Exclusive Color Swatch: 2017–2021

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Exclusive Color Swatch- 2017–2021.png

Exclusive Color Swatch: 2017–2021

Item type
Account Bound
Game link

Double-click to choose an account-bound, exclusive dye from this pack.

— In-game description



Choose one of the following account-bound dyes:

Color Dye Price
Vision Dye
Vision Dye (choice)
Scion Dye
Scion Dye (choice)
Quartz Dye
Quartz Dye (choice)
Prismatic Dye
Prismatic Dye (choice)
Guiding Star Dye
Guiding Star Dye (choice)
Foretold Dye
Foretold Dye (choice)
Spirits Dye
Spirits Dye (choice)
Legend Dye
Legend Dye (choice)
Hunt Dye
Hunt Dye (choice)
Havroun Dye
Havroun Dye (choice)
Exodus Dye
Exodus Dye (choice)
Alemoot Dye
Alemoot Dye (choice)
Warband Dye
Warband Dye (choice)
Tribune Dye
Tribune Dye (choice)
Searing Dye
Searing Dye (choice)
Legionnaire Dye
Legionnaire Dye (choice)
Godless Dye
Godless Dye (choice)
Gladium Dye
Gladium Dye (choice)
Radiant Brass Dye
Radiant Brass Dye (choice)
Radiant Gold Dye
Radiant Gold Dye (choice)
Dawn Dye
Dawn Dye (choice)
Cerulean Night Dye
Cerulean Night Dye (choice)
Cerulean Sky Dye
Cerulean Sky Dye (choice)
Celestial Blue Dye
Celestial Blue Dye (choice)
Nightmare Dye
Nightmare Dye (choice)
Jungle Dye
Jungle Dye (choice)
Bloom Dye
Bloom Dye (choice)
Auric Dye
Auric Dye (choice)
Arid Dye
Arid Dye (choice)
Abyssal Forest Dye
Abyssal Forest Dye (choice)
Shattered Dye
Shattered Dye (choice)
Fear Dye
Fear Dye (choice)
Crystal Dye
Crystal Dye (choice)
Brandstorm Dye
Brandstorm Dye (choice)
Branded Dye
Branded Dye (choice)
Arcane Dye
Arcane Dye (choice)
Abyssal Sea Dye
Abyssal Sea Dye (choice)
Decay Dye
Decay Dye (choice)
Worn Bone Dye
Worn Bone Dye (choice)
Darkness Dye
Darkness Dye (choice)
Grave Dye
Grave Dye (choice)
Risen Dye
Risen Dye (choice)
Permafrost Dye
Permafrost Dye (choice)
Eternal Ice Dye
Eternal Ice Dye (choice)
Frozen Scales Dye
Frozen Scales Dye (choice)
Frostbite Green Dye
Frostbite Green Dye (choice)
Frostbite Blue Dye
Frostbite Blue Dye (choice)
Core Ice Dye
Core Ice Dye (choice)
Sulfur Dye
Sulfur Dye (choice)
Sandstorm Dye
Sandstorm Dye (choice)
Ruin Dye
Ruin Dye (choice)
Oasis Dye
Oasis Dye (choice)
Mesa Dye
Mesa Dye (choice)
Highland Dye
Highland Dye (choice)
Jacaranda Dye
Jacaranda Dye (choice)
Sand Shark Dye
Sand Shark Dye (choice)
Desert Harpy Dye
Desert Harpy Dye (choice)
Choya Dye
Choya Dye (choice)
Iboga Dye
Iboga Dye (choice)
Hydra Dye
Hydra Dye (choice)
Tar Dye
Tar Dye (choice)
Scourge Dye
Scourge Dye (choice)
Sarcophagus Dye
Sarcophagus Dye (choice)
Embalm Dye
Embalm Dye (choice)
Vabbian Bronze Dye
Vabbian Bronze Dye (choice)
Urn Dye
Urn Dye (choice)
Slime Green Dye
Slime Green Dye (choice)
Ruby Red Dye
Ruby Red Dye (choice)
Pumpkin Orange Dye
Pumpkin Orange Dye (choice)
Magenta Dye
Magenta Dye (choice)
Blue Orchid Dye
Blue Orchid Dye (choice)
Aqua Satin Dye
Aqua Satin Dye (choice)
Silver Satin Dye
Silver Satin Dye (choice)
Rose Gold Dye
Rose Gold Dye (choice)
Midnight Bronze Dye
Midnight