Skale Tamer

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The Skale Tamer was created by Researcher Irkz to collect an army of skale for use by the Iron Legion. They are only available from Secunda the Watcher during the listed event.

Event involvement[edit]

Event swords (tango icon).png Acquire a skale charmer from Secunda and use it to tag and tame nearby skale (12)


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Fire Missile.png Electric Tag 0.75¾ Apply an electric tag to your foe.
2 Rifle Butt.png Stock Bash 0.25¼ 8 Bash your foe with the stock of your skale tamer, knocking them back.
3 Poison Dart Volley.png Skale Toxin 0.25¼ 10 Lob skale poison at your foe.
4 Energy Defense.png Thunder Zone 0.25¼ 20 Leap back and activate the overload switch, leaving behind a static field trap.


  • Uses the Mystic Rifle skin.
  • Skill 1 applies a "tag" to the targeted skale. If the skale has less than 25% health, it will instead turn the skale neutral, which will head towards Secunda for capture.
  • The skale in Secunda's vicinity have an ability to become invincible briefly after taking a few hits. If this happens, the capture effect can fail, and the skale can die after it becomes vulnerable again and takes another hit from the Skale Tamer.