Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock/Black Lion Weapon Skins

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Black Lion Collections[edit]

Abaddon weapon skins[edit]

Abaddon Axe.png Abaddon Axe Abaddon Dagger.png Abaddon Dagger Abaddon Mace.png Abaddon Mace Abaddon Pistol.png Abaddon Pistol
Abaddon Scepter.png Abaddon Scepter Abaddon Sword.png Abaddon Sword Abaddon Focus.png Abaddon Focus Abaddon Shield.png Abaddon Shield
Abaddon Torch.png Abaddon Torch Abaddon Warhorn.png Abaddon Warhorn Abaddon Greatsword.png Abaddon Greatsword Abaddon Hammer.png Abaddon Hammer
Abaddon Longbow.png Abaddon Longbow Abaddon Rifle.png Abaddon Rifle Abaddon Short Bow.png Abaddon Short Bow Abaddon Staff.png Abaddon Staff

Abyss Stalker weapon skins[edit]

Abyss Stalker Axe.png Abyss Stalker Axe Abyss Stalker Dagger.png Abyss Stalker Dagger Abyss Stalker Mace.png Abyss Stalker Mace Abyss Stalker Pistol.png Abyss Stalker Pistol
Abyss Stalker Scepter.png Abyss Stalker Scepter Abyss Stalker Sword.png Abyss Stalker Sword Abyss Stalker Focus.png Abyss Stalker Focus Abyss Stalker Shield.png Abyss Stalker Shield
Abyss Stalker Torch.png Abyss Stalker Torch Abyss Stalker Warhorn.png Abyss Stalker Warhorn Abyss Stalker Greatsword.png Abyss Stalker Greatsword Abyss Stalker Hammer.png Abyss Stalker Hammer
Abyss Stalker Longbow.png Abyss Stalker Longbow Abyss Stalker Rifle.png Abyss Stalker Rifle Abyss Stalker Short Bow.png Abyss Stalker Short Bow Abyss Stalker Staff.png Abyss Stalker Staff

Aetherized weapon skins[edit]

Aetherized Axe.png Aetherized Axe Aetherized Dagger.png Aetherized Dagger Aetherized Mace.png Aetherized Mace Aetherized Pistol.png Aetherized Pistol
Aetherized Scepter.png Aetherized Scepter Aetherized Sword.png Aetherized Sword Aetherized Focus.png Aetherized Focus Aetherized Shield.png Aetherized Shield
Aetherized Torch.png Aetherized Torch Aetherized Warhorn.png Aetherized Warhorn Aetherized Greatsword.png Aetherized Greatsword Aetherized Hammer.png Aetherized Hammer
Aetherized Longbow.png Aetherized Longbow Aetherized Rifle.png Aetherized Rifle Aetherized Longbow.png Aetherized Short Bow Aetherized Staff.png Aetherized Staff
Aetherized Harpoon Gun.png Aetherized Harpoon Gun Aetherized Spear.png Aetherized Spear Aetherized Trident.png Aetherized Trident

Alchemist weapon skins[edit]

Alchemist Axe.png Alchemist Axe Alchemist Dagger.png Alchemist Dagger Alchemist Mace.png Alchemist Mace Alchemist Pistol.png Alchemist Pistol
Alchemist Scepter.png Alchemist Scepter Alchemist Sword.png Alchemist Sword Alchemist Focus.png Alchemist Focus Alchemist Shield.png Alchemist Shield
Alchemist Torch.png Alchemist Torch Alchemist Warhorn.png Alchemist Warhorn Alchemist Greatsword.png Alchemist Greatsword Alchemist Hammer.png Alchemist Hammer
Alchemist Longbow.png Alchemist Longbow Alchemist Rifle.png Alchemist Rifle Alchemist Short Bow.png Alchemist Short Bow Alchemist Staff.png Alchemist Staff

Balthazar's weapon skins[edit]

Balthazar's Axe.png Balthazar's Axe Balthazar's Dagger.png Balthazar's Dagger Balthazar's Mace.png Balthazar's Mace Balthazar's Pistol.png Balthazar's Pistol
Balthazar's Scepter.png Balthazar's Scepter Balthazar's Sword.png Balthazar's Sword Balthazar's Focus.png Balthazar's Focus Balthazar's Shield.png Balthazar's Shield
Balthazar's Torch.png Balthazar's Torch Balthazar's Warhorn.png Balthazar's Warhorn Balthazar's Greatsword.png Balthazar's Greatsword Balthazar's Hammer.png Balthazar's Hammer
Balthazar's Longbow.png Balthazar's Longbow Balthazar's Rifle.png Balthazar's Rifle Balthazar's Short Bow.png Balthazar's Short Bow Balthazar's Staff.png Balthazar's Staff

Beastslayer weapon skins[edit]

Beastslayer Axe.png Beastslayer Axe Beastslayer Dagger.png Beastslayer Dagger Beastslayer Mace.png Beastslayer Mace Beastslayer Pistol.png Beastslayer Pistol
Beastslayer Scepter.png Beastslayer Scepter Beastslayer Sword.png Beastslayer Sword Beastslayer Focus.png Beastslayer Focus Beastslayer Shield.png Beastslayer Shield
Beastslayer Torch.png Beastslayer Torch Beastslayer Warhorn.png Beastslayer Warhorn Beastslayer Greatsword.png Beastslayer Greatsword Beastslayer Hammer.png Beastslayer Hammer
Beastslayer Longbow.png Beastslayer Longbow Beastslayer Rifle.png Beastslayer Rifle Beastslayer Short Bow.png Beastslayer Short Bow Beastslayer Staff.png Beastslayer Staff

Bioluminescent weapon skins[edit]

Bioluminescent Axe.png Bioluminescent Axe Bioluminescent Dagger.png Bioluminescent Dagger Bioluminescent Mace.png Bioluminescent Mace Bioluminescent Pistol.png Bioluminescent Pistol
Bioluminescent Scepter.png Bioluminescent Scepter Bioluminescent Sword.png Bioluminescent Sword Bioluminescent Focus.png Bioluminescent Focus Bioluminescent Shield.png Bioluminescent Shield
Bioluminescent Torch.png Bioluminescent Torch Bioluminescent Warhorn.png Bioluminescent Warhorn Bioluminescent Greatsword.png Bioluminescent Greatsword Bioluminescent Hammer.png Bioluminescent Hammer
Bioluminescent Longbow.png Bioluminescent Longbow Bioluminescent Rifle.png Bioluminescent Rifle Bioluminescent Short Bow.png Bioluminescent Short Bow Bioluminescent Staff.png Bioluminescent Staff

Blood and Madness weapon skins[edit]

Silly Scimitar.png Silly Scimitar Dead Stop Shield.png Dead Stop Chiroptophobia.png Chiroptophobia Araneae.png Araneae Bloody Prince Staff.png Bloody Prince Staff

Bloodstone weapon skins[edit]

Bloodstone Axe.png Bloodstone Axe Bloodstone Dagger.png Bloodstone Dagger Bloodstone Mace.png Bloodstone Mace Bloodstone Pistol.png Bloodstone Pistol
Bloodstone Scepter.png Bloodstone Scepter Bloodstone Sword.png Bloodstone Sword Bloodstone Focus.png Bloodstone Focus Bloodstone Shield.png Bloodstone Shield
Bloodstone Torch.png Bloodstone Torch Bloodstone Warhorn.png Bloodstone Warhorn Bloodstone Greatsword.png Bloodstone Greatsword Bloodstone Hammer.png Bloodstone Hammer
Bloodstone Longbow.png Bloodstone Longbow Bloodstone Rifle.png Bloodstone Rifle Bloodstone Short Bow.png Bloodstone Short Bow Bloodstone Staff.png Bloodstone Staff

Branded weapon skins[edit]

Branded Axe.png Branded Axe Branded Dagger.png Branded Dagger Branded Mace.png Branded Mace Branded Pistol.png Branded Pistol
Branded Scepter.png Branded Scepter Branded Sword.png Branded Sword Branded Focus.png Branded Focus Branded Shield.png Branded Shield
Branded Torch.png Branded Torch Branded Warhorn.png Branded Warhorn Branded Greatsword.png Branded Greatsword Branded Hammer.png Branded Hammer
Branded Longbow.png Branded Longbow Branded Rifle.png Branded Rifle Branded Short Bow.png Branded Short Bow Branded Staff.png Branded Staff

Bright Inquisitor weapon skins[edit]

Bright Inquisitor Axe.png Bright Inquisitor Axe Bright Inquisitor Dagger.png Bright Inquisitor Dagger Bright Inquisitor Mace.png Bright Inquisitor Mace Bright Inquisitor Pistol.png Bright Inquisitor Pistol
Bright Inquisitor Scepter.png Bright Inquisitor Scepter Bright Inquisitor Sword.png Bright Inquisitor Sword Bright Inquisitor Focus.png Bright Inquisitor Focus Bright Inquisitor Shield.png Bright Inquisitor Shield
Bright Inquisitor Torch.png Bright Inquisitor Torch Bright Inquisitor Warhorn.png Bright Inquisitor Warhorn Bright Inquisitor Greatsword.png Bright Inquisitor Greatsword Bright Inquisitor Hammer.png Bright Inquisitor Hammer
Bright Inquisitor Longbow.png Bright Inquisitor Longbow Bright Inquisitor Rifle.png Bright Inquisitor Rifle Bright Inquisitor Short Bow.png Bright Inquisitor Short Bow Bright Inquisitor Staff.png Bright Inquisitor Staff

Cavalier weapon skins[edit]

