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You do not need Path of Fire to receive this item, however, there is a level requirement. I can confirm you have to be at least level 35 and you won't receive the mail with the item until you enter Lion's Arch. Arkham316Daily Achievement.pngTALK 07:27, 5 November 2019‎ (UTC)

Thanks for the confirmation! I've updated the article accordingly. —Idris User Idris signature.png 12:49, 5 November 2019 (UTC)
The correction is incorrect. Level requirement for entering LA only applies to F2P accounts. Thus, if you are not F2P you can enter LA sooner and receive the invitation before lvl 35.~SimeUser Sime Maraca Choya.pngTalk 18:52, 5 November 2019 (UTC)
Thanks for correcting the correction, then, I'll update the article again. :p —Idris User Idris signature.png 19:05, 5 November 2019 (UTC)
Just wanted to clarify. I was using a second account that doesn't have any of the expansions during the Halloween event (NOT A F2P account). The highest level character on the account was only 18 and I never received the invitation and the character had been in and out of LA multiple times during the event, however, a couple days before end, I used some Tomes to level the character to 35 and when I entered LA for the first time after getting to level 35, I got the mail with the invitation inside, however I never got the mail when I hit level 35 in Rata you definitely have to enter LA to get the mail. I am not 100% certain you have to be level 35 to get the invitation, but I assume so since you have to enter LA to get the mail. Arkham316Daily Achievement.pngTALK 19:50, 6 November 2019‎ (UTC)