Mistonium
Shattered Cliffs Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Shattered Ice Floe Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Shattered Ice Floe Ancient Sapling
Shattered Ice Floe Cypress Sapling
Shattered Ice Floe Leeks
Shattered Ice Floe Raspberries
Shattered Ice Floe Winter Root Vegetables
Shattered Palisades Zucchini (node) Zucchini
Shattered Palisades Young Herbs
Shattered Palisades Mature Herbs
Shattered Palisades Tukawa Sapling
Shattered Palisades Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Shattered Palisades Rich Iron Vein
Shattered Palisades Rich Gold Vein
Shieldbluff Point Gummo Sapling
Shieldbluff Point Onions
Shimmerstone Cave Rich Platinum Vein
Shimmerstone Cave Portobello Mushrooms
Shipwreck Beach Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Shipwreck Beach Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Shipwreck Beach Palm Sapling
Shipwreck Beach Petrified Stump
Shipwreck Beach Coral
Shipwreck Beach Lotus
Shipwreck Beach Mussels
Shipwreck Beach Passiflora
Shire of Beetletun Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Shire of Beetletun Aspen Sapling
Shiverspur Front Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Shiverspur Front Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Shiverspur Front Gummo Sapling
Shoals of Sovereignty Ancient Sapling
Shoals of Sovereignty Mebahya Sapling
Shoals of Sovereignty Flax
Shoals of Sovereignty Cluster of Desert Herbs
Shoals of Sovereignty Mussels
Shoals of Sovereignty Lentils
Shoals of Sovereignty Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Shoals of Sovereignty Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Shrike's Palace Ore Synthesizer
Shrike's Palace Lumber Synthesizer
Shrike's Palace Berry Synthesizer
Shrike's Palace Herb Synthesizer
Shrike's Palace Vegetable Synthesizer
Shrike's Palace Cloth Synthesizer
Shrike's Palace Leather Synthesizer
Shrouded Ruins Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Shrouded Ruins Palm Sapling
Sifuri Sand Sea Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Sifuri Sand Sea Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Sifuri Sand Sea Ancient Sapling
Sifuri Sand Sea Mebahya Sapling
Sifuri Sand Sea Cluster of Desert Herbs
Sifuri Sand Sea Desert Vegetables
Sifuri Sand Sea Lentils
Sifuri Sand Sea Flax
Signal Peak Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Signal Peak Cypress Sapling
Signal Peak Asparagus
Signal Peak Cayenne Pepper (node) Cayenne Pepper
Signal Peak Cluster of Herbs
Silent Vale Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Silent Vale Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Silent Vale Mebahya Sapling
Silent Vale Cluster of Desert Herbs
Silent Vale Desert Vegetables
Silent Vale Flax
Silent Vale Mussels
Simurgh Timberland Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Simurgh Timberland Rich Platinum Vein
Simurgh Timberland Red Oak Sapling
Simurgh Timberland Verdant Herbs
Skimshallow Cove Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Skimshallow Cove Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Skimshallow Cove Ancient Sapling
Skimshallow Cove Mebahya Sapling
Skimshallow Cove Flax
Skimshallow Cove Cluster of Desert Herbs
Skimshallow Cove Desert Vegetables
Skimshallow Cove Mussels
Skimshallow Cove Lentils
Skritt Anchorage Petrified Stump
Skritt Anchorage Mussels
Skrittsburgh Center Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Skrittsburgh Center Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Skrittsburgh East End Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Skrittsburgh East End Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Skrittsburgh East End Button Mushrooms
Skrittsburgh Hillstead Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Skrittsburgh Hillstead Button Mushrooms
Skrittsburgh Tunnels Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Skrittsburgh Tunnels Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Skrittsburgh Tunnels Button Mushrooms
Sky's Reach Mistborn Mote (node) Mistborn Mote
Skyclaw Peaks Palm Sapling
Skyclaw Peaks Flax
Skyward Reach Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Skyward Reach Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Skyward Reach Mebahya Sapling
Skyward Reach Desert Vegetables
Skyward Reach Flax
Sleive's Inlet Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Sleive's Inlet Ekku Sapling
Sleive's Inlet Carrots
Sleive's Inlet Herb Seedlings
Sleive's Inlet Onions
Sloven Pitch Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Sloven Pitch Verdant Herbs
Smashedhope Well Ore Synthesizer
Smashedhope Well Lumber Synthesizer
Smashedhope Well Berry Synthesizer
Smashedhope Well Herb Synthesizer
Smashedhope Well Vegetable Synthesizer
Smashedhope Well Cloth Synthesizer
Smashedhope Well Leather Synthesizer
Snaketail Inlet Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Snaketail Inlet Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Snaketail Inlet Cypress Sapling
Snarled Frontier Jungle Plants
Snarled Frontier Palm Sapling
Sniper's Woods Gummo Sapling
Sniper's Woods Onions
Sniper's Woods Root Vegetables
Sniper's Woods Young Herbs
Sniper's Woods Zucchini (node) Zucchini
Snow Climb Cypress Sapling
Snow Climb Leeks
