Mystic Coin/Equipment

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Item Rarity Ingredients
Emerald Pendant.png Emerald Pendant Exotic
Ruby Pendant.png Ruby Pendant Exotic
Sapphire Pendant.png Sapphire Pendant Exotic
Triforge Pendant (ascended).png Triforge Pendant Ascended


Item Rarity Ingredients
Dreadwing.png Dreadwing Exotic
Kryta's Salvation.png Kryta's Salvation Exotic
Mystic Battleaxe.png Mystic Battleaxe Exotic
Phoenix Talon.png Phoenix Talon Exotic
Reaver of the Mists.png Reaver of the Mists Exotic
Titans' Vengeance.png Titans' Vengeance Exotic


Item Rarity Ingredients
Jormag's Needle.png Jormag's Needle Exotic
Mystic Spike.png Mystic Spike Exotic
Orichalcum Harvesting Sickle.png Reaper of Souls Exotic
Tear of Grenth.png Tear of Grenth Exotic


Item Rarity Ingredients
Accursed Chains.png Accursed Chains Exotic
Ambrosia.png Ambrosia Exotic
Cooguloosh.png Cooguloosh Exotic
Courage.png Courage Exotic
Eternal Sands.png Eternal Sands Exotic
Flux Matrix.png Flux Matrix Exotic
Large Skull.png Gaze Exotic
Charged Fragment.png Glint's Scale Exotic
Wurm Hunt Souvenir Stein.png Goblet of Kings Exotic
Godswalk Enchiridion.png Godswalk Enchiridion Exotic
Heart of Mellaggan.png Heart of Mellaggan Exotic
Malice (weapon).png Malice Exotic
Mystic Artifact.png Mystic Artifact Exotic
Seasatchel.png Seasatchel Exotic
Song of the Numberless Pack.png Song of the Numberless Pack Exotic
Spirit Links.png Spirit Links Exotic
Squeedily Spooch.png Squeedily Spooch Exotic
Crystal Core.png The Anomaly Exotic


Item Rarity Ingredients
Foefire's Essence.png Foefire's Essence Exotic
Mystic Claymore.png Mystic Claymore Exotic
Naegling.png Naegling Exotic
Oni Blade.png Oni Blade Exotic
Vision of the Mists.png Vision of the Mists Exotic
Volcanus.png Volcanus Exotic


Item Rarity Ingredients
Foefire's Power.png Foefire's Power Exotic
Mjölnir.png Mjölnir Exotic
Mystic Battlehammer.png Mystic Battlehammer Exotic

Harpoon gun[edit]

Item Rarity Ingredients
Mystic Speargun.png Mystic Speargun Exotic


Item Rarity Ingredients
Aether.png Azureflame Exotic
Mystic Hornbow.png Mystic Hornbow Exotic
Wings of Dwayna.png Wings of Dwayna Exotic
Wintersbite.png Wintersbite Exotic


Item Rarity Ingredients
Mystic Cudgel.png Mystic Cudgel Exotic


Item Rarity Ingredients
Lyssa's Gaze.png Ilya Exotic
Lyssa's Gaze.png Lyss Exotic
Mystic Pistol.png Mystic Pistol Exotic


Item Rarity Ingredients
Mystic Rifle.png Mystic Rifle Exotic


Item Rarity Ingredients
Abyssal Scepter.png Abyssal Scepter Exotic
Eye of Rodgort.png Eye of Rodgort Exotic
Immobulus.png Immobulus Exotic
Lidless Eye.png Lidless Eye Exotic
Mystic Wand.png Mystic Wand Exotic


Item Rarity Ingredients
Cragstone.png Cragstone Exotic
Eidolon.png Eidolon Exotic
Mystic Barricade.png Mystic Barricade Exotic
The Mad Moon.png The Mad Moon Exotic
Wall of the Mists.png Wall of the Mists Exotic

Short bow[edit]

Item Rarity Ingredients
Aether.png Aether Exotic
Arachnophobia.png Arachnophobia Exotic
Feathers of Dwayna.png Feathers of Dwayna Exotic
Mystic Crescent.png Mystic Crescent Exotic
Wintersbite.png Wintersbark Exotic


Item Rarity Ingredients
Ignus Fatuus.png Ignus Fatuus Exotic
Illusion (spear).png Illusion Exotic
Mystic Spear.png Mystic Spear Exotic


Item Rarity Ingredients
Azimuth.png Azimuth Exotic
Melandru's Gaze.png Melandru's Gaze Exotic
Mystic Staff.png Mystic Staff Exotic
The Crossing.png The Crossing Exotic


Item Rarity Ingredients
Firebringer.png Firebringer Exotic
Infinite Light.png Infinite Light Exotic
Jormag's Breath.png Jormag's Breath Exotic
Mystic Sword.png Mystic Sword Exotic
Rusttooth.png Rusttooth Exotic
Stygian Blade.png Stygian Blade Exotic
Unspoken Curse.png Unspoken Curse Exotic
Whisperblade.png Whisperblade Exotic


Item Rarity Ingredients
Mystic Torch.png Mystic Torch Exotic
The Fate of Menzies.png The Fate of Menzies Exotic


Item Rarity Ingredients
Mirage (weapon).png Mirage Exotic
Mystic Trident.png Mystic Trident Exotic


Item Rarity Ingredients
Mystic Caller.png Mystic Caller Exotic