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There is no official Discord or other voice channel for Guild Wars 2. For those who wish to meet like-minded fans, the wiki provides a list of Discord channels that have been determined to be popular, highly publicized, or otherwise considered by the community to be very useful.


Discord is a free gaming-focused platform that offers persistent text chat and Voice over IP (VoIP) communications. Users register a central Discord account and can then use their web, desktop, or mobile apps to join any number of servers.

It is a very popular VoIP option for many gamers because it's free, highly customizable, and one can set up temporary channels with seconds, to use for pick-up group raids/fractals or other needs.

Unofficial Discords[edit]

These are Discord channels of popular fansites. Most are used for letting people know about updates to their sites, GW2 news, and feedback for the site.

  • Reddit (for questions and discussions about Guild Wars 2)
  • GW2 Wiki: Wiki Contributors (just for discussing the wiki)
  • SnowCrows (Raid speed-clearing guild, with top benchmark builds and guides)
  • Discretize (High-end fractal guild, with guides and a stat-optimization tool)
  • MetaBattle (Curated builds for raids, fractals, pvp, wvw, & open world)

Other Types of Discords[edit]

  • Each WvW world has their own Discord (and often TeamSpeak or Mumble for more stable connections for larger groups)
  • Several raid training guilds use Discord as their primary tool of communication
  • Several popular meta-event guilds also use Discord, including those specializing in Dry Top, world bosses, challenging metas (e.g. Triple Trouble), full runs across Tyria, etc.

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