Cavalier Axe.png Cavalier Axe Cavalier Dagger.png Cavalier Dagger Cavalier Mace.png Cavalier Mace Cavalier Pistol.png Cavalier Pistol
Cavalier Scepter.png Cavalier Scepter Cavalier Sword.png Cavalier Sword Cavalier Focus.png Cavalier Focus Cavalier Shield.png Cavalier Shield
Cavalier Torch.png Cavalier Torch Cavalier Warhorn.png Cavalier Warhorn Cavalier Greatsword.png Cavalier Greatsword Cavalier Hammer.png Cavalier Hammer
Cavalier Longbow.png Cavalier Longbow Cavalier Rifle.png Cavalier Rifle Cavalier Short Bow.png Cavalier Short Bow Cavalier Staff.png Cavalier Staff
(Includes guild variants per unlock)

Chaos weapon skins[edit]

Chaos Axe.png Chaos Axe Chaos Dagger.png Chaos Dagger Chaos Mace.png Chaos Mace Chaos Pistol.png Chaos Pistol
Chaos Scepter.png Chaos Scepter Chaos Sword.png Chaos Sword Chaos Focus.png Chaos Focus Chaos Shield.png Chaos Shield
Chaos Torch.png Chaos Torch Chaos Warhorn.png Chaos Warhorn Chaos Greatsword.png Chaos Greatsword Chaos Hammer.png Chaos Hammer
Chaos Longbow.png Chaos Longbow Chaos Rifle.png Chaos Rifle Chaos Short Bow.png Chaos Short Bow Chaos Staff.png Chaos Staff
Chaos Harpoon Gun.png Chaos Harpoon Gun Chaos Spear.png Chaos Spear Chaos Trident.png Chaos Trident

Collapsing Star weapon skins[edit]

Collapsing Star Axe.png Collapsing Star Axe Collapsing Star Dagger.png Collapsing Star Dagger Collapsing Star Mace.png Collapsing Star Mace Collapsing Star Pistol.png Collapsing Star Pistol
Collapsing Star Scepter.png Collapsing Star Scepter Collapsing Star Sword.png Collapsing Star Sword Collapsing Star Focus.png Collapsing Star Focus Collapsing Star Shield.png Collapsing Star Shield
Collapsing Star Torch.png Collapsing Star Torch Collapsing Star Warhorn.png Collapsing Star Warhorn Collapsing Star Greatsword.png Collapsing Star Greatsword Collapsing Star Hammer.png Collapsing Star Hammer
Collapsing Star Longbow.png Collapsing Star Longbow Collapsing Star Rifle.png Collapsing Star Rifle Collapsing Star Short Bow.png Collapsing Star Short Bow Collapsing Star Staff.png Collapsing Star Staff

Crimson Lion weapon skins[edit]

Crimson Lion Axe.png Crimson Lion Axe Crimson Lion Dagger.png Crimson Lion Dagger Crimson Lion Mace.png Crimson Lion Mace Crimson Lion Pistol.png Crimson Lion Pistol
Crimson Lion Scepter.png Crimson Lion Scepter Crimson Lion Sword.png Crimson Lion Sword Crimson Lion Focus.png Crimson Lion Focus Crimson Lion Shield.png Crimson Lion Shield
Crimson Lion Torch.png Crimson Lion Torch Crimson Lion Warhorn.png Crimson Lion Warhorn Crimson Lion Greatsword.png Crimson Lion Greatsword Crimson Lion Hammer.png Crimson Lion Hammer
Crimson Lion Longbow.png Crimson Lion Longbow Crimson Lion Rifle.png Crimson Lion Rifle Crimson Lion Short Bow.png Crimson Lion Short Bow Crimson Lion Staff.png Crimson Lion Staff

Dark Matter weapon skins[edit]

Dark Matter Axe.png Dark Matter Axe Dark Matter Dagger.png Dark Matter Dagger Dark Matter Mace.png Dark Matter Mace Dark Matter Pistol.png Dark Matter Pistol
Dark Matter Scepter.png Dark Matter Scepter Dark Matter Sword.png Dark Matter Sword Dark Matter Focus.png Dark Matter Focus Dark Matter Shield.png Dark Matter Shield
Dark Matter Torch.png Dark Matter Torch Dark Matter Warhorn.png Dark Matter Warhorn Dark Matter Greatsword.png Dark Matter Greatsword Dark Matter Hammer.png Dark Matter Hammer
Dark Matter Longbow.png Dark Matter Longbow Dark Matter Rifle.png Dark Matter Rifle Dark Matter Short Bow.png Dark Matter Short Bow Dark Matter Staff.png Dark Matter Staff

Dark Wing weapon skins[edit]

Dark Wing Axe.png Dark Wing Axe Dark Wing Dagger.png Dark Wing Dagger Dark Wing Mace.png Dark Wing Mace Dark Wing Pistol.png Dark Wing Pistol
Dark Wing Scepter.png Dark Wing Scepter Dark Wing Sword.png Dark Wing Sword Dark Wing Focus.png Dark Wing Focus Dark Wing Shield.png Dark Wing Shield
Dark Wing Torch.png Dark Wing Torch Dark Wing Warhorn.png Dark Wing Warhorn Dark Wing Greatsword.png Dark Wing Greatsword Dark Wing Hammer.png Dark Wing Hammer
Dark Wing Longbow.png Dark Wing Longbow Dark Wing Rifle.png Dark Wing Rifle Dark Wing Short Bow.png Dark Wing Short Bow Dark Wing Staff.png Dark Wing Staff

Daydreamer's weapon skins[edit]

Daydreamer's Axe.png Daydreamer's Axe Daydreamer's Dagger.png Daydreamer's Dagger Daydreamer's Mace.png Daydreamer's Mace Daydreamer's Pistol.png Daydreamer's Pistol
Daydreamer's Scepter.png Daydreamer's Scepter Daydreamer's Sword.png Daydreamer's Sword Daydreamer's Focus.png Daydreamer's Focus Daydreamer's Shield.png Daydreamer's Shield
Daydreamer's Torch.png Daydreamer's Torch Daydreamer's Warhorn.png Daydreamer's Warhorn Daydreamer's Greatsword.png Daydreamer's Greatsword Daydreamer's Hammer.png Daydreamer's Hammer
Daydreamer's Longbow.png Daydreamer's Longbow Daydreamer's Rifle.png Daydreamer's Rifle Daydreamer's Short Bow.png Daydreamer's Short Bow Daydreamer's Staff.png Daydreamer's Staff

Defiant Glass weapon skins[edit]

Defiant Glass Axe.png Defiant Glass Axe Defiant Glass Dagger.png Defiant Glass Dagger Defiant Glass Mace.png Defiant Glass Mace Defiant Glass Pistol.png Defiant Glass Pistol
Defiant Glass Scepter.png Defiant Glass Scepter Defiant Glass Sword.png Defiant Glass Sword Defiant Glass Focus.png Defiant Glass Focus Defiant Glass Shield.png Defiant Glass Shield
Defiant Glass Torch.png Defiant Glass Torch Defiant Glass Warhorn.png Defiant Glass Warhorn Defiant Glass Greatsword.png Defiant Glass Greatsword Defiant Glass Hammer.png Defiant Glass Hammer
Defiant Glass Longbow.png Defiant Glass Longbow Defiant Glass Rifle.png Defiant Glass Rifle Defiant Glass Short Bow.png Defiant Glass Short Bow Defiant Glass Staff.png Defiant Glass Staff

Desert King weapon skins[edit]

Desert King Axe.png Desert King Axe Desert King Dagger.png Desert King Dagger Desert King Mace.png Desert King Mace Desert King Pistol.png Desert King Pistol
Desert King Scepter.png Desert King Scepter Desert King Sword.png Desert King Sword Desert King Focus.png Desert King Focus Desert King Shield.png Desert King Shield
Desert King Torch.png Desert King Torch Desert King Warhorn.png Desert King Warhorn Desert King Greatsword.png Desert King Greatsword Desert King Hammer.png Desert King Hammer
Desert King Longbow.png Desert King Longbow Desert King Rifle.png Desert King Rifle Desert King Short Bow.png Desert King Short Bow Desert King Staff.png Desert King Staff

Devoted weapon skins[edit]

Devoted Axe.png Devoted Axe Devoted Dagger.png Devoted Dagger Devoted Mace.png Devoted Mace Devoted Pistol.png Devoted Pistol
Devoted Scepter.png Devoted Scepter Devoted Sword.png Devoted Sword Devoted Focus.png Devoted Focus Devoted Shield.png Devoted Shield
Devoted Torch.png Devoted Torch Devoted Warhorn.png Devoted Warhorn Devoted Greatsword.png Devoted Greatsword Devoted Hammer.png Devoted Hammer
Devoted Longbow.png Devoted Longbow Devoted Rifle.png Devoted Rifle Devoted Short Bow.png Devoted Short Bow Devoted Staff.png Devoted Staff

Dokkaebi weapon skins[edit]

Dokkaebi Axe.png Dokkaebi Axe Dokkaebi Dagger.png Dokkaebi Dagger Dokkaebi Mace.png Dokkaebi Mace Dokkaebi Pistol.png Dokkaebi Pistol
Dokkaebi Scepter.png Dokkaebi Scepter Dokkaebi Sword.png Dokkaebi Sword Dokkaebi Focus.png Dokkaebi Focus Dokkaebi Shield.png Dokkaebi Shield
Dokkaebi Torch.png Dokkaebi Torch Dokkaebi Warhorn.png Dokkaebi Warhorn Dokkaebi Greatsword.png Dokkaebi Greatsword Dokkaebi Hammer.png Dokkaebi Hammer
Dokkaebi Longbow.png Dokkaebi Longbow Dokkaebi Rifle.png Dokkaebi Rifle Dokkaebi Short Bow.png Dokkaebi Short Bow Dokkaebi Staff.png Dokkaebi Staff

