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The Retinue is a sect of high-ranking members of the Nightmare Court. Members of the Retinue are Grand Duchess Faolain's top officers and are given the ranks of baron, count, countess, duke, and duchess.[1]


  • The only Nightmare Courtiers met with the ranks of a Retinue, aside from Duchess Chrysanthea, were Barons and Baronesses of the splinter faction that joined the Toxic Alliance. It is unclear, given their nature as part of a splinter faction, if they were ever actually part of the Retinue.


  1. ^ Dream and Nightmare
    The highest ranks among the Nightmare Court are known as the Retinue. Knights who have done well are elevated into the Retinue by the Grand Duchess Faolain, who rewards them with rank and position. Baron, count, countess, duke, and duchess: all bear responsibility and a great deal of respect within the hierarchy of the court.