Korga the Mighty

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Korga the Mighty is a legendary Risen Gorilla who charges and knocks down foes. He will revive the dead ape bodies surrounding the fight area.

The summoned apes have a 6 second knock down which used by a group of them can be permanent knock down resulting in sure death (even with break stun skills). The summoned apes are slow moving and easily avoidable.

  • Recommended strategy here is to have a single player kite the summoned apes away from Korga, while the other 4 party members burn him down.
    • Korga is immune to any crowd control
    • use stability and break stun to avoid knock downs.

Also note, there may be an area to bring Korga in which he can only revive a few apes. (more information needed on this spot) However, letting Korga move around the arena results in more apes being summoned.

The summoned apes will return to being dead a short time after Korga is defeated (possibly once all aggro is lost).

Once Korga is defeated, a chest will spawn and the Highborn Kings Waypoint will open, allowing easier passage to the Legendary Jotun Stargazer should the party wipe.


Ruins of Orr

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Charging Attack
  • Charge - Charges at a player and knocks them down and striking any players in its path.
  • Resurrect - Resurrects any fallen gorillas around Korga.
  • Thump - Korga slams the ground around him, launching foes. If Korga tries to use this move on a player outside the PBAoE radius, he will instead throw two spreading rocks.
Stolen skills