Live Explosive

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Live Explosive

Effect type
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The fuse is lit. Plant the bomb before it's too late.

— In-game description

Live Explosives are a bundle that can be retrieved from Explosives Stockpiles close to the flak cannons in Frostwalk Tundra during Defeat the Claw of Jormag event.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Molachev Cocktail (skill).png Set Charges 0.5½ Plant the bomb. More powerful than throwing the bomb.
2 Grenade.png Throw Charges 0.5½ Throw the bomb before it explodes.
3 Burst of Speed.png Run For It 15 Make a mad dash with the bomb.
4 Fire Shield.png Heat Shield 3 30 Vent excess heat from your gun, creating a fiery shield.


  • If this effect expires, the bomb will explode in the player's hands, causing knockback to the player and friendly-fire knockback to the surrounding players.