Reach the finish line! (Gendarran Fields)

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Reach the finish line!

Event maps
Lakeside Loop.jpg

Interactive map

Interactive map

Reach the finish line! is a mount race event that starts at Provern Shore and uses the Lakeside Loop track.


  • Total racers finished: x
  • The race will end in: 8:00


Start the trial by boosting. Avoid trees and other obstacles.
Try to regain the boost in the jump in the centaur camp by holding the space bar. Stop holding it before landing. Use immediately afterwards.
Pick up the boost orb and almost directly boost to gain distance. Try to regain boost by holding the space bar.
Continue the course and boost again after passing the Broadhollow Waypoint.
Continue the course and pick up the second boost orb. Boost after crossing the water.
Start drifting to the left near the second course marker after crossing the water.
Continue the course and roll partly sideways onto the bridge.
Boost after the subsequent course marker and continue the course.
Pick up the third boost orb and boost over the lake. Make sure that you land on the land, otherwise you will lose all momentum. Try to regain the boost by holding the space bar.
The finish line is two course markers away.




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