Dominator weapon skins[edit]

Dominator Axe.png Dominator Axe Dominator Dagger.png Dominator Dagger Dominator Mace.png Dominator Mace Dominator Pistol.png Dominator Pistol
Dominator Scepter.png Dominator Scepter Dominator Sword.png Dominator Sword Dominator Focus.png Dominator Focus Dominator Shield.png Dominator Shield
Dominator Torch.png Dominator Torch Dominator Warhorn.png Dominator Warhorn Dominator Greatsword.png Dominator Greatsword Dominator Hammer.png Dominator Hammer
Dominator Longbow.png Dominator Longbow Dominator Rifle.png Dominator Rifle Dominator Short Bow.png Dominator Short Bow Dominator Staff.png Dominator Staff

Draconic weapon skins[edit]

Draconic Axe.png Draconic Axe Draconic Dagger.png Draconic Dagger Draconic Mace.png Draconic Mace Draconic Pistol.png Draconic Pistol
Draconic Scepter.png Draconic Scepter Draconic Sword.png Draconic Sword Draconic Focus.png Draconic Focus Draconic Shield.png Draconic Shield
Draconic Torch.png Draconic Torch Draconic Warhorn.png Draconic Warhorn Draconic Greatsword.png Draconic Greatsword Draconic Hammer.png Draconic Hammer
Draconic Longbow.png Draconic Longbow Draconic Rifle.png Draconic Rifle Draconic Short Bow.png Draconic Short Bow Draconic Staff.png Draconic Staff

Dragon's Jade weapon skins[edit]

Dragon's Jade Reaver.png Dragon's Jade Reaver Dragon's Jade Kris.png Dragon's Jade Kris Dragon's Jade Cudgel.png Dragon's Jade Cudgel Dragon's Jade Flintlock.png Dragon's Jade Flintlock
Dragon's Jade Truncheon.png Dragon's Jade Truncheon Dragon's Jade Lacerator.png Dragon's Jade Lacerator Dragon's Jade Aspect.png Dragon's Jade Aspect Dragon's Jade Wall.png Dragon's Jade Wall
Dragon's Jade Flame.png Dragon's Jade Flame Dragon's Jade Harbinger.png Dragon's Jade Harbinger Dragon's Jade Avenger.png Dragon's Jade Avenger Dragon's Jade Warhammer.png Dragon's Jade Warhammer
Dragon's Jade Hornbow.png Dragon's Jade Hornbow Dragon's Jade Blunderbuss.png Dragon's Jade Blunderbuss Dragon's Jade Needler.png Dragon's Jade Needler Dragon's Jade Quarterstaff.png Dragon's Jade Quarterstaff

Dreamthistle weapon skins[edit]

Dreamthistle Axe.png Dreamthistle Axe Dreamthistle Dagger.png Dreamthistle Dagger Dreamthistle Mace.png Dreamthistle Mace Dreamthistle Pistol.png Dreamthistle Pistol
Dreamthistle Scepter.png Dreamthistle Scepter Dreamthistle Sword.png Dreamthistle Sword Dreamthistle Focus.png Dreamthistle Focus Dreamthistle Shield.png Dreamthistle Shield
Dreamthistle Torch.png Dreamthistle Torch Dreamthistle Warhorn.png Dreamthistle Warhorn Dreamthistle Greatsword.png Dreamthistle Greatsword Dreamthistle Hammer.png Dreamthistle Hammer
Dreamthistle Longbow.png Dreamthistle Longbow Dreamthistle Rifle.png Dreamthistle Rifle Dreamthistle Short Bow.png Dreamthistle Short Bow Dreamthistle Staff.png Dreamthistle Staff
Dreamthistle Harpoon Gun.png Dreamthistle Harpoon Gun Dreamthistle Spear.png Dreamthistle Spear Dreamthistle Trident.png Dreamthistle Trident

Dwayna's weapon skins[edit]

Dwayna's Axe.png Dwayna's Axe Dwayna's Dagger.png Dwayna's Dagger Dwayna's Mace.png Dwayna's Mace Dwayna's Pistol.png Dwayna's Pistol
Dwayna's Scepter.png Dwayna's Scepter Dwayna's Sword.png Dwayna's Sword Dwayna's Focus.png Dwayna's Focus Dwayna's Shield.png Dwayna's Shield
Dwayna's Torch.png Dwayna's Torch Dwayna's Warhorn.png Dwayna's Warhorn Dwayna's Greatsword.png Dwayna's Greatsword Dwayna's Hammer.png Dwayna's Hammer
Dwayna's Longbow.png Dwayna's Longbow Dwayna's Rifle.png Dwayna's Rifle Dwayna's Short Bow.png Dwayna's Short Bow Dwayna's Staff.png Dwayna's Staff

Embellished weapon skins[edit]

Embellished Axe.png Embellished Axe Embellished Dagger.png Embellished Dagger Embellished Mace.png Embellished Mace Embellished Pistol.png Embellished Pistol
Embellished Scepter.png Embellished Scepter Embellished Sword.png Embellished Sword Embellished Focus.png Embellished Focus Embellished Shield.png Embellished Shield
Embellished Torch.png Embellished Torch Embellished Warhorn.png Embellished Warhorn Embellished Greatsword.png Embellished Greatsword Embellished Hammer.png Embellished Hammer
Embellished Longbow.png Embellished Longbow Embellished Rifle.png Embellished Rifle Embellished Short Bow.png Embellished Short Bow Embellished Staff.png Embellished Staff

Endless Ocean weapon skins[edit]

Endless Ocean Axe.png Endless Ocean Axe Endless Ocean Dagger.png Endless Ocean Dagger Endless Ocean Mace.png Endless Ocean Mace Endless Ocean Pistol.png Endless Ocean Pistol
Endless Ocean Scepter.png Endless Ocean Scepter Endless Ocean Sword.png Endless Ocean Sword Endless Ocean Focus.png Endless Ocean Focus Endless Ocean Shield.png Endless Ocean Shield
Endless Ocean Torch.png Endless Ocean Torch Endless Ocean Warhorn.png Endless Ocean Warhorn Endless Ocean Greatsword.png Endless Ocean Greatsword Endless Ocean Hammer.png Endless Ocean Hammer
Endless Ocean Longbow.png Endless Ocean Longbow Endless Ocean Rifle.png Endless Ocean Rifle Endless Ocean Short Bow.png Endless Ocean Short Bow Endless Ocean Staff.png Endless Ocean Staff

Equinox weapon skins[edit]

Equinox Axe.png Equinox Axe Equinox Dagger.png Equinox Dagger Equinox Mace.png Equinox Mace Equinox Pistol.png Equinox Pistol
Equinox Scepter.png Equinox Scepter Equinox Sword.png Equinox Sword Equinox Focus.png Equinox Focus Equinox Shield.png Equinox Shield
Equinox Torch.png Equinox Torch Equinox Warhorn.png Equinox Warhorn Equinox Greatsword.png Equinox Greatsword Equinox Hammer.png Equinox Hammer
Equinox Longbow.png Equinox Longbow Equinox Rifle.png Equinox Rifle Equinox Short Bow.png Equinox Short Bow Equinox Staff.png Equinox Staff

Eternal Forged weapon skins[edit]

Eternal Forged Axe.png Eternal Forged Axe Eternal Forged Dagger.png Eternal Forged Dagger Eternal Forged Mace.png Eternal Forged Mace Eternal Forged Pistol.png Eternal Forged Pistol
Eternal Forged Scepter.png Eternal Forged Scepter Eternal Forged Sword.png Eternal Forged Sword Eternal Forged Focus.png Eternal Forged Focus Eternal Forged Shield.png Eternal Forged Shield
Eternal Forged Torch.png Eternal Forged Torch Eternal Forged Warhorn.png Eternal Forged Warhorn Eternal Forged Greatsword.png Eternal Forged Greatsword Eternal Forged Hammer.png Eternal Forged Hammer
Eternal Forged Longbow.png Eternal Forged Longbow Eternal Forged Rifle.png Eternal Forged Rifle Eternal Forged Short Bow.png Eternal Forged Short Bow Eternal Forged Staff.png Eternal Forged Staff

Etherbound weapon skins[edit]

Etherbound Axe.png Etherbound Axe Etherbound Dagger.png Etherbound Dagger Etherbound Mace.png Etherbound Mace Etherbound Pistol.png Etherbound Pistol
Etherbound Scepter.png Etherbound Scepter Etherbound Sword.png Etherbound Sword Etherbound Focus.png Etherbound Focus Etherbound Shield.png Etherbound Shield
Etherbound Torch.png Etherbound Torch Etherbound Warhorn.png Etherbound Warhorn Etherbound Greatsword.png Etherbound Greatsword Etherbound Hammer.png Etherbound Hammer
Etherbound Longbow.png Etherbound Longbow Etherbound Rifle.png Etherbound Rifle Etherbound Short Bow.png Etherbound Short Bow Etherbound Staff.png Etherbound Staff

Fox Fire weapon skins[edit]

Fox Fire Axe.png Fox Fire Axe Fox Fire Dagger.png Fox Fire Dagger Fox Fire Mace.png Fox Fire Mace Fox Fire Pistol.png Fox Fire Pistol
Fox Fire Scepter.png Fox Fire Scepter Fox Fire Sword.png Fox Fire Sword Fox Fire Focus.png Fox Fire Focus Fox Fire Shield.png Fox Fire Shield
Fox Fire Torch.png Fox Fire Torch Fox Fire Warhorn.png Fox Fire Warhorn Fox Fire Greatsword.png Fox Fire Greatsword Fox Fire Hammer.png Fox Fire Hammer
Fox Fire Longbow.png Fox Fire Longbow Fox Fire Rifle.png Fox Fire Rifle Fox Fire Short Bow.png Fox Fire Short Bow Fox Fire Staff.png Fox Fire Staff