Snowblind Peaks Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Snowslide Ravine Onions
Snowslide Ravine Fir Sapling
Sojourner's Way Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Sojourner's Way Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Sojourner's Way Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Sojourner's Way Aspen Sapling
Sojourner's Way Taproots
Sojourner's Way Herb Sprouts
Soldier Mesa Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Soldier Mesa Rich Platinum Vein
Soldier Mesa Inglewood Sapling
Soldier Mesa Mature Herbs
Soldier Mesa Variegated Taproots
Solitude Vale Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Solitude Vale Rich Copper Vein
Solitude Vale Carrots
Solitude Vale Herb Seedlings
Soot Road Kale
Soot Road Onions
Soot Road Young Herbs
Soot Road Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Soot Road Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Soot Road Tukawa Sapling
Sootberme Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Sootberme Banyan Sapling
Sorrow's Eclipse Sanctuary Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Sorrowful Sound Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Sorrowful Sound Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Southshore Wastes Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Southsun Shoals Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Southsun Shoals Cypress Sapling
Southsun Shoals Passiflora
Southsun Strait Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Southsun Strait Blooming Passiflora
Southwatch Creep Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Southwatch Creep Ancient Sapling
Southwatch Creep Palm Sapling
Southwatch Creep Flax
Southwatch Creep Jungle Plants
Southwatch Creep Sawgill Mushrooms
Sparkplug Depot Ore Synthesizer
Sparkplug Depot Lumber Synthesizer
Sparkplug Depot Berry Synthesizer
Sparkplug Depot Herb Synthesizer
Sparkplug Depot Vegetable Synthesizer
Sparkplug Depot Cloth Synthesizer
Sparkplug Depot Leather Synthesizer
Speldan Clearcut Ore Synthesizer
Speldan Clearcut Lumber Synthesizer
Speldan Clearcut Berry Synthesizer
Speldan Clearcut Herb Synthesizer
Speldan Clearcut Vegetable Synthesizer
Speldan Clearcut Cloth Synthesizer
Speldan Clearcut Leather Synthesizer
Spider Nest Cavern Button Mushrooms
Splinter Hills Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Splinter Hills Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Splinter Hills Tukawa Sapling
Splinter Hills Kale
Splinter Hills Root Vegetables
Splinter Hills Young Herbs
Splinter Hills Zucchini (node) Zucchini
Splintered Coast Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Splintered Coast Banyan Sapling
Splintered Coast Blackberries
Splintered Coast Coral
Splintered Coast Portobello Mushrooms
Squall Cusps Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Squall Cusps Cypress Sapling
Stampede Uplands Rich Orichalcum Vein
Stampede Uplands Mebahya Sapling
Stargrove Ore Synthesizer
Stargrove Lumber Synthesizer
Stargrove Berry Synthesizer
Stargrove Herb Synthesizer
Stargrove Vegetable Synthesizer
Stargrove Cloth Synthesizer
Stargrove Leather Synthesizer
Steelbrachen Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Steelbrachen Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Steelbrachen Rich Gold Vein
Steelbrachen Root Vegetables
Steelbrachen Varied Mushrooms
Stoic Rampart Ore Synthesizer
Stoic Rampart Berry Synthesizer
Stoic Rampart Herb Synthesizer
Stoic Rampart Vegetable Synthesizer
Stoic Rampart Lumber Synthesizer
Stone of Hazaan Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Stone of Hazaan Variegated Taproots
Stone of Hazaan Verdant Herbs
Stone of Hazaan Blackberries
Stone of Hazaan Banyan Sapling
Stonebore Vaults Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Stonebore Vaults Rich Iron Vein
Stonebore Vaults Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Stonebore Vaults Button Mushrooms
Stoneman's Notch Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Stonemist Castle Ore Synthesizer
Stonemist Castle Lumber Synthesizer
Stonemist Castle Berry Synthesizer
Stonemist Castle Herb Synthesizer
Stonemist Castle Vegetable Synthesizer
Stonemist Castle Cloth Synthesizer
Stonemist Castle Leather Synthesizer
Stonescatter Wash Onions
Stonescatter Wash Herb Sprouts
Stonescatter Wash Young Herbs
Stonescatter Wash Snow Cherry Sapling
Stonescatter Wash Rich Iron Vein
Stonesheath Overlook Tukawa Sapling
Stonetwist Paths Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Stonetwist Paths Rich Mithril Vein
Stonetwist Paths Flax
Stonetwist Paths Jungle Plants
Stonetwist Paths Mussels
Stormbluff Isle Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Stormbluff Isle Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Stormbluff Isle Variegated Taproots
Stormbluff Isle Scallions
Stormbluff Isle Pine Sapling
Strait of Panube Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Strait of Panube Coral
Strait of Panube Mussels
Strait of Sacrilege Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Strait of Sacrilege Coral
Stronghold of Ebonhawke Onions
Stronghold of Ebonhawke Portobello Mushrooms
Stronghold of Ebonhawke Root Vegetables
Stronghold of Ebonhawke Young Herbs
Sulfur Quarry Cluster of Desert Herbs
Sulfur Quarry Lentils
