Urais (merchant)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about Urais (Merchant) who is found in Jinotl Deadgrounds. For other NPCs named Urais, see Urais (disambiguation).

Urais is a merchant found inside the Jinotl Deadgrounds in Thundertroll Swamp.


Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Cost
Leather Bag.png Leather Bag Bag Basic, Exotic 32 Copper coin
Master's Salvage Kit.png Master's Salvage Kit Salvage kit Rare 15 Silver coin 36 Copper coin


The Undead are all around us. Get your supplies while you can. We may not be here much longer.
Talk Merchant.png Show me your wares.
Talk end option tango.png If all goes as planned, you'll be safe enough. Good-bye.