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Notes for opening the Temple[edit]

Took several efforts, but we got it open on JQ. As info on this seems sparse, here goes: You have 3 landing sites. Northern, central, and southern.

  • Each site has a separate quest chain to advance it. These can be roughly approximated as: 'clear the path', 'advance on the path', a 'establish beachhead', and 'send reinforcements'.
  • You can spot roughly where things are on the map by looking at way-points up to the beacheads. Once beacheads are owned, you may need to be on/inside the Orr island to see reinforcement/temple assault status.
  • Once one set of reinforcements reach the staging point, and no other reinforcements are on the way, the main assault is launched.
  • Each reinforcement proceeds as a separate group of NPCs, but there is only one 'shield' on the map marking who/what to defend.
  • The groups tend to follow the defend/shield on the map, but can be stalled by aggro much like individual NPCs - Be wary of a straggling NPC group, it may contribute to a failure to reach the temple.
  • After reaching the temple, there are two events. One to 'claim' the temple, the next to subdue the priest. The priest drops large, nasty wells, and will fear players -- A typical outcome is the players are feared into the wells, dying before they run full through a single well. The priest also uses a wide PBAoE skill like Stomp which can down players. The advice is to take the boss at maximum range, and never have a well behind you.
  • Southern reinforcements appear to often get stuck. While stuck, you cannot proceed to take the temple (see previous: 'and no other reinforcements are on the way'). When that happens, options appear to be:
  • Pull aggro to the southern group, causing a fail.
  • Lose the beachhead, causing (hopefully - not tested) the stuck reinforcements to despawn.

In my efforts, not once was the central invasion ready (megalasers in disrepair) No idea what it takes to repair the lasers, info to wiki for the lasers would be nice (event may have been glitched). Thus far, I've not seen efforts with a single set of reinforcements take the temple, and with two sets of reinforcing NPCs and a full zerg, the end boss drops in ~ 3 minutes of the 10 allotted. 07:52, 25 November 2012 (UTC)


  • Reinforcements do not spawn while an assault is underway on the temple.
  • Reinforcements will spawn shortly after either successfully capturing a beach-head, or successfully defending it. The NPCs will spawn move through the camps before their events become active. 07:54, 25 November 2012 (UTC)

Wrote a walkthrough to expand the page. Pretty much based on my experiences of running Balths temple every other day for the last couple of months. When I mention that it is possible for 1 person (or 2) to clear a particular event, this is due to me personally clearing it, or else doing it with 1 other person, so its not an idle guessEsperanis 19:52, 27 March 2013 (UTC)

Advice from Portable Corpse to green zergs[edit]

This is the advice Portable Corpse issues to the green (inexperienced) zergs who have just completed an escort to the Rally Point:

  • Don't stack on the NPCs.
  • One heal hits up to 5 targets, and heals target players before NPCs.
  • Just 5 players standing on the NPCs can deny the NPCs of all healing.
  • The undead you are fighting will run to players. Those players standing on the NPCs are drawing undead to them, making it necessary to heal the NPCs.
  • Standing on the NPCs gets them killed.
  • Bring Knockbacks, Fears, and Projectile defense skills
  • Keep the fighting away from the undead and use Knockbacks and Fears to split up any masses of undead that have mixed in with the NPCs.
  • Towards the end we face massed projectile attacks, have skills ready to counter them.

After the first ambush (Portable considers it to be easy):

33% remaining morale is typical, anything more is great, anything less can be concerning. 05:24, 12 July 2013 (UTC)

Do we need to spell out all the events?[edit]

So, I've been doing some editing of the Straits of Devastation meta event pages. I've worked on the Northern Invasion of Orr, Central Invasion of Orr, and Southern Invasion of Orr meta pages. Came to start editing this page, and noted that all the events for each of these chains are again spelled out on this page. I'm thinking this is a little much. All the events are listed out on Straits of Devastation map page, and more details are given on the individual meta pages. I think its enough to just say there are metas leading up to this meta and each triggers these events, etc. ~Mervil User Mervil Sig.png 05:50, 11 October 2017 (UTC)