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Pools spawn:

  • -red:underboss(end of odd attackchain)
  • -blue:1 out of 3(every odd times)
  • -green:farthest(end of odd attackchain)

Odd meant:1-3-5-7 Red aoe spawned by green special skill applies Exposed effect for 1min.

  • cc(puzzle):green(80)-red(40)-blue(10)
  • white : safe zone
  • phase : 100-80(1) | puzzle | 80-40(1+1) | puzzle | 40-10(2+1) | puzzle | 10-0(3)
  • combo 1+1: red(green jump in) |green(blue jump in) | blue(red jump in)
  • combo 2+1: red+green(blue jump in) | green+blue(red jump in) | blue+red(green jump in)

Attack pattern of bosses:

  • Blue: Special skill->3AA->"Spread"(Pool)->3AA->"Spread"-Repeat
  • Red and Green: Special skill->AAchain->Pool->AAchain->Repeat

wipe aoe:

  • -red: outer circle/inner circle
  • -green: halfes
  • -blue: big slice/small slice

2+1 phase:

  • - if red has white mech: the 2nd tank dont have to do it
  • -green+blue(red aoe) is the hardest

Tether effect between bosses happen nearly within 600range
So far tether effect on bosses: gives the ability for the shielded boss to use* its special skill (green pull, blue push, red circle)
'*' The boss will use its special skill once it gets in the attack pattern

Standing on the orange circle spawned by red will pull you into the boss and will count it as a fail

Hard if:

  • people cc mindlessly
  • pools placed in mid (blue push)

make it easy:

  • -tank red near to edge
  • -have kite for green pools assinged
  • -stack on greenpull/bluepush
  • -have red/green tank assinged

Green pull: the closer the player the more it damages Blue push: the further the player the more it damages Blue AA: the further the aggro the more it damages current bug:

  • aoe wipe indicators can be hidden
  • bosses can disappear

--Asdasdone (talk) 17:14, 10 November 2022 (UTC)

Yes and here [[1]] is the recording from that training --DiegoDeLaHouska (talk) 19:28, 10 November 2022 (UTC)