Frostforged weapon skins[edit]

Frostforged Axe.png Frostforged Axe Frostforged Dagger.png Frostforged Dagger Frostforged Mace.png Frostforged Mace Frostforged Pistol.png Frostforged Pistol
Frostforged Scepter.png Frostforged Scepter Frostforged Sword.png Frostforged Sword Frostforged Focus.png Frostforged Focus Frostforged Shield.png Frostforged Shield
Frostforged Torch.png Frostforged Torch Frostforged Warhorn.png Frostforged Warhorn Frostforged Greatsword.png Frostforged Greatsword Frostforged Hammer.png Frostforged Hammer
Frostforged Longbow.png Frostforged Longbow Frostforged Rifle.png Frostforged Rifle Frostforged Short Bow.png Frostforged Short Bow Frostforged Staff.png Frostforged Staff

Fused weapon skins[edit]

Fused Axe.png Fused Axe Fused Dagger.png Fused Dagger Fused Mace.png Fused Mace Fused Pistol.png Fused Pistol
Fused Scepter.png Fused Scepter Fused Sword.png Fused Sword Fused Focus.png Fused Focus Fused Shield.png Fused Shield
Fused Torch.png Fused Torch Fused Warhorn.png Fused Warhorn Fused Greatsword.png Fused Greatsword Fused Hammer.png Fused Hammer
Fused Longbow.png Fused Longbow Fused Rifle.png Fused Rifle Fused Short Bow.png Fused Short Bow Fused Staff.png Fused Staff

Gallant weapon skins[edit]

Gallant Axe.png Gallant Axe Gallant Dagger.png Gallant Dagger Gallant Mace.png Gallant Mace Gallant Pistol.png Gallant Pistol
Gallant Scepter.png Gallant Scepter Gallant Sword.png Gallant Sword Gallant Focus.png Gallant Focus Gallant Shield.png Gallant Shield
Gallant Torch.png Gallant Torch Gallant Warhorn.png Gallant Warhorn Gallant Greatsword.png Gallant Greatsword Gallant Hammer.png Gallant Hammer
Gallant Longbow.png Gallant Longbow Gallant Rifle.png Gallant Rifle Gallant Short Bow.png Gallant Short Bow Gallant Staff.png Gallant Staff

Gargoyle weapon skins[edit]

Gargoyle Axe.png Gargoyle Axe Gargoyle Dagger.png Gargoyle Dagger Gargoyle Mace.png Gargoyle Mace Gargoyle Pistol.png Gargoyle Pistol
Gargoyle Scepter.png Gargoyle Scepter Gargoyle Sword.png Gargoyle Sword Gargoyle Focus.png Gargoyle Focus Gargoyle Shield.png Gargoyle Shield
Gargoyle Torch.png Gargoyle Torch Gargoyle Warhorn.png Gargoyle Warhorn Gargoyle Greatsword.png Gargoyle Greatsword Gargoyle Hammer.png Gargoyle Hammer
Gargoyle Longbow.png Gargoyle Longbow Gargoyle Rifle.png Gargoyle Rifle Gargoyle Short Bow.png Gargoyle Short Bow Gargoyle Staff.png Gargoyle Staff

Glacial weapon skins[edit]

Glacial Axe.png Glacial Axe Glacial Dagger.png Glacial Dagger Glacial Mace.png Glacial Mace Glacial Pistol.png Glacial Pistol
Glacial Scepter.png Glacial Scepter Glacial Sword.png Glacial Sword Glacial Focus.png Glacial Focus Glacial Shield.png Glacial Shield
Glacial Torch.png Glacial Torch Glacial Warhorn.png Glacial Warhorn Glacial Greatsword.png Glacial Greatsword Glacial Hammer.png Glacial Hammer
Glacial Longbow.png Glacial Longbow Glacial Rifle.png Glacial Rifle Glacial Short Bow.png Glacial Short Bow Glacial Staff.png Glacial Staff

Glittering weapon skins[edit]

Glittering Axe.png Glittering Axe Glittering Dagger.png Glittering Dagger Glittering Mace.png Glittering Mace Glittering Pistol.png Glittering Pistol
Glittering Scepter.png Glittering Scepter Glittering Sword.png Glittering Sword Glittering Focus.png Glittering Focus Glittering Shield.png Glittering Shield
Glittering Torch.png Glittering Torch Glittering Warhorn.png Glittering Warhorn Glittering Greatsword.png Glittering Greatsword Glittering Hammer.png Glittering Hammer
Glittering Longbow.png Glittering Longbow Glittering Rifle.png Glittering Rifle Glittering Short Bow.png Glittering Short Bow Glittering Staff.png Glittering Staff

Ice Reaver weapon skins[edit]

Ice Reaver Axe.png Ice Reaver Axe Ice Reaver Dagger.png Ice Reaver Dagger Ice Reaver Mace.png Ice Reaver Mace Ice Reaver Pistol.png Ice Reaver Pistol
Ice Reaver Scepter.png Ice Reaver Scepter Ice Reaver Sword.png Ice Reaver Sword Ice Reaver Focus.png Ice Reaver Focus Ice Reaver Shield.png Ice Reaver Shield
Ice Reaver Torch.png Ice Reaver Torch Ice Reaver Warhorn.png Ice Reaver Warhorn Ice Reaver Greatsword.png Ice Reaver Greatsword Ice Reaver Hammer.png Ice Reaver Hammer
Ice Reaver Longbow.png Ice Reaver Longbow Ice Reaver Rifle.png Ice Reaver Rifle Ice Reaver Short Bow.png Ice Reaver Short Bow Ice Reaver Staff.png Ice Reaver Staff

Immortal weapon skins[edit]

Immortal Axe.png Immortal Axe Immortal Dagger.png Immortal Dagger Immortal Mace.png Immortal Mace Immortal Pistol.png Immortal Pistol
Immortal Scepter.png Immortal Scepter Immortal Sword.png Immortal Sword Immortal Focus.png Immortal Focus Immortal Shield.png Immortal Shield
Immortal Torch.png Immortal Torch Immortal Warhorn.png Immortal Warhorn Immortal Greatsword.png Immortal Greatsword Immortal Hammer.png Immortal Hammer
Immortal Longbow.png Immortal Longbow Immortal Rifle.png Immortal Rifle Immortal Short Bow.png Immortal Short Bow Immortal Staff.png Immortal Staff

Improvised weapon skins[edit]

Improvised Axe.png Improvised Axe Improvised Dagger.png Improvised Dagger Improvised Mace.png Improvised Mace Improvised Pistol.png Improvised Pistol
Improvised Scepter.png Improvised Scepter Improvised Sword.png Improvised Sword Improvised Focus.png Improvised Focus Improvised Shield.png Improvised Shield
Improvised Torch.png Improvised Torch Improvised Warhorn.png Improvised Warhorn Improvised Greatsword.png Improvised Greatsword Improvised Hammer.png Improvised Hammer
Improvised Longbow.png Improvised Longbow Improvised Rifle.png Improvised Rifle Improvised Short Bow.png Improvised Short Bow Improvised Staff.png Improvised Staff

Inquest Mark II weapon skins[edit]

Inquest Mark II Axe.png Inquest Mark II Axe Inquest Mark II Dagger.png Inquest Mark II Dagger Inquest Mark II Mace.png Inquest Mark II Mace Inquest Mark II Pistol.png Inquest Mark II Pistol
Inquest Mark II Scepter.png Inquest Mark II Scepter Inquest Mark II Sword.png Inquest Mark II Sword Inquest Mark II Focus.png Inquest Mark II Focus Inquest Mark II Shield.png Inquest Mark II Shield
Inquest Mark II Torch.png Inquest Mark II Torch Inquest Mark II Warhorn.png Inquest Mark II Warhorn Inquest Mark II Greatsword.png Inquest Mark II Greatsword Inquest Mark II Hammer.png Inquest Mark II Hammer
Inquest Mark II Longbow.png Inquest Mark II Longbow Inquest Mark II Rifle.png Inquest Mark II Rifle Inquest Mark II Short Bow.png Inquest Mark II Short Bow Inquest Mark II Staff.png Inquest Mark II Staff

Keepsake weapon skins[edit]

Keepsake Axe.png Keepsake Axe Keepsake Dagger.png Keepsake Dagger Keepsake Mace.png Keepsake Mace Keepsake Pistol.png Keepsake Pistol
Keepsake Scepter.png Keepsake Scepter Keepsake Sword.png Keepsake Sword Keepsake Focus.png Keepsake Focus Keepsake Shield.png Keepsake Shield
Keepsake Torch.png Keepsake Torch Keepsake Warhorn.png Keepsake Warhorn Keepsake Greatsword.png Keepsake Greatsword Keepsake Hammer.png Keepsake Hammer
Keepsake Longbow.png Keepsake Longbow Keepsake Rifle.png Keepsake Rifle Keepsake Short Bow.png Keepsake Short Bow Keepsake Staff.png Keepsake Staff

Ley Line weapon skins[edit]

