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Giant-kings were the ancient rulers of the jotun. They ruled the Shiverpeak Mountains in full at the height of their races' reign, but with no more enemies to conquer they began to turn on each other in lust for power and glory, inciting a full civil war even amongst family members. Over time, the giant-king line was almost completely wiped out, and the jotun lost their knowledge of magic, stars, and even their own language. Now instead of giant-kings, the jotun have chieftans in various tribes scattered across the Shiverpeaks.

Recently, Korag, a descendant from past giant-kings, had attempted to retake the title and rule over the Shiverpeaks through utilizing Jormag's power, but was cut down at the wishes of Elder Thruln, the last of the living giant-king.

Known giant-kings[edit]