Sulfur Quarry Ancient Sapling
Sulfur Quarry Mebahya Sapling
Sulfur Quarry Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Sunken Droknah Rich Platinum Vein
Sunken Droknah Verdant Herbs
Sunken Halls of Clarent Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Sunken Halls of Clarent Portobello Mushrooms
Sunken Halls of Clarent Variegated Taproots
Sunnyhill Ore Synthesizer
Sunnyhill Lumber Synthesizer
Sunnyhill Berry Synthesizer
Sunnyhill Herb Synthesizer
Sunnyhill Vegetable Synthesizer
Sunnyhill Cloth Synthesizer
Sunnyhill Leather Synthesizer
Sunshade Caves Carrots
Svanir's Dome Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Svanir's Dome Carrots
Sweltering Canyons Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Sweltering Canyons Inglewood Sapling
Sweltering Canyons Asparagus
Switchback Canyons Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Switchback Canyons Inglewood Sapling
Switchback Canyons Asparagus
Switchback Canyons Raspberries
Symphony's Haven Dragon Crystal Node
Symphony's Haven Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Symphony's Haven Cypress Sapling
Symphony's Haven Snow Truffle (node) Snow Truffle
Symphony's Haven Verdant Herbs
Symphony's Haven Winter Root Vegetables
Taigan Groves Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Taigan Groves Aspen Sapling
Taigan Groves Carrots
Taigan Groves Herb Seedlings
Taigan Groves Onions
Tail of the Serpent Rich Platinum Vein
Tail of the Serpent Portobello Mushrooms
Talabaroop Waves Raspberries
Talajian Piedmont Gummo Sapling
Talajian Piedmont Taproots
Taminn Foothills Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Taminn Foothills Rich Copper Vein
Taminn Foothills Aspen Sapling
Tangled Descent Ancient Sapling
Tanglerot Hills Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Tanglerot Hills Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Tanglerot Hills Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Tarir, the Forgotten City Flax
Tarir, the Forgotten City Jungle Plants
Tarir, the Forgotten City Mussels
Tarir, the Forgotten City Ancient Sapling
Tarir, the Forgotten City Palm Sapling
Tarir, the Forgotten City Rich Mithril Vein
Tarnished Treetop Ancient Sapling
Tarnished Treetop Palm Sapling
Tarnished Treetop Flax
Tarnished Treetop Jungle Plants
Teku Nuhoch Flax
Terra Carorunda Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Terra Carorunda Rich Gold Vein
Terra Carorunda Tukawa Sapling
Terra Carorunda Mature Herbs
Terra Carorunda Scallions
Terra Carorunda Varied Mushrooms
Terra Combusta Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Terra Combusta Tukawa Sapling
Terra Combusta Kale
Terra Combusta Mature Herbs
Terra Combusta Zucchini (node) Zucchini
Terzetto Bay Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Terzetto Bay Coral
Thaumanova Reactor Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Thaumanova Reactor Rich Copper Vein
The Alkali Pan Cluster of Desert Herbs
The Alkali Pan Desert Vegetables
The Alkali Pan Flax
The Alkali Pan Lentils
The Alkali Pan Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Alkali Pan Rich Orichalcum Vein
The Alkali Pan Mebahya Sapling
The Anthill Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
The Anthill Button Mushrooms
The Astralarium Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Astralarium Baoba Sapling
The Astralarium Ancient Sapling
The Astralarium Desert Vegetables
The Astralarium Flax
The Astralarium Lentils
The Baelfire Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Baelfire Rich Mithril Vein
The Baelfire Cayenne Pepper (node) Cayenne Pepper
The Bitter Cold Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Bitter Cold Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
The Blasted Moors Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
The Blasted Moors Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
The Blasted Moors Herb Sprouts
The Blasted Moors Button Mushrooms
The Bloodfields Gummo Sapling
The Bloodfields Onions
The Bloodtrough Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Bloodtrough Cypress Sapling
The Bone Wall Flax
The Bonestrand Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Bonestrand Mebahya Sapling
The Bonestrand Cluster of Desert Herbs
The Bonestrand Flax
The Bonestrand Lentils
The Bonestrand Mussels
The Breached Wall Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
The Breached Wall Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
The Breached Wall Taproots
The Breached Wall Onions
The Darklands Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Darklands Ancient Sapling
The Darklands Mebahya Sapling
The Darklands Cluster of Desert Herbs
The Darklands Flax
The Darklands Lentils
The Deadhouse Rich Mithril Vein
The Doomteeth Ancient Sapling
The Falls Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Falls Flax
The Falls Jungle Plants
The Falls Sawgill Mushrooms
The Foundry Rich Mithril Vein
The Foundry Ancient Sapling
The Funhouse Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
The Gallowfields Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
The Gallowfields Rich Iron Vein
The Gallowfields Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
The Godspurs Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