Ley Line Axe.png Ley Line Axe Ley Line Dagger.png Ley Line Dagger Ley Line Mace.png Ley Line Mace Ley Line Pistol.png Ley Line Pistol
Ley Line Scepter.png Ley Line Scepter Ley Line Sword.png Ley Line Sword Ley Line Focus.png Ley Line Focus Ley Line Shield.png Ley Line Shield
Ley Line Torch.png Ley Line Torch Ley Line Warhorn.png Ley Line Warhorn Ley Line Greatsword.png Ley Line Greatsword Ley Line Hammer.png Ley Line Hammer
Ley Line Longbow.png Ley Line Longbow Ley Line Rifle.png Ley Line Rifle Ley Line Short Bow.png Ley Line Short Bow Ley Line Staff.png Ley Line Staff

Lorekeeper weapon skins[edit]

Lorekeeper Axe.png Lorekeeper Axe Lorekeeper Dagger.png Lorekeeper Dagger Lorekeeper Mace.png Lorekeeper Mace Lorekeeper Pistol.png Lorekeeper Pistol
Lorekeeper Scepter.png Lorekeeper Scepter Lorekeeper Sword.png Lorekeeper Sword Lorekeeper Focus.png Lorekeeper Focus Lorekeeper Shield.png Lorekeeper Shield
Lorekeeper Torch.png Lorekeeper Torch Lorekeeper Warhorn.png Lorekeeper Warhorn Lorekeeper Greatsword.png Lorekeeper Greatsword Lorekeeper Hammer.png Lorekeeper Hammer
Lorekeeper Longbow.png Lorekeeper Longbow Lorekeeper Rifle.png Lorekeeper Rifle Lorekeeper Short Bow.png Lorekeeper Short Bow Lorekeeper Staff.png Lorekeeper Staff

Lovestruck weapon skins[edit]

Lovestruck Axe.png Lovestruck Axe Lovestruck Anlace.png Lovestruck Anlace Lovestruck Mace.png Lovestruck Mace Lovestruck Pistol.png Lovestruck Pistol
Lovestruck Scepter.png Lovestruck Scepter Lovestruck Sword.png Lovestruck Sword Lovestruck Focus.png Lovestruck Focus Lovestruck Protector.png Lovestruck Protector
Lovestruck Flame.png Lovestruck Flame Lovestruck Call.png Lovestruck Call Lovestruck Greatsword.png Lovestruck Greatsword Lovestruck Hammer.png Lovestruck Hammer
Lovestruck Longbow.png Lovestruck Longbow Lovestruck Rifle.png Lovestruck Rifle Lovestruck Short Bow.png Lovestruck Short Bow Lovestruck Staff.png Lovestruck Staff

Mad Realm weapon skins[edit]

Mad Realm Axe.png Mad Realm Axe Mad Realm Dagger.png Mad Realm Dagger Mad Realm Mace.png Mad Realm Mace Mad Realm Pistol.png Mad Realm Pistol
Mad Realm Scepter.png Mad Realm Scepter Mad Realm Sword.png Mad Realm Sword Mad Realm Focus.png Mad Realm Focus Mad Realm Shield.png Mad Realm Shield
Mad Realm Torch.png Mad Realm Torch Mad Realm Warhorn.png Mad Realm Warhorn Mad Realm Greatsword.png Mad Realm Greatsword Mad Realm Hammer.png Mad Realm Hammer
Mad Realm Longbow.png Mad Realm Longbow Mad Realm Rifle.png Mad Realm Rifle Mad Realm Short Bow.png Mad Realm Short Bow Mad Realm Staff.png Mad Realm Staff

Magical weapon skins[edit]

Magical Axe.png Magical Axe Magical Dagger.png Magical Dagger Magical Mace.png Magical Mace Magical Pistol.png Magical Pistol
Magical Scepter.png Magical Scepter Magical Sword.png Magical Sword Magical Focus.png Magical Focus Magical Shield.png Magical Shield
Magical Torch.png Magical Torch Magical Warhorn.png Magical Warhorn Magical Greatsword.png Magical Greatsword Magical Hammer.png Magical Hammer
Magical Longbow.png Magical Longbow Magical Rifle.png Magical Rifle Magical Short Bow.png Magical Short Bow Magical Staff.png Magical Staff

Maguuma weapon skins[edit]

Maguuma Axe.png Maguuma Axe Maguuma Dagger.png Maguuma Dagger Maguuma Mace.png Maguuma Mace Maguuma Pistol.png Maguuma Pistol
Maguuma Scepter.png Maguuma Scepter Maguuma Sword.png Maguuma Sword Maguuma Focus.png Maguuma Focus Maguuma Shield.png Maguuma Shield
Maguuma Torch.png Maguuma Torch Maguuma Warhorn.png Maguuma Warhorn Maguuma Greatsword.png Maguuma Greatsword Maguuma Hammer.png Maguuma Hammer
Maguuma Longbow.png Maguuma Longbow Maguuma Rifle.png Maguuma Rifle Maguuma Short Bow.png Maguuma Short Bow Maguuma Staff.png Maguuma Staff

Merciless weapon skins[edit]

Merciless Axe.png Merciless Axe Merciless Dagger.png Merciless Dagger Merciless Mace.png Merciless Mace Merciless Pistol.png Merciless Pistol
Merciless Scepter.png Merciless Scepter Merciless Sword.png Merciless Sword Merciless Focus.png Merciless Focus Merciless Shield.png Merciless Shield
Merciless Torch.png Merciless Torch Merciless Warhorn.png Merciless Warhorn Merciless Greatsword.png Merciless Greatsword Merciless Hammer (skin).png Merciless Hammer
Merciless Longbow.png Merciless Longbow Merciless Rifle.png Merciless Rifle Merciless Short Bow.png Merciless Short Bow Merciless Staff.png Merciless Staff

Mordrem weapon skins[edit]

Mordrem Axe.png Mordrem Axe Mordrem Dagger.png Mordrem Dagger Mordrem Mace.png Mordrem Mace Mordrem Pistol.png Mordrem Pistol
Mordrem Scepter.png Mordrem Scepter Mordrem Sword.png Mordrem Sword Mordrem Focus.png Mordrem Focus Mordrem Shield.png Mordrem Shield
Mordrem Torch.png Mordrem Torch Mordrem Warhorn.png Mordrem Warhorn Mordrem Greatsword.png Mordrem Greatsword Mordrem Hammer.png Mordrem Hammer
Mordrem Longbow.png Mordrem Longbow Mordrem Rifle.png Mordrem Rifle Mordrem Short Bow.png Mordrem Short Bow Mordrem Staff.png Mordrem Staff

New Kaineng weapon skins[edit]

New Kaineng Axe.png New Kaineng Axe New Kaineng Dagger.png New Kaineng Dagger New Kaineng Mace.png New Kaineng Mace New Kaineng Pistol.png New Kaineng Pistol
New Kaineng Scepter.png New Kaineng Scepter New Kaineng Sword.png New Kaineng Sword New Kaineng Focus.png New Kaineng Focus New Kaineng Shield.png New Kaineng Shield
New Kaineng Torch.png New Kaineng Torch New Kaineng Warhorn.png New Kaineng Warhorn New Kaineng Greatsword.png New Kaineng Greatsword New Kaineng Hammer.png New Kaineng Hammer
New Kaineng Longbow.png New Kaineng Longbow New Kaineng Rifle.png New Kaineng Rifle New Kaineng Short Bow.png New Kaineng Short Bow New Kaineng Staff.png New Kaineng Staff

Orchestral weapon skins[edit]

Orchestral Axe.png Orchestral Axe Orchestral Dagger.png Orchestral Dagger Orchestral Mace.png Orchestral Mace Orchestral Pistol.png Orchestral Pistol
Orchestral Scepter.png Orchestral Scepter Orchestral Sword.png Orchestral Sword Orchestral Focus.png Orchestral Focus Orchestral Shield.png Orchestral Shield
Orchestral Torch.png Orchestral Torch Orchestral Warhorn.png Orchestral Warhorn Orchestral Greatsword.png Orchestral Greatsword Orchestral Hammer.png Orchestral Hammer
Orchestral Longbow.png Orchestral Longbow Orchestral Rifle.png Orchestral Rifle Orchestral Short Bow.png Orchestral Short Bow Orchestral Staff.png Orchestral Staff

Pact Fleet weapon skins[edit]

Pact Fleet Axe.png Pact Fleet Axe Pact Fleet Dagger.png Pact Fleet Dagger Pact Fleet Mace.png Pact Fleet Mace Pact Fleet Pistol.png Pact Fleet Pistol
Pact Fleet Scepter.png Pact Fleet Scepter Pact Fleet Sword.png Pact Fleet Sword Pact Fleet Focus.png Pact Fleet Focus Pact Fleet Shield.png Pact Fleet Shield
Pact Fleet Torch.png Pact Fleet Torch Pact Fleet Warhorn.png Pact Fleet Warhorn Pact Fleet Greatsword.png Pact Fleet Greatsword Pact Fleet Hammer.png Pact Fleet Hammer
Pact Fleet Longbow.png Pact Fleet Longbow Pact Fleet Rifle.png Pact Fleet Rifle Pact Fleet Short Bow.png Pact Fleet Short Bow Pact Fleet Staff.png Pact Fleet Staff

Paladin's Decree weapon skins[edit]

Paladin's Decree Axe.png Paladin's Decree Axe Paladin's Decree Dagger.png Paladin's Decree Dagger Paladin's Decree Mace.png Paladin's Decree Mace Paladin's Decree Pistol.png Paladin's Decree Pistol
Paladin's Decree Scepter.png Paladin's Decree Scepter Paladin's Decree Sword.png Paladin's Decree Sword Paladin's Decree Focus.png Paladin's Decree Focus Paladin's Decree Shield.png Paladin's Decree Shield
Paladin's Decree Torch.png Paladin's Decree Torch Paladin's Decree Warhorn.png Paladin's Decree Warhorn Paladin's Decree Greatsword.png Paladin's Decree Greatsword Paladin's Decree Hammer.png Paladin's Decree Hammer
Paladin's Decree Longbow.png Paladin's Decree Longbow Paladin's Decree Rifle.png Paladin's Decree Rifle Paladin's Decree Short Bow.png Paladin's Decree Short Bow Paladin's Decree Staff.png Paladin's Decree Staff

