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Help Tirabikkr look for the Light of Deldrimor

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Help Tirabikkr look for the Light of Deldrimor

Interactive map

Interactive map

Help Tirabikkr look for the Light of Deldrimor is a level 80 dynamic event that starts near Ironbridge, after talking to Tirabikkr. Once the escort has started, Tirabikkr heads to one of the three possible locations — either the Slag Pit (referred to as 'Sewage Dig' by the achievement), a hill above his starter location (Mountain Plateau Dig), or a clearing slightly east of Forgotten Falls (Shipwreck Dig).


  • Talk to Tirabikkr.
  • Tirabikkr
  • Event bar.jpg Event shield (tango icon).png
  • Branded waves defeated: x/3
  • Revive Tirabikkr within: 1:00






Event start
Tirabikkr: Come, come! Light of Deldrimor big shiny! Big shiny equals big joy! Skritt math!
Arriving at the location
Tirabikkr: Ha-ha!
When digging
Tirabikkr: Must..dig...through...pain...
Once the wave starts
Tirabikkr: Uh-oh.
Tirabikkr: No one keep skritt from shiny!
When at low health
Tirabikkr: Ahhh! Get it off!
Event success
Tirabikkr: Light of Deldrimor! Or close enough! Next time, bigger shiny.


  • If the event fails, Tirabikkr and the foes will simply disappear.
  • If the event succeeds, Tirabikkr will reappear 10 minutes after the completed event.

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