The Godspurs Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
The Godspurs Onions
The Godspurs Taproots
The Godspurs Snow Cherry Sapling
The Granite Front Inglewood Sapling
The Granite Front Mature Herbs
The Granite Front Variegated Taproots
The Great Tree Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Grey Road Fir Sapling
The Grey Road Mature Herbs
The Grotto Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Grotto Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
The Grotto Portobello Mushrooms
The Heartwoods Aspen Sapling
The Heartwoods Blueberry Bush
The Heartwoods Button Mushrooms
The Heartwoods Herb Seedlings
The Hinterlabs Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
The Hinterlabs Ekku Sapling
The Hinterlabs Onions
The Howling Cliffs Cypress Sapling
The Howling Cliffs Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
The Howling Cliffs Snow Truffle (node) Snow Truffle
The Hunting Grounds Difluorite Crystals
The Hunting Grounds Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Hunting Grounds Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
The Hunting Grounds Rich Mithril Vein
The Hunting Grounds Baoba Sapling
The Hunting Grounds Cluster of Desert Herbs
The Hunting Grounds Desert Vegetables
The Hunting Grounds Flax
The Hunting Grounds Lentils
The Hunting Grounds Passiflora
The Icesteppes Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
The Icesteppes Aspen Sapling
The Icesteppes Herb Seedlings
The Infestation Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
The Infestation Portobello Mushrooms
The Mire Sea Coral
The Mire Sea Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
The Narthex Black Crocus
The Necropolis Artichoke (node) Artichoke
The Necropolis Flax
The Necropolis Lentils
The Necropolis Ancient Sapling
The Necropolis Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
The Necropolis Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Ogre Road Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
The Ogre Road Gummo Sapling
The Ogre Road Portobello Mushrooms
The Osenfold Shear Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
The Osenfold Shear Aspen Sapling
The Osenfold Shear Blueberry Bush
The Osenfold Shear Carrots
The Quickmire Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
The Quickmire Rich Mithril Vein
The Quickmire Mebahya Sapling
The Quickmire Flax
The Rootangles Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
The Rootangles Ekku Sapling
The Rootangles Button Mushrooms
The Rowanwoods Ekku Sapling
The Rowanwoods Blueberry Bush
The Rowanwoods Carrots
The Rowanwoods Herb Seedlings
The Rowanwoods Lettuce
The Rowanwoods Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
The Ruination Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
The Ruination Mebahya Sapling
The Ruination Flax
The Ruination Desert Vegetables
The Ruined Paths Difluorite Crystals
The Ruined Paths Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Ruined Paths Rich Mithril Vein
The Ruined Paths Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
The Ruined Paths Rich Orichalcum Vein
The Ruined Paths Ancient Sapling
The Ruined Paths Baoba Sapling
The Ruined Paths Artichoke (node) Artichoke
The Ruined Paths Cabbage
The Ruined Paths Cluster of Desert Herbs
The Ruined Paths Desert Vegetables
The Ruined Paths Lentils
The Ruptured Heart Rich Mithril Vein
The Ruptured Heart Lentils
The Ruptured Heart Flax
The Ruptured Heart Ancient Sapling
The Scourgeway Cluster of Desert Herbs
The Scourgeway Desert Vegetables
The Scourgeway Lentils
The Scourgeway Flax
The Scourgeway Mebahya Sapling
The Scourgeway Ancient Sapling
The Scourgeway Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Scourgeway Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
The Serpentwind Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
The Serpentwind Button Mushrooms
The Shadowhorns Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
The Shadowhorns Aspen Sapling
The Shadowhorns Blueberry Bush
The Shattered Henge Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
The Shattered Henge Button Mushrooms
The Shattered Ravines Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
The Shattered Ravines Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Shattered Ravines Ancient Sapling
The Shattered Ravines Mebahya Sapling
The Shattered Ravines Desert Vegetables
The Shattered Ravines Flax
The Shattered Ravines Lentils
The Shipyard Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Shipyard Lotus
The Shipyard Coral
The Siege Plains Gummo Sapling
The Siege Plains Root Vegetables
The Siege Plains Kale
The Siege Plains Young Herbs
The Sinking Ruins Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Sinking Ruins Rich Mithril Vein
The Sinking Ruins Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
The Sinking Ruins Ancient Sapling
The Sinking Ruins Mebahya Sapling
The Sinking Ruins Coral
The Sinking Ruins Clam (node) Clam
The Sinking Ruins Cluster of Desert Herbs
The Sinking Ruins Desert Vegetables
The Sinking Ruins Flax
The Sinking Ruins Lentils
The Sinking Ruins Mussels
The Skein Baoba Sapling Baobab Sapling
The Skein Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Skein Mistborn Mote (node) Mistborn Mote
