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This template is used to create item tables with buy and sell trading post prices. Format using {{Item tp header}} and {{Item tp row}}.

Note: To check for unlocked skins please use Template:Account unlocks table or Template:Account unlocks list instead.


{{Item tp table|<items>|type=<optional: yes>|prefix=<optional: yes>|total=<optional: yes>|index=<optional: yes>|contains=<optional: yes>}}


1 (unnamed parameter)
List of items seperated with commas.
Optional, if yes then the item type is shown. Default: disabled.
Optional, if yes then the item prefix is shown. Default: disabled.
Optional, if yes then the total price calculation is shown. Default: disabled.
Optional, if yes then the input order index is enabled. Default: disabled.
Optional, if yes then it uses {{contains}} on (Main) pages. Default: {{item icon}} is used.
Optional, separator, default is comma.


{{Item tp table|Truth, Anton's Boot Blade, Knowledge is Power, Cobalt, Mecha Anchor, Impaler, Arc, Stardust, Shiverstone, Scepter of the Highborn, Guild Defender, X6-31 Beta, Monsoon, Twin Talons, Occultist Flame, Rockweed Spire, Cutthroat Caller, Phoenix Reborn, Beacon of Light, Komalie's Sacrificial Blade, King's Remembrance, Poyaqui's Noggin, Crystal Guardian, Entropy, Genesis, Arthropoda, Levvi's Detector, Combustion, Crustacea, Bonetti's Rapier, Lord Taeres's Shadow, Razah's Nightmare, Song of the Temptress, Exterminator|index=yes|total=yes}}
Item TP buy price TP sell price
1 Truth.png Truth
2 Anton's Boot Blade.png Anton's Boot Blade
3 Knowledge is Power.png Knowledge is Power
4 Cobalt.png Cobalt
5 Mecha Anchor.png Mecha Anchor
6 Impaler.png Impaler
7 Arc.png Arc
8 Stardust.png Stardust
9 Shiverstone.png Shiverstone
10 Scepter of the Highborn.png Scepter of the Highborn
11 Guild Defender.png Guild Defender
12 X6-31 Beta.png X6-31 Beta
13 Monsoon.png Monsoon
14 Twin Talons.png Twin Talons
15 Occultist Flame.png Occultist Flame
16 Rockweed Spire.png Rockweed Spire
17 Cutthroat Caller.png Cutthroat Caller
18 Phoenix Reborn.png Phoenix Reborn
19 Beacon of Light.png Beacon of Light
20 Komalie's Sacrificial Blade.png Komalie's Sacrificial Blade
21 King's Remembrance.png King's Remembrance
22 Stein of Celebratory Beer.png Poyaqui's Noggin
23 Crystal Guardian.png Crystal Guardian
24 Entropy.png Entropy
25 Genesis.png Genesis
26 Arthropoda.png Arthropoda
27 Levvi's Detector.png Levvi's Detector
28 Combustion.png Combustion
29 Crustacea.png Crustacea
30 Bonetti's Rapier.png Bonetti's Rapier
31 Lord Taeres's Shadow.png Lord Taeres's Shadow
32 Razah's Nightmare.png Razah's Nightmare
33 Song of the Temptress.png Song of the Temptress
34 Exterminator.png Exterminator

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