Tassi's Relay Golem

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Tassi's Relay Golem

Item type
Soulbound on Acquire
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Double-click to occasionally receive messages from Tassi.

— In-game description

Tassi's Relay Golem was an item received as part of Blood and Madness. Activating it would spawn a Golem Assistant which could be interacted with to receive information from Magister Tassi. After each message, the Golem would disappear again. The item has unlimited uses and will continue to spawn the Golem if it isn't spawned yet and as long as there are further messages left to receive. After the fourth message, the item will be useless.


This item is a reward for completing The Reliquary.


First time interacting
Golem Assistant: Testing...testing. Hello. Can you hear me? Good.
Golem Assistant: The candy corn we used on the Bloody Prince seemed to daze him, but we need more. We'll need a living candy corn elemental.
Golem Assistant: And it won't be easy. You'll need to traverse the Mad Realm and face challenges both within and without that chaotic plane.
Golem Assistant: Best the challenges, and you'll obtain the elemental. Once you get it, bring it back to me.
Golem Assistant: Its essence will allow us to put that bloodthirsty brat back in his box.
Golem Assistant: And be careful. There's no telling what either the Mad King or the Bloody Prince have in store for you.
Second time interacting
Golem Assistant: Fascinating. I'm reading conflicting energy patterns from the Mad Realm
Golem Assistant: It's like two weather patterns colliding and firing lightning everywhere.
Golem Assistant: One energy pattern belongs to the Bloody Prince. Assuming he's going after his father, the other has to be the Mad King.
Golem Assistant: This must be what a war between two powerful spirit energies looks like.
Golem Assistant: We can't let rage spill over to our world. Please, hurry and gather that special candy corn elemental.
Third time interacting
Golem Assistant: Can you imagine how utterly insane that family was? I'm an expert on the Thorns, and this new information shocks me!
Golem Assistant: Executions, deadly pranks, beheadings. And now a bloodthirsty son who was starved to death as a punishment.
Golem Assistant: Just when you think you know history. Makes my progenitors seem normal by comparison.
Fourth time interacting
Golem Assistant: How interesting. I'm seeing a marked decrease in candy corn deposits in the world. I wonder if the Bloody Prince is involved.


  • This item states that it's unique but it's possible to acquire another one by redoing the instance with someone who hasn't done it before.
  • Sometime around November 2013, this item gets used up and disappears upon use.