The Skein Mussels
The Spillway Desert Vegetables
The Spillway Flax
The Spillway Lentils
The Spillway Mussels
The Spillway Ancient Sapling
The Spillway Mebahya Sapling
The Spillway Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Spillway Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
The Spiritholme Ore Synthesizer
The Spiritholme Lumber Synthesizer
The Spiritholme Berry Synthesizer
The Spiritholme Herb Synthesizer
The Spiritholme Vegetable Synthesizer
The Spiritholme Cloth Synthesizer
The Spiritholme Leather Synthesizer
The Stychs Banyan Sapling
The Stychs Asparagus
The Sunderlands Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Sunderlands Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
The Sunderlands Desert Vegetables
The Sunderlands Flax
The Sunderlands Ancient Sapling
The Thunderhorns Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
The Thunderhorns Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
The Thunderhorns Snow Cherry Sapling
The Thunderhorns Herb Sprouts
The Thunderhorns Onions
The Thunderhorns Taproots
The Titanpaw Ore Synthesizer
The Titanpaw Lumber Synthesizer
The Titanpaw Berry Synthesizer
The Titanpaw Herb Synthesizer
The Titanpaw Vegetable Synthesizer
The Titanpaw Cloth Synthesizer
The Titanpaw Leather Synthesizer
The Toppled Wall Button Mushrooms
The Toppled Wall Carrots
The Toppled Wall Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
The Toughstone Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
The Toughstone Inglewood Sapling
The Toughstone Raspberries
The Verdence Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
The Verdence Ekku Sapling
The Verdence Herb Seedlings
The Verdence Onions
The Weeping Crest Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
The Weeping Crest Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
The Weeping Crest Rich Mithril Vein
The Weeping Crest Portobello Mushrooms
The Wendon Steps Mimosa Sapling
The Wendon Steps Herb Sprouts
The Wendon Steps Onions
The Wide Expanse Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
The Wide Expanse Fir Sapling
The Wide Expanse Young Herbs
The Wide Expanse Zucchini (node) Zucchini
The Wide Expanse Scallions
The Wide Expanse Root Vegetables
The Wide Expanse Cabbage
The Wurm's Gullet Button Mushrooms
Theater of Delight Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Theater of Delight Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Theater of Delight Cypress Sapling
Theater of Delight Orrian Sapling
Theater of Delight Omnomberries
Theater of Delight Ghost Pepper (node) Ghost Pepper
Theign Spiritwalk Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Theign Spiritwalk Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Theign Spiritwalk Fir Sapling
Theign Spiritwalk Onions
Third Level Toxic Seedling
Thorn Pass Cypress Sapling
Thorn Pass Asparagus
Thorn Pass Cayenne Pepper (node) Cayenne Pepper
Thorn Pass Cluster of Herbs
Thunder Rock Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Thunder Rock Gummo Sapling
Thunderbreak Hills Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Thunderbreak Hills Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Thunderbreak Hills Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Thunderbreak Hills Tukawa Sapling
Thunderbreak Hills Young Herbs
Thunderhead Keep Dragon Crystal Node
Thunderhead Keep Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Thunderhead Keep Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Thunderhead Keep Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Thunderhead Keep Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Thunderhead Keep Cypress Sapling
Thunderhead Keep Snow Truffle (node) Snow Truffle
Thundertroll Swamp Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Thundertroll Swamp Banyan Sapling
Thundertroll Swamp Blackberries
Thundertroll Swamp Leeks
Thundertroll Swamp Verdant Herbs
Thundertroll Swamp Variegated Taproots
Titan's Staircase Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Titan's Staircase Ekku Sapling
Titan's Throat Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Toade's Head Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Toade's Head Banyan Sapling
Toade's Head Leeks
Toade's Head Variegated Taproots
Toadstool Mire Palm Sapling
Toadstool Mire Flax
Toadstool Mire Jungle Plants
Toadstool Mire Mussels
Toadstool Mire Sawgill Mushrooms
Tomb of the Primeval Kings Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Tomb of the Primeval Kings Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Tomb of the Primeval Kings Ancient Sapling
Tomb of the Primeval Kings Mebahya Sapling
Tomb of the Primeval Kings Cluster of Desert Herbs
Tomb of the Primeval Kings Desert Vegetables
Tomb of the Primeval Kings Flax
Tomb of the Primeval Kings Lentils
Tongue Rock Varied Mushrooms
Torrid Undercroft Ore Synthesizer
Torrid Undercroft Berry Synthesizer
Torrid Undercroft Herb Synthesizer
Torrid Undercroft Vegetable Synthesizer
Torrid Undercroft Lumber Synthesizer
Town of Nolan Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Town of Nolan Strawberry Patch
Township of Claypool Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Township of Claypool Aspen Sapling
Township of Claypool Blueberry Bush
Toxal Bog Mimosa Sapling
