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This template is used to categorize articles at the proper subcategory within the redirects category. Include this template below the #redirect line on redirect pages.


unnamed parameter 1
Required. Redirect type. Possible values:
  • abbreviation: Category:Abbreviation redirects. For abbreviations of the title, e.g. NPC → Non-player character.
  • achievement: Category:Achievement name redirects. Redirects to an achievement category page for individual achievements that do not require guides due to being very simple. e.g. Chak Crusher → Tangled Depths (achievements)#Chak Crusher
  • attribute combination, equipment prefix, or equipment suffix: Category:Attribute combination redirects. For parts of item names that signify the respective item's attributes, e.g. Berserker's or Celestial. Most of these redirect to the attribute combinations page.
  • common term: Category:Common term redirects. For commonly-used terms, e.g. Trade → Trading Post. Also use this for grammatical variations (Cartographer → Cartography), and shortened versions of the title, e.g. Fractals → Fractals of the Mists.
  • common misspelling or misspelling: Category:Common misspelling redirects. For commonly-misspelled variations, e.g. Theif → Thief.
  • plural: Category:Plural redirects. This is intended for uncommon plurals, i.e. those that cannot be formed by adding "s" or "es" to the article title, e.g. Medals of Honor. It can also used for singular terms whose articles are plural, e.g. Guild weapon → Guild Weapons. Common plurals where an "s" has been strapped on the end of the title should largely be avoided in the first place since the search suggestion will bring up the page as it is being typed.
  • renamed content or renamed: Category:Renamed content redirects. For any in-game content that was renamed by ArenaNet. This should not be used to indicate that just a Wiki page has been renamed/moved.
  • variant spelling / variant: Category:Variant spelling redirects. For reasonable alternative variations, e.g. Armour → Armor. Also use this for capitalization variations, e.g. The Rain in Spain → The Rain In Spain, and omitted punctuation, e.g. aint → ain't.
  • wiki: Category:Wiki redirects. For wiki project pages and titles which cannot match the in-game title (e.g. due to forbidden symbols in their names).
  • waypoint or vista: Category:Map redirects. For waypoint and vista names. These usually redirect to the area page the waypoint or vista is located in.