Pick Profession: Scout

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Sniper Shot (Snowball Mayhem).png

Pick Profession: Scout

Common Common
Snowball Mayhem
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Scouts excel at movement and quick strikes. They infiltrate and eliminate.

— In-game description [?]


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Fire Snowball.png Quick Shot Throw a snowball at your target.
Evasive Shot.png Evasive Shot 0.25¼ 4 Fire a quick shot in an evasive retreat.
Snow Barrage.png Rapid Fire 20.5½ 10 Fire multiple snowballs at your foe.
Sniper Shot (Snowball Mayhem).png Sniper Shot 30.75¾ 12 Fire a long range shot. The longer you charge the shot, the farther and faster it will fly.
Snowblind.png Snowblind 1 20 Vanish in a flurry of snow, blinding nearby enemies.


  • Replaced by You can not use this skill right now. during the first minutes of a match and while outside a team's base.
    • This doesn't prevent switching roles, since its still possible to switch by talking with the snowman at your team's base.

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