Phoenix weapon skins[edit]

Phoenix Axe.png Phoenix Axe Phoenix Dagger.png Phoenix Dagger Phoenix Mace.png Phoenix Mace Phoenix Pistol.png Phoenix Pistol
Phoenix Scepter.png Phoenix Scepter Phoenix Sword.png Phoenix Sword Phoenix Focus.png Phoenix Focus Phoenix Shield.png Phoenix Shield
Phoenix Torch.png Phoenix Torch Phoenix Warhorn.png Phoenix Warhorn Phoenix Greatsword.png Phoenix Greatsword Phoenix Hammer.png Phoenix Hammer
Phoenix Longbow.png Phoenix Longbow Phoenix Rifle.png Phoenix Rifle Phoenix Short Bow.png Phoenix Short Bow Phoenix Staff.png Phoenix Staff

Plasma weapon skins[edit]

Plasma Axe.png Plasma Axe Plasma Dagger.png Plasma Dagger Plasma Mace.png Plasma Mace Plasma Pistol.png Plasma Pistol
Plasma Scepter.png Plasma Scepter Plasma Sword.png Plasma Sword Plasma Focus.png Plasma Focus Plasma Shield.png Plasma Shield
Plasma Torch.png Plasma Torch Plasma Warhorn.png Plasma Warhorn Plasma Greatsword.png Plasma Greatsword Plasma Hammer.png Plasma Hammer
Plasma Longbow.png Plasma Longbow Plasma Rifle.png Plasma Rifle Plasma Short Bow.png Plasma Short Bow Plasma Staff.png Plasma Staff

Privateer weapon skins[edit]

Privateer Axe.png Privateer Axe Privateer Dagger.png Privateer Dagger Privateer Mace.png Privateer Mace Privateer Pistol.png Privateer Pistol
Privateer Scepter.png Privateer Scepter Privateer Sword.png Privateer Sword Privateer Focus.png Privateer Focus Privateer Shield.png Privateer Shield
Privateer Torch.png Privateer Torch Privateer Warhorn.png Privateer Warhorn Privateer Greatsword.png Privateer Greatsword Privateer Hammer.png Privateer Hammer
Privateer Longbow.png Privateer Longbow Privateer Rifle.png Privateer Rifle Privateer Short Bow.png Privateer Short Bow Privateer Staff.png Privateer Staff

Red Crane weapon skins[edit]

Red Crane Axe.png Red Crane Axe Red Crane Dagger.png Red Crane Dagger Red Crane Mace.png Red Crane Mace Red Crane Pistol.png Red Crane Pistol
Red Crane Scepter.png Red Crane Scepter Red Crane Sword.png Red Crane Sword Red Crane Focus.png Red Crane Focus Red Crane Shield.png Red Crane Shield
Red Crane Torch.png Red Crane Torch Red Crane Warhorn.png Red Crane Warhorn Red Crane Greatsword.png Red Crane Greatsword Red Crane Hammer.png Red Crane Hammer
Red Crane Longbow.png Red Crane Longbow Red Crane Rifle.png Red Crane Rifle Red Crane Short Bow.png Red Crane Short Bow Red Crane Staff.png Red Crane Staff

Reflective Koi weapon skins[edit]

Reflective Koi Axe.png Reflective Koi Axe Reflective Koi Dagger.png Reflective Koi Dagger Reflective Koi Mace.png Reflective Koi Mace Reflective Koi Pistol.png Reflective Koi Pistol
Reflective Koi Scepter.png Reflective Koi Scepter Reflective Koi Sword.png Reflective Koi Sword Reflective Koi Focus.png Reflective Koi Focus Reflective Koi Shield.png Reflective Koi Shield
Reflective Koi Torch.png Reflective Koi Torch Reflective Koi Warhorn.png Reflective Koi Warhorn Reflective Koi Greatsword.png Reflective Koi Greatsword Reflective Koi Hammer.png Reflective Koi Hammer
Reflective Koi Longbow.png Reflective Koi Longbow Reflective Koi Rifle.png Reflective Koi Rifle Reflective Koi Short Bow.png Reflective Koi Short Bow Reflective Koi Staff.png Reflective Koi Staff

Scientific weapon skins[edit]

Scientific Axe.png Scientific Axe Scientific Dagger.png Scientific Dagger Scientific Mace.png Scientific Mace Scientific Pistol.png Scientific Pistol
Scientific Scepter.png Scientific Scepter Scientific Sword.png Scientific Sword Scientific Focus.png Scientific Focus Scientific Shield.png Scientific Shield
Scientific Torch.png Scientific Torch Scientific Warhorn.png Scientific Warhorn Scientific Greatsword.png Scientific Greatsword Scientific Hammer.png Scientific Hammer
Scientific Longbow.png Scientific Longbow Scientific Rifle.png Scientific Rifle Scientific Short Bow.png Scientific Short Bow Scientific Staff.png Scientific Staff

Sclerite weapon skins[edit]

Sclerite Axe.png Sclerite Axe Sclerite Dagger.png Sclerite Dagger Sclerite Mace.png Sclerite Mace Sclerite Pistol.png Sclerite Pistol
Sclerite Scepter.png Sclerite Scepter Sclerite Sword.png Sclerite Sword Sclerite Focus.png Sclerite Focus Sclerite Shield.png Sclerite Shield
Sclerite Torch.png Sclerite Torch Sclerite Warhorn.png Sclerite Warhorn Sclerite Greatsword.png Sclerite Greatsword Sclerite Hammer.png Sclerite Hammer
Sclerite Longbow.png Sclerite Longbow Sclerite Rifle.png Sclerite Rifle Sclerite Short Bow.png Sclerite Short Bow Sclerite Staff.png Sclerite Staff

Seven Reapers weapon skins[edit]

Seven Reapers Axe.png Seven Reapers Axe Seven Reapers Dagger.png Seven Reapers Dagger Seven Reapers Mace.png Seven Reapers Mace Seven Reapers Pistol.png Seven Reapers Pistol
Seven Reapers Scepter.png Seven Reapers Scepter Seven Reapers Sword.png Seven Reapers Sword Seven Reapers Focus.png Seven Reapers Focus Seven Reapers Shield.png Seven Reapers Shield
Seven Reapers Torch.png Seven Reapers Torch Seven Reapers Warhorn.png Seven Reapers Warhorn Seven Reapers Greatsword.png Seven Reapers Greatsword Seven Reapers Hammer.png Seven Reapers Hammer
Seven Reapers Longbow.png Seven Reapers Longbow Seven Reapers Rifle.png Seven Reapers Rifle Seven Reapers Short Bow.png Seven Reapers Short Bow Seven Reapers Staff.png Seven Reapers Staff

Shadow weapon skins[edit]

Shadow Axe.png Shadow Axe Shadow Dagger.png Shadow Dagger Shadow Mace.png Shadow Mace Shadow Pistol.png Shadow Pistol
Shadow Scepter.png Shadow Scepter Shadow Sword.png Shadow Sword Shadow Focus.png Shadow Focus Shadow Shield.png Shadow Shield
Shadow Torch.png Shadow Torch Shadow Warhorn.png Shadow Warhorn Shadow Greatsword.png Shadow Greatsword Shadow Hammer.png Shadow Hammer
Shadow Longbow.png Shadow Longbow Shadow Rifle.png Shadow Rifle Shadow Short Bow.png Shadow Short Bow Shadow Staff.png Shadow Staff

Shadow of the Mad King weapon skins[edit]

Severed Dagger.png Severed Dagger Chain Sword Skin 2.png Chain Sword Ghastly Grinning Shield Skin 2.png Ghastly Grinning Shield
Greatsaw.png Greatsaw Grinning Gourd Rifle.png Grinning Gourd Rifle Scythe Staff Skin 2.png Scythe Staff
(Grinning Gourd Rifle Skin is not in the wardrobe unlocker.)

Shifting Sands weapon skins[edit]

Shifting Sands Axe.png Shifting Sands Axe Shifting Sands Dagger.png Shifting Sands Dagger Shifting Sands Mace.png Shifting Sands Mace Shifting Sands Pistol.png Shifting Sands Pistol
Shifting Sands Scepter.png Shifting Sands Scepter Shifting Sands Sword.png Shifting Sands Sword Shifting Sands Focus.png Shifting Sands Focus Shifting Sands Shield.png Shifting Sands Shield
Shifting Sands Torch.png Shifting Sands Torch Shifting Sands Warhorn.png Shifting Sands Warhorn Shifting Sands Greatsword.png Shifting Sands Greatsword Shifting Sands Hammer.png Shifting Sands Hammer
Shifting Sands Longbow.png Shifting Sands Longbow Shifting Sands Rifle.png Shifting Sands Rifle Shifting Sands Short Bow.png Shifting Sands Short Bow Shifting Sands Staff.png Shifting Sands Staff

Shimmering Aurora weapon skins[edit]

