Secret Reactor Treasure

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Secret Reactor Treasure

The Secret Reactor Treasure is the chest that spawns after the Defeat the misplaced steam ogre event.


See also: Matrix Cube Key

To gain access to the Secret Reactor Treasure, someone must infuse a Matrix Cube Key with fire, water, air, and earth, use the charged key on a control panel to open up a barrier protecting a hole in the floor. Anyone may then jump down onto a floating platform with another panel. Pushing a button on the second panel releases a Champion Steam Ogre. The ogre is not much of a threat, since it uses melee attacks only and can be easily kited. The only real risk is falling off the platform. After defeating the boss, the Secret Reactor Treasure spawns.

Shortly afterward, the platform will start to collapse. To escape, jump through the portal that appears on the east. Otherwise, you will fall along with the platform and take enough falling damage to be downed.