Toxal Bog Button Mushrooms
Trader's Green Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Trader's Green Rich Copper Vein
Trader's Green Ekku Sapling
Trader's Green Button Mushrooms
Trader's Green Blueberry Bush
Trader's Green Carrots
Trader's Green Herb Seedlings
Transcendent Bay Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Transcendent Bay Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Transcendent Bay Ancient Sapling
Transcendent Bay Clam (node) Clam
Transcendent Bay Cluster of Desert Herbs
Transcendent Bay Desert Vegetables
Transcendent Bay Lentils
Transcendent Bay Mussels
Trapper's Labyrinth Button Mushrooms
Trapper's Labyrinth Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Treacherous Depths Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Treacherous Depths Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Treacherous Depths Artichoke (node) Artichoke
Treacherous Depths Mature Herbs
Treacherous Paths Flax
Treacherous Paths Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Treadrock Uplands Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Treadrock Uplands Cypress Sapling
Treadrock Uplands Ancient Sapling
Trebuchet Bend Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Trebuchet Bend Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Treemarch Estuary Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Treemarch Estuary Onions
Tribulation Rift Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Tribulation Rift Fir Sapling
Triskellion Vale Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Triskellion Vale Herb Sprouts
Triskellion Vale Taproots
Troll's Teeth Fir Sapling
Troll's Teeth Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Troll's Teeth Root Vegetables
Tromigar Valley Snow Cherry Sapling
Tromigar Valley Carrots
Tromigar Valley Herb Sprouts
Tromigar Valley Onions
Tumok's Last Stand Carrots
Tumok's Last Stand Onions
Tumok's Last Stand Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Tumok's Last Stand Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Twin Sisters Crossing Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Twin Sisters Crossing Kale
Twin Sisters Crossing Root Vegetables
Twin Sisters Crossing Tukawa Sapling
Tyrulu Sea Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Tyrulu Sea Difluorite Crystals
Tyrulu Sea Coral
Tyrulu Sea Mussels
Umberglade Woods Ore Synthesizer
Umberglade Woods Lumber Synthesizer
Umberglade Woods Berry Synthesizer
Umberglade Woods Herb Synthesizer
Umberglade Woods Vegetable Synthesizer
Umberglade Woods Cloth Synthesizer
Umberglade Woods Leather Synthesizer
Umbral Battlegrounds Lentils
Umbral Battlegrounds Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Umbral Battlegrounds Mistborn Mote (node) Mistborn Mote
Umbral Battlegrounds Red Oak Sapling
Unbroken Expanse Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Unbroken Expanse Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Unbroken Expanse Young Herbs
Unbroken Expanse Tukawa Sapling
Underburg Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Undergrowth Connector Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Undergrowth Connector Sawgill Mushrooms
Undying Necropolis Ore Synthesizer
Undying Necropolis Lumber Synthesizer
Undying Necropolis Berry Synthesizer
Undying Necropolis Herb Synthesizer
Undying Necropolis Vegetable Synthesizer
Undying Necropolis Cloth Synthesizer
Undying Necropolis Leather Synthesizer
Unguent Den Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Unguent Den Portobello Mushrooms
Unswept Uplands Rich Quartz Crystal Formation
Unswept Uplands Cactus
Unswept Uplands Cypress Sapling
Unswept Uplands Ancient Sapling
Uplands Oasis Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Uplands Oasis Rich Mithril Vein
Uplands Oasis Cypress Sapling
Uplands Oasis Cactus
Uplands Oasis Carrots
Uplands Oasis Lettuce
Uplands Oasis Cabbage
Ural's Delve Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Ural's Delve Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Ustulate Barrens Cluster of Desert Herbs
Ustulate Barrens Desert Vegetables
Ustulate Barrens Flax
Ustulate Barrens Lentils
Ustulate Barrens Mebahya Sapling
Ustulate Barrens Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Ustulate Barrens Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Uzanarin Depths Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Uzanarin Depths Portobello Mushrooms
Valley of Lyss Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Valley of Lyss Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Valley of Lyss Cypress Sapling
Valley of Lyss Black Crocus
Valley of Lyss Ghost Pepper (node) Ghost Pepper
Valley of Lyss Omnomberries
Valslake Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Valslake Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Valslake Rich Silver Vein
Valslake Herb Sprouts
Vandal's Claim Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Vehjin Palace Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Vehjin Palace Cluster of Desert Herbs
Vehjin Palace Desert Vegetables
Vehjin Palace Lentils
Vehtendi Academy Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Vehtendi Academy Mebahya Sapling
Vehtendi Academy Vabbian Heirloom Grapes