Shimmering Aurora Axe.png Shimmering Aurora Axe Shimmering Aurora Dagger.png Shimmering Aurora Dagger Shimmering Aurora Mace.png Shimmering Aurora Mace Shimmering Aurora Pistol.png Shimmering Aurora Pistol
Shimmering Aurora Scepter.png Shimmering Aurora Scepter Shimmering Aurora Sword.png Shimmering Aurora Sword Shimmering Aurora Focus.png Shimmering Aurora Focus Shimmering Aurora Shield.png Shimmering Aurora Shield
Shimmering Aurora Torch.png Shimmering Aurora Torch Shimmering Aurora Warhorn.png Shimmering Aurora Warhorn Shimmering Aurora Greatsword.png Shimmering Aurora Greatsword Shimmering Aurora Hammer.png Shimmering Aurora Hammer
Shimmering Aurora Longbow.png Shimmering Aurora Longbow Shimmering Aurora Rifle.png Shimmering Aurora Rifle Shimmering Aurora Short Bow.png Shimmering Aurora Short Bow Shimmering Aurora Staff.png Shimmering Aurora Staff

Snow Garden weapon skins[edit]

Snow Garden Axe.png Snow Garden Axe Snow Garden Dagger.png Snow Garden Dagger Snow Garden Mace.png Snow Garden Mace Snow Garden Pistol.png Snow Garden Pistol
Snow Garden Scepter.png Snow Garden Scepter Snow Garden Sword.png Snow Garden Sword Snow Garden Focus.png Snow Garden Focus Snow Garden Shield.png Snow Garden Shield
Snow Garden Torch.png Snow Garden Torch Snow Garden Warhorn.png Snow Garden Warhorn Snow Garden Greatsword.png Snow Garden Greatsword Snow Garden Hammer.png Snow Garden Hammer
Snow Garden Longbow.png Snow Garden Longbow Snow Garden Rifle.png Snow Garden Rifle Snow Garden Short Bow.png Snow Garden Short Bow Snow Garden Staff.png Snow Garden Staff

Soaring weapon skins[edit]

Soaring Axe.png Soaring Axe Soaring Dagger.png Soaring Dagger Soaring Mace.png Soaring Mace Soaring Pistol.png Soaring Pistol
Soaring Scepter.png Soaring Scepter Soaring Sword.png Soaring Sword Soaring Focus.png Soaring Focus Soaring Shield.png Soaring Shield
Soaring Torch.png Soaring Torch Soaring Warhorn.png Soaring Warhorn Soaring Greatsword.png Soaring Greatsword Soaring Hammer.png Soaring Hammer
Soaring Longbow.png Soaring Longbow Soaring Rifle.png Soaring Rifle Soaring Short Bow.png Soaring Short Bow Soaring Staff.png Soaring Staff

Southsun Remembrance weapon skins[edit]

Consortium Clipper Focus.png Consortium Clipper Focus Shark's Tooth Axe.png Shark's Tooth Axe Shark's Tooth Sword.png Shark's Tooth Sword Tiki Totem Shield.png Tiki Totem Shield

Spectral weapon skins[edit]

Spectral Axe.png Spectral Axe Spectral Dagger.png Spectral Dagger Spectral Mace.png Spectral Mace Spectral Pistol.png Spectral Pistol
Spectral Scepter.png Spectral Scepter Spectral Sword.png Spectral Sword Spectral Focus.png Spectral Focus Spectral Shield.png Spectral Shield
Spectral Torch.png Spectral Torch Spectral Warhorn.png Spectral Warhorn Spectral Greatsword.png Spectral Greatsword Spectral Hammer.png Spectral Hammer
Spectral Longbow.png Spectral Longbow Spectral Rifle.png Spectral Rifle Spectral Short Bow.png Spectral Short Bow Spectral Staff.png Spectral Staff

Steel Lotus weapon skins[edit]

Steel Lotus Axe.png Steel Lotus Axe Steel Lotus Dagger.png Steel Lotus Dagger Steel Lotus Mace.png Steel Lotus Mace Steel Lotus Pistol.png Steel Lotus Pistol
Steel Lotus Scepter.png Steel Lotus Scepter Steel Lotus Sword.png Steel Lotus Sword Steel Lotus Focus.png Steel Lotus Focus Steel Lotus Shield.png Steel Lotus Shield
Steel Lotus Torch.png Steel Lotus Torch Steel Lotus Warhorn.png Steel Lotus Warhorn Steel Lotus Greatsword.png Steel Lotus Greatsword Steel Lotus Hammer.png Steel Lotus Hammer
Steel Lotus Longbow.png Steel Lotus Longbow Steel Lotus Rifle.png Steel Lotus Rifle Steel Lotus Short Bow.png Steel Lotus Short Bow Steel Lotus Staff.png Steel Lotus Staff

Tempest weapon skins[edit]

Tempest Axe.png Tempest Axe Tempest Dagger.png Tempest Dagger Tempest Mace.png Tempest Mace Tempest Pistol.png Tempest Pistol
Tempest Scepter.png Tempest Scepter Tempest Sword.png Tempest Sword Tempest Focus.png Tempest Focus Tempest Shield.png Tempest Shield
Tempest Torch.png Tempest Torch Tempest Warhorn.png Tempest Warhorn Tempest Greatsword.png Tempest Greatsword Tempest Hammer.png Tempest Hammer
Tempest Longbow.png Tempest Longbow Tempest Rifle.png Tempest Rifle Tempest Short Bow.png Tempest Short Bow Tempest Staff.png Tempest Staff

Thundercrag weapon skins[edit]

Thundercrag Axe.png Thundercrag Axe Thundercrag Dagger.png Thundercrag Dagger Thundercrag Mace.png Thundercrag Mace Thundercrag Pistol.png Thundercrag Pistol
Thundercrag Scepter.png Thundercrag Scepter Thundercrag Sword.png Thundercrag Sword Thundercrag Focus.png Thundercrag Focus Thundercrag Shield.png Thundercrag Shield
Thundercrag Torch.png Thundercrag Torch Thundercrag Warhorn.png Thundercrag Warhorn Thundercrag Greatsword.png Thundercrag Greatsword Thundercrag Hammer.png Thundercrag Hammer
Thundercrag Longbow.png Thundercrag Longbow Thundercrag Rifle.png Thundercrag Rifle Thundercrag Short Bow.png Thundercrag Short Bow Thundercrag Staff.png Thundercrag Staff

Timekeeper weapon skins[edit]

Timekeeper Axe.png Timekeeper Axe Timekeeper Dagger.png Timekeeper Dagger Timekeeper Mace.png Timekeeper Mace Timekeeper Pistol.png Timekeeper Pistol
Timekeeper Scepter.png Timekeeper Scepter Timekeeper Sword.png Timekeeper Sword Timekeeper Focus.png Timekeeper Focus Timekeeper Shield.png Timekeeper Shield
Timekeeper Torch.png Timekeeper Torch Timekeeper Warhorn.png Timekeeper Warhorn Timekeeper Greatsword.png Timekeeper Greatsword Timekeeper Hammer.png Timekeeper Hammer
Timekeeper Longbow.png Timekeeper Longbow Timekeeper Rifle.png Timekeeper Rifle Timekeeper Short Bow.png Timekeeper Short Bow Timekeeper Staff.png Timekeeper Staff

Tormented weapon skins[edit]

Tormented Axe.png Tormented Axe Tormented Dagger.png Tormented Dagger Tormented Mace.png Tormented Mace Tormented Pistol.png Tormented Pistol
Tormented Scepter.png Tormented Scepter Tormented Sword.png Tormented Sword Tormented Focus.png Tormented Focus Tormented Shield.png Tormented Shield
Tormented Torch.png Tormented Torch Tormented Warhorn.png Tormented Warhorn Tormented Greatsword.png Tormented Greatsword Tormented Hammer.png Tormented Hammer
Tormented Longbow.png Tormented Longbow Tormented Rifle.png Tormented Rifle Tormented Short Bow.png Tormented Short Bow Tormented Staff.png Tormented Staff
Tormented Harpoon Gun.png Tormented Harpoon Gun Tormented Spear.png Tormented Spear Tormented Trident.png Tormented Trident

Venombite weapon skins[edit]

Venombite Axe.png Venombite Axe Venombite Dagger.png Venombite Dagger Venombite Mace.png Venombite Mace Venombite Pistol.png Venombite Pistol
Venombite Scepter.png Venombite Scepter Venombite Sword.png Venombite Sword Venombite Focus.png Venombite Focus Venombite Shield.png Venombite Shield
Venombite Torch.png Venombite Torch Venombite Warhorn.png Venombite Warhorn Venombite Greatsword.png Venombite Greatsword Venombite Hammer.png Venombite Hammer
Venombite Longbow.png Venombite Longbow Venombite Rifle.png Venombite Rifle Venombite Short Bow.png Venombite Short Bow Venombite Staff.png Venombite Staff

Vinelord Edgebloom weapon skins[edit]

Vinelord Edgebloom Axe.png Vinelord Edgebloom Axe Vinelord Edgebloom Dagger.png Vinelord Edgebloom Dagger Vinelord Edgebloom Mace.png Vinelord Edgebloom Mace Vinelord Edgebloom Pistol.png Vinelord Edgebloom Pistol
Vinelord Edgebloom Scepter.png Vinelord Edgebloom Scepter Vinelord Edgebloom Sword.png Vinelord Edgebloom Sword Vinelord Edgebloom Focus.png Vinelord Edgebloom Focus Vinelord Edgebloom Shield.png Vinelord Edgebloom Shield
Vinelord Edgebloom Torch.png Vinelord Edgebloom Torch Vinelord Edgebloom Warhorn.png Vinelord Edgebloom Warhorn Vinelord Edgebloom Greatsword.png Vinelord Edgebloom Greatsword Vinelord Edgebloom Hammer.png Vinelord Edgebloom Hammer
Vinelord Edgebloom Longbow.png Vinelord Edgebloom Longbow Vinelord Edgebloom Rifle.png Vinelord Edgebloom Rifle Vinelord Edgebloom Short Bow.png Vinelord Edgebloom Short Bow Vinelord Edgebloom Staff.png Vinelord Edgebloom Staff

