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April 3, 2013

Update 3 April 2013[edit]

Guild Bank[edit]

  • We changed the way access to the guild bank is working. For the first 72 hours after creating or joining a guild, you will not be able to deposit or withdraw items/money, or change bag notes. You will still be able to view the guild bank. Within that 72 hour period, you will see red text above the guild stash, and when you mouse over it you will see how much time is left until you get full access to the bank. This change is required to close a potential exploit loophole.

Super Adventure Box[edit]

  • Fixed a crash.
  • The purchased candle from zone 3 will now properly award credit towards the Minor in Enhancement Achievement.
  • The whip no longer works on baubles inside locked chests.
  • Fixed a bug with some sounds not properly playing inside Super Adventure Box.
  • The PvP Super Backpack Cover has had its upgrade slot removed to be consistent with other PvP back slot items.


  • Fixed situations where players could gain progress on the Thirst Slayer achievement by using bundle items acquired in personal story instances.

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