Veldrunner Drifts Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Veloka Slope Ore Synthesizer
Veloka Slope Lumber Synthesizer
Veloka Slope Berry Synthesizer
Veloka Slope Herb Synthesizer
Veloka Slope Vegetable Synthesizer
Veloka Slope Cloth Synthesizer
Veloka Slope Leather Synthesizer
Venison Pass Fir Sapling
Venison Pass Snow Cherry Sapling
Venison Pass Herb Sprouts
Venison Pass Taproots
Venison Pass Zucchini (node) Zucchini
Venlin Vale Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Venlin Vale Mimosa Sapling
Venlin Vale Clam (node) Clam
Venlin Vale Onions
Ventry Bay Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Ventry Bay Rich Copper Vein
Ventry Bay Ekku Sapling
Ventry Bay Blueberry Bush
Ventry Bay Onions
Verarium Delves Rich Platinum Vein
Viathan Lake Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Viathan Lake Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Viathan Lake Gummo Sapling
Viathan Lake Herb Sprouts
Viathan Lake Clam (node) Clam
Victium Moors Inglewood Sapling
Victium Moors Blackberries
Victium Moors Sugar Pumpkin (node) Sugar Pumpkin
Victium Moors Variegated Taproots
Victor's Lodge Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Victor's Lodge Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Victor's Lodge Banyan Sapling
Victor's Lodge Tukawa Sapling
Victor's Lodge Root Vegetables
Victor's Lodge Onions
Victor's Lodge Young Herbs
Victor's Presidium Button Mushrooms
Victor's Presidium Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Victor's Presidium Rich Copper Vein
Victor's Presidium Herb Seedlings
Victor's Presidium Kertch Sapling
Victor's Presidium Onions
Vigilant Precipice Flax
Vigilant Precipice Sawgill Mushrooms
Village of Astorea Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Vindar's Lagoon Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Viper's Run Blackberries
Viper's Run Inglewood Sapling
Viper's Run Mature Herbs
Viper's Run Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Viper's Run Scallions
Viper's Run Variegated Taproots
Virulent Wastes Mistborn Mote (node) Mistborn Mote
Vitriolic Rim Cluster of Desert Herbs
Vitriolic Rim Desert Vegetables
Vitriolic Rim Flax
Vitriolic Rim Lentils
Vitriolic Rim Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Vitriolic Rim Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Voloxian Passage Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Voloxian Passage Ekku Sapling
Voloxian Passage Carrots
Voloxian Passage Onions
Vulture's Sweep Gummo Sapling
Vulture's Sweep Tukawa Sapling
Vulture's Sweep Kale
Vulture's Sweep Root Vegetables
Vulture's Sweep Zucchini (node) Zucchini
Warrior's Crown Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Warrior's Crown Gummo Sapling
Warrior's Crown Kale
Warrior's Crown Zucchini (node) Zucchini
Waste Hollows Rich Mithril Vein
Waste Hollows Cypress Sapling
Waste Hollows Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Watcher's Hollow Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Watcher's Hollow Rich Mithril Vein
Watcher's Hollow Rich Orichalcum Vein
Watchtower Cliffs Sawgill Mushrooms
Watchtower Cliffs Baoba Sapling
Watchtower Cliffs Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Wayward Climb Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Wayward Climb Cypress Sapling
Waywarde Way Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Waywarde Way Cypress Sapling
Waywarde Way Cayenne Pepper (node) Cayenne Pepper
Waywarde Way Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Waywarde Way Asparagus
Western Boiling Sea Primordial Orchid
Western Bulwark Inglewood Sapling
Western Bulwark Variegated Taproots
Western Complex Difluorite Crystals
Western Complex Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Western Complex Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Western Complex Baoba Sapling
Western Complex Flax
Western Front Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Western Front Mebahya Sapling
Western Front Mussels
Western Mihan Hillsides Cluster of Desert Herbs
Western Mihan Hillsides Desert Vegetables
Western Mihan Hillsides Flax
Western Mihan Hillsides Lentils
Western Mihan Hillsides Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Westwatch Patch Flax
Westwatch Patch Jungle Plants
Westwatch Patch Sawgill Mushrooms
Westwatch Patch Ancient Sapling
Westwatch Patch Palm Sapling
Westwatch Patch Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Westwatch Patch Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Whisper Bay Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Whisper Bay Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Whisper Bay Coral
Whisper Bay Lotus
Whisper Bay Seaweed (node) Seaweed
White Paper Hill Scallions
Whitland Flats Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Whitland Flats Platinum Ore (node) Platinum Ore
Whitland Flats Leeks
Wildcreek Run Ore Synthesizer
Wildcreek Run Lumber Synthesizer
Wildcreek Run Berry Synthesizer
Wildcreek Run Herb Synthesizer
Wildcreek Run Vegetable Synthesizer
Wildcreek Run Cloth Synthesizer
Wildcreek Run Leather Synthesizer
Wildlin Narrows Iron Ore (node) Iron ore
Wildlin Narrows Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Wildlin Narrows Gummo Sapling
Wildlin Narrows Grapes
Wildlin Narrows Root Vegetables
