Moa Farm Gate

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Moa Farm Gate

Moa Farm Gate.jpg

Shaemoor Fields
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Moa Farm Gate location.jpg
The location of all four gates, the ones surrounding the ranch in red, and the one guarding the pigs in blue.

Four wooden farm gates can be found on Mepi's Moa Ranch, keeping the nearby Domesticated Moas and Pigs inside their pens, safe from any nearby dangers, such as bandits.



With the three gates surrounding the ranch.
A rusted old lock holds the gate closed. Someone wants to make sure the moas aren't running loose.
Talk more option tango.png Leave.
With the gate guarding the pigs
The gate is locked tight.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.


  • The closing line on all three gates surrounding the ranch have the Talk more option tango.png icon, rather than the Talk end option tango.png icon.
  • The southern gate is incorrectly named Gate.