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Object or NPC[edit]

I wonder if these should be considered NPCs, since in the house where you pick the difficulty level they have dialogue, not that objects can't have text/dialogue of course, and it's counterpart the Tribulation Cloud is considered an NPC. Unfortunately inside the zones there's no clear definition, as while the Infantile Clouds don't have overhead nameplates, not all NPCs do have an overhead nameplate (Owls and Sheep for example don't, don't think the Octopus does either), and some objects do have one(the Block, Stump, Honeycomb, and Cage), so it's making me ponder. Anybody else have any thoughts? - Doodleplex 19:16, 13 April 2017 (UTC)

I'd consider them NPCs. —Ventriloquist 20:31, 13 April 2017 (UTC)