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This text property stores the full in-game description of the game asset, including wiki markup.

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"Black Powder and Its Uses" +Collectible  +
"Eye of the Storm!" (Gale Song) +Imbue your voice with the element of air, [[Superspeed|massively increasing speed]] for nearby allies. The effects of this shout linger, [[Stun break|breaking stun]] for nearby allies.  +
"Feel My Wrath!" (PvP) +Grant [[fury]] and [[quickness]] to nearby allies.  +
"Guard!" (effect) +...  +
"I Will Avenge You!" +Gain [[might]], [[regeneration]], and [[swiftness]]. If you [[Kill effect|kill a foe]], your allies [[rally]].  +
"Legendary" Backpack Buckle Prong +<span style="color:#1E90FF">The remaining pieces are nowhere to be found.</span>  +
"Rise!" (PvP) +Damage foes around you. Summon a [[Shambling Horror|shambling horror]] plus additional horrors near each enemy struck. Shambling horrors absorb damage for their master as long as they are attacking.  +
"Search and Rescue!" (trait skill) +Your [[pet]] will seek out and [[revival|revive]] a [[downed]] ally.  +
"Shake It Off!" (trait skill) +Cure a [[condition]] on yourself and nearby allies. Also breaks [[stun]]s.  +
"Sic 'Em!" (effect) +Focus on a target for increased damage.  +
"Wash the Pain Away!" (PvP) +Mists billow out of the player, [[healing]] allies that are in range.  +
"We Heal As One!" (PvP) +Heal yourself and your [[pet]]. You each gain a copy of the other's [[boon]]s.  +
"Aftershock!" +Call upon the earth to [[Crippled|cripple]] and [[Immobile|immobilize]] foes in the area around you. Allies in the initial blast gain [[Magnetic Aura (effect)|magnetic aura]].  +
"Chilled to the Bone!" +[[Reaper's Frost|Freeze]] all enemies around. Gain [[boon]]s for each foe you freeze.  +
"Eye of the Storm!" +Imbue your voice with the element of air, [[Superspeed|massively increasing speed]] and [[Stun break|breaking stun]] for nearby allies.  +
"Fear Me!" +Induce [[fear]] in your foes.  +
"Feel My Wrath!" +Grant [[fury]] and [[quickness]] to nearby allies.  +
"Feel the Burn!" +Heat waves blast out from the player, causing [[damage]] and granting [[Fire Shield (effect)|fire aura]] to allies.  +
"Flash-Freeze!" +Unleash a torrent of ice on enemy locations, [[Chilled|chilling]] those who cannot escape. Grant [[Frost Aura (effect)|frost aura]] to allies in range.  +
"For Great Justice!" +Grant [[fury]] and [[might]] to yourself and allies.  +
"Guard!" +Order your pet to guard nearby allies. Your pet takes damage on behalf of those allies; gain [[might]] when your pet receives damage.  +
"Hold the Line!" +Grant [[protection]] and [[regeneration]] to allies.  +
"Nothing Can Save You!" +Damage foes around you, converting their [[boon]]s into [[vulnerability]]. Your attacks become [[unblockable]] for a short time. The duration increases based on the number of foes struck.  +
"On My Mark!" +Call out target foe to make them vulnerable.  +
"Protect Me!" +Gain [[protection]] and break allies out of stuns. Your pet [[taunt]]s the next foe that attacks you.  +