Seanan's Bandit Disguise

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Seanan's Bandit Disguise

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You are disguised as one of Seanan's bandits and wear an illusion to hide your true nature. Along with your disguise you carry poison for sabotaging Seanan's bandit camp.

— In-game description



# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Twisting Fangs.png Stab 0.5½ Stab your foe.
2 Backstab.png Backstab 3 Attack your foe from the shadows, striking for double damage if you hit from behind.
3 Cloak and Dagger.png Tactical Strike 1 10 Twist around your foe, evading them and positioning yourself at their back.
4 Cluster of Baneberries.png Baneberry Poison 6 Spread poison to bandit food and water stores. Adds poison to your attacks for a short time.
5 "Receive the Light!".png "Receive the Light!" 20.25¼ 30 Shout. Heal yourself and allies in a cone in front of you.
6-0 Skill.png Locked Skill You cannot use this skill.
A human female player disguised as a bandit.