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My Sandbox

User:Mervil/Collection practice

User:Mervil/Collection template header

User:Mervil/Collection template row

User:Mervil/Meta event icons

Coding in semantic wiki questions:[edit]

  • 1) How does {{#if: }} remove white space?
  • 2) How does the property [[Has game icon]] have a parameter that gets passed, like |40px in this code: [[Has game icon::File:{{#ifeq:{{lc:{{{rarity|}}}}}|ascended|ascended}} recipe sheet.png|40px]]
  • 3) in the code exampled in #2 above, what does the page parser do with the white space in front of the text "recipe sheet" if "rarity" is not equal to ascended?
  • 4) how are properties actually set in this wiki? is it using infoboxes? what about an item's icon property, is that also set with the infoboxes?
  • 5) in the following code, [[Has game icon::File:{{{icon}}}|40px]], how is this handled compared to code that contains the pipe after the parameter name, as in {{{icon|}}}
  • 6) how does the #arraymap function work?