War God's weapon skins[edit]

War God's Axe.png War God's Axe War God's Dagger.png War God's Dagger War God's Mace.png War God's Mace War God's Pistol.png War God's Pistol
War God's Scepter.png War God's Scepter War God's Sword.png War God's Sword War God's Focus.png War God's Focus War God's Shield.png War God's Shield
War God's Torch.png War God's Torch War God's Warhorn.png War God's Warhorn War God's Greatsword.png War God's Greatsword War God's Hammer.png War God's Hammer
War God's Longbow.png War God's Longbow War God's Rifle.png War God's Rifle War God's Short Bow.png War God's Short Bow War God's Staff.png War God's Staff

White Tiger weapon skins[edit]

White Tiger Axe.png White Tiger Axe White Tiger Dagger.png White Tiger Dagger White Tiger Mace.png White Tiger Mace White Tiger Pistol.png White Tiger Pistol
White Tiger Scepter.png White Tiger Scepter White Tiger Sword.png White Tiger Sword White Tiger Focus.png White Tiger Focus White Tiger Shield.png White Tiger Shield
White Tiger Torch.png White Tiger Torch White Tiger Warhorn.png White Tiger Warhorn White Tiger Greatsword.png White Tiger Greatsword White Tiger Hammer.png White Tiger Hammer
White Tiger Longbow.png White Tiger Longbow White Tiger Rifle.png White Tiger Rifle White Tiger Short Bow.png White Tiger Short Bow White Tiger Staff.png White Tiger Staff

Winter's weapon skins[edit]

Winter's Cutter.png Winter's Cutter Winter's Needle.png Winter's Needle Winter's Sting.png Winter's Sting
Winter's Slice.png Winter's Slice Winter's Shelter.png Winter's Shelter Winter's Edge.png Winter's Edge
Winter's Brunt.png Winter's Brunt Winter's Reach.png Winter's Reach Winter's Arc.png Winter's Arc Winter's Timber.png Winter's Timber

Wintersday weapon skins[edit]

Wintersday Axe.png Wintersday Axe Wintersday Dagger.png Wintersday Dagger Wintersday Mace.png Wintersday Mace Wintersday Pistol.png Wintersday Pistol
Wintersday Scepter.png Wintersday Scepter Wintersday Sword.png Wintersday Sword Wintersday Focus.png Wintersday Focus Wintersday Shield.png Wintersday Shield
Wintersday Torch.png Wintersday Torch Wintersday Warhorn.png Wintersday Warhorn Wintersday Greatsword.png Wintersday Greatsword Wintersday Hammer.png Wintersday Hammer
Wintersday Longbow.png Wintersday Longbow Wintersday Rifle.png Wintersday Rifle Wintersday Short Bow.png Wintersday Short Bow Wintersday Staff.png Wintersday Staff

Zodiac weapon skins[edit]

Zodiac Axe.png Zodiac Axe Zodiac Dagger.png Zodiac Dagger Zodiac Mace.png Zodiac Mace Zodiac Pistol.png Zodiac Pistol
Zodiac Scepter.png Zodiac Scepter Zodiac Sword.png Zodiac Sword Zodiac Focus.png Zodiac Focus Zodiac Shield.png Zodiac Shield
Zodiac Torch.png Zodiac Torch Zodiac Warhorn.png Zodiac Warhorn Zodiac Greatsword.png Zodiac Greatsword Zodiac Hammer.png Zodiac Hammer
Zodiac Longbow.png Zodiac Longbow Zodiac Rifle.png Zodiac Rifle Zodiac Short Bow.png Zodiac Short Bow Zodiac Staff.png Zodiac Staff

Non-set weapon skins[edit]


Celestial Axe.png Celestial Axe Dark Tyrant Axe.png Dark Tyrant Axe Devil-Rending Axe.png Devil-Rending Axe
Fiery Blade Axe.png Fiery Blade Axe Icy Blade Axe.png Icy Blade Axe Kurzick Dual Axe.png Kurzick Dual Axe
Marjory's Axe.png Marjory's Axe Mist Stranger Axe.png Mist Stranger Axe Tiger Insignia Axe.png Tiger Insignia Axe


Caithe's Bloom Dagger.png Caithe's Bloom Dagger Dragon Kama.png Dragon Kama Dreamwalker Dagger.png Dreamwalker Dagger Infused Wakizashi.png Infused Wakizashi
Marjory's Dagger.png Marjory's Dagger Ravensoul Dagger.png Ravensoul Dagger Storm Dagger.png Storm Dagger Voidflame Assassin Dagger Skin.png Voidflame Assassin Dagger


Braham's Mace.png Braham's Mace


Baleful Dragon Pistol.png Baleful Dragon Pistol Concealed Jade Tech Pistol.png Concealed Jade Tech Pistol Lord Caudecus's Pistol.png Lord Caudecus's Pistol


Aurous Wand.png Aurous Wand Cerulean Wand.png Cerulean Wand Crescent Moon Scepter.png Crescent Moon Scepter Eternal Eclipse Scepter.png Eternal Eclipse Scepter
Peacock Scepter.png Peacock Scepter Shadebound Scepter.png Shadebound Scepter Stoneshard Scepter.png Stoneshard Scepter Wyvern Roost Scepter.png Wyvern Roost Scepter


Caithe's Crystal Bloom Sword.png Caithe's Crystal Bloom Sword Chain-Whip Sword.png Chain-Whip Sword Dark Tyrant Sword.png Dark Tyrant Sword Dreamwalker Sword.png Dreamwalker Sword
Elemental Sword.png Elemental Sword Exo-Sword.png Exo-Sword Infused Katana.png Infused Katana Lightbinder Blade.png Lightbinder Blade
Lord Caudecus's Sword.png Lord Caudecus's Sword Lord Faren's Rapier.png Lord Faren's Rapier Seven-Branched Sword.png Seven-Branched Sword Shatterspark Sword.png Shatterspark Sword
Shiro's Legacy Sword.png Shiro's Legacy Sword Venom Warblade.png Venom Warblade Wolfheart Sword.png Wolfheart Sword


Celestial Compass.png Celestial Compass Dragon Spirit Focus.png Dragon Spirit Focus Elegant Fan.png Elegant Fan
Prayer Strip.png Prayer Strip Replica Mirror of Lyssa.png Replica Mirror of Lyssa Teatime.png Teatime


Amethyst Aegis.png Amethyst Shield Braham's Shield.png Braham's Shield Mist Stranger Shield.png Mist Stranger Shield
Shield of the Goddess.png Shield of the Goddess Wolfheart Shield.png Wolfheart Shield


Magmatic Torch.png Magmatic Torch Soulfire Lantern Torch.png Soulfire Lantern Torch Spellfire Torch.png Spellfire Torch Vermilion Tail Feather.png Vermilion Tail Feather


Infernal Roar.png Infernal Roar Mystic Smoking Pipe.png Mystic Smoking Pipe Star Caller Warhorn.png Star Caller Warhorn


Aspect Master's Greatsword.png Aspect Master's Greatsword Belinda's Greatsword.png Belinda's Greatsword Colossal Greatsword.png Colossal Greatsword Etched Porcelain Greatsword.png Etched Porcelain Greatsword
Iron Beast Greatsword.png Iron Beast Greatsword Menzies's Agony.png Menzies's Agony Nightspeaker Greatsword.png Nightspeaker Greatsword
Ravensoul Greatsword.png Ravensoul Greatsword Shiro's Legacy Greatsword.png Shiro's Legacy Greatsword Vermilion Blaze Greatsword.png Vermilion Blaze Greatsword


Comet Hammer.png Comet Hammer Devil-Rending Greataxe Hammer.png Devil-Rending Greataxe Hammer Hammer of the Three Realms.png Hammer of the Three Realms
Soul River Hound.png Soul River Hound Trained Choya Hammer.png Trained Choya Hammer


Dreamwalker Longbow.png Dreamwalker Longbow Eir's Legacy Longbow.png Eir's Legacy Longbow Fire-Breathing Package.png Fire-Breathing Longbow God-Slayer Longbow.png God-Slayer Longbow
Golden Talon.png Golden Talon Shrine Guardian Longbow.png Shrine Guardian Longbow Storm Bow.png Storm Bow Vermilion Longbow.png Vermilion Longbow


Arcane Marksman Rifle.png Arcane Marksman Rifle Exo-Rifle.png Exo-Rifle Solar Flare Rifle.png Solar Flare Rifle Zafirah's Rifle.png Zafirah's Rifle

Short Bows[edit]

God-Slayer Short Bow.png God-Slayer Short Bow Rox's Short Bow.png Rox's Short Bow Shrine Guardian Short Bow.png Shrine Guardian Short Bow


Arcane Battlestaff.png Arcane Battlestaff Bone Dragon Staff.png Bone Dragon Staff Candelabra Staff.png Candelabra Staff Dreamwalker Scythe.png Dreamwalker Scythe
Elegant Canthan Staff.png Elegant Canthan Staff Emissary's Staff.png Emissary's Staff Envoy Scythe Staff Skin.png Envoy Scythe Frostblossom Staff Skin.png Frostblossom
Hourglass Staff.png Hourglass Staff Hydra Staff.png Hydra Staff Infernal Envoy Staff.png Infernal Envoy Staff Kasmeer's Staff.png Kasmeer's Staff
Ritualist Staff.png Ritualist Staff Staff of Fortune.png Staff of Fortune Suntouched Scythe.png Suntouched Scythe Thunderhorse Staff.png Thunderhorse Staff Traveler's Staff.png Traveler's Staff


Water Dragon Spear.png Water Dragon Spear