Wildspine Hills Carrots
Willowalk Groves Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Willowalk Groves Ekku Sapling
Willowalk Groves Button Mushrooms
Wind Rider Ledge Ancient Sapling
Wind Rider Ledge Palm Sapling
Wind Rider Ledge Primordial Orchid
Wind Rider Ledge Jungle Plants
Wind Rider Ledge Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Windloss Delves Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Windrock Maze Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Windrock Maze Rich Copper Vein
Windshear Scarps Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Windshear Scarps Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Windshear Scarps Desert Vegetables
Windshear Scarps Lentils
Windshear Scarps Ancient Sapling
Windshear Scarps Mebahya Sapling
Windswept Haven Ore Synthesizer
Windswept Haven Lumber Synthesizer
Windswept Haven Berry Synthesizer
Windswept Haven Cloth Synthesizer
Windswept Haven Herb Synthesizer
Windswept Haven Leather Synthesizer
Windswept Haven Vegetable Synthesizer
Wing's Shadow Ancient Sapling
Wing's Shadow Mebahya Sapling
Wing's Shadow Ghost Pepper (node) Ghost Pepper
Wing's Shadow Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Wing's Shadow Mistborn Mote (node) Mistborn Mote
Winter's Teeth Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Winter's Teeth Rich Mithril Vein
Winter's Teeth Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Winter's Teeth Lentils
Winterknell Isle Ancient Sapling
Winterknell Isle Cypress Sapling
Winterknell Isle Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Winterknell Isle Mithril Ore (node) Rich Mithril Ore
Winterknell Isle Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Winterknell Isle Black Crocus
Winterknell Isle Lotus
Winterknell Isle Omnomberries
Winterknell Isle Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Winterknell Shore Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Winterknell Shore Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Winterknell Shore Cypress Sapling
Winterknell Shore Orrian Sapling
Winterknell Shore Lotus
Winterknell Shore Omnomberries
Winterknell Shore Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Winterthaw Snowfield Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Winterthaw Snowfield Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Winterthaw Snowfield Onions
Winterthaw Snowfield Varied Mushrooms
Winterthaw Snowfield Snow Cherry Sapling
Withered Outpost Ore Synthesizer
Withered Outpost Lumber Synthesizer
Withered Outpost Berry Synthesizer
Withered Outpost Herb Synthesizer
Withered Outpost Vegetable Synthesizer
Withered Outpost Cloth Synthesizer
Withered Outpost Leather Synthesizer
Wizard's Fief Strawberry Patch
Wodron Glens Gummo Sapling
Woodhaven Ore Synthesizer
Woodhaven Lumber Synthesizer
Woodhaven Berry Synthesizer
Woodhaven Herb Synthesizer
Woodhaven Vegetable Synthesizer
Woodhaven Cloth Synthesizer
Woodhaven Leather Synthesizer
Wurmhaven Lentils
Wurmhowl Spikes Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Wurmhowl Spikes Aspen Sapling
Wurmhowl Spikes Blueberry Bush
Wychmire Swamp Copper Ore (node) Copper Ore
Wychmire Swamp Rich Copper Vein
Wychmire Swamp Ekku Sapling
Wychmire Swamp Blueberry Bush
Wychmire Swamp Button Mushrooms
Wychmire Swamp Carrots
Wychmire Swamp Herb Seedlings
Wynchona Woods Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Wynchona Woods Tukawa Sapling
Wynchona Woods Cabbage
Wynchona Woods Onions
Wynchona Woods Young Herbs
Wyrmblood Lake Gold Ore (node) Gold Ore
Wyrmblood Lake Iron Ore (node) Iron Ore
Wyrmblood Lake Fir Sapling
Wyrmblood Lake Onions
Wyvern Cliffs Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Wyvern Cliffs Palm Sapling
Wyvern Cliffs Flax
Wyvern Cliffs Jungle Plants
Wyvern Cliffs Sawgill Mushrooms
Wyvern Scar Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Wyvern Scar Palm Sapling
Wyvern Scar Flax
Wyvern Scar Jungle Plants
Y'lan Academy Ore Synthesizer
Y'lan Academy Lumber Synthesizer
Y'lan Academy Berry Synthesizer
Y'lan Academy Herb Synthesizer
Y'lan Academy Vegetable Synthesizer
Y'lan Academy Cloth Synthesizer
Y'lan Academy Leather Synthesizer
Yahnur Plateau Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Yahnur Plateau Rich Mithril Vein
Yahnur Plateau Rich Orichalcum Vein
Yatendi Village Mistonium
Yatendi Village Cluster of Desert Herbs
Yatendi Village Mebahya Sapling
Yohlon Bluffs Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Yohlon Bluffs Ancient Sapling
Yohlon Bluffs Ghost Pepper (node) Ghost Pepper
Zagonur Cliffs Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Zagonur Cliffs Mebahya Sapling
Zakk's Lab Ore Synthesizer
Zakk's Lab Lumber Synthesizer
Zakk's Lab Berry Synthesizer
Zakk's Lab Herb Synthesizer
Zakk's Lab Vegetable Synthesizer
Zakk's Lab Cloth Synthesizer
Zakk's Lab Leather Synthesizer
Zehlon Breach Cluster of Desert Herbs
Zehlon Breach Desert Vegetables
Zehlon Breach Flax
Zehlon Breach Seaweed (node) Seaweed
Zehlon Breach Baoba Sapling
Zehlon Breach Mithril Ore (node) Mithril Ore
Zehlon Breach Orichalcum Ore (node) Orichalcum Ore
Zho'qafa Catacombs Orrian Truffle (node) Orrian Truffle
Zinder Slope Silver Ore (node) Silver Ore
Zinder Slope Mimosa Sapling
Zinder Slope Herb Sprouts
Zinder Slope Onions