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Ambient dialogue for Pearl Islet from past Living World releases can be found here.

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Aggren Vicegrip: How much longer do we have to do this scrapper work?
Tergvi: Until we're done. We need shelter, and the Consortium needs labor.
Aggren Vicegrip: I knew you norn would just take this. You're used to being run out of your homes.
Job–o–Tron: Just–a–few–basic–questions. First–question: What–is–your–occupation?
Tergvi: I'm an adventurer. I roam the globe, taking what I can find and living off the land.
Job–o–Tron: Recording–response: "Raider."
Tergvi: I'm no raider. I kill dangerous beasts and those who do evil. I defend the innocent.
Job–o–Tron: Updating–response: "Muderous–raider–with–delusions–of–grandeur."
Job–o–Tron: Next–question: What–is–your–dream–job?
Tergvi: To be a traveler. I've been from the Shiverpeaks to the Sea of Sorrows, but there's so much more to see.
Job–o–Tron: Recording–response: "Hobo." Next–question: What–is–your–greatest–professional–accomplishment?
Tergvi: I'm not answering any more of your questions.
Job–o–Tron: Recording–response: "No–professional–accomplishments." Now–tabulating–results...
Job–o–Tron: Update: We–currently–have–no–opportunities–available. Please–re–apply–when–your–skill–set–has–improved.