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I was reading the saurian page and on this notes it has this:

>While Raptors are saurians in lore, mechanically they are their own species due to raptors existing before other saurians were added to the game.

What is this supposed to mean?

To my knowledge, Raptors are the last saurian to be added to guild wars 2 before all others, how is it possible that they existed before other saurians were added to the game? The preceding unsigned comment was added by Ellthan (talk) at 20:18, September 5, 2017 (UTC).

The original Tyrian "Raptors", "actual saurian" Raptors (as in the mount), and Pocket Raptors are all more-or-less distinct. I do agree it is pretty confusing though and I wonder if "old-tyiran raptors" are really "saurian". (Also, please sign your comments with ~~~~!) ~ Fishrock (talk) 20:44, 5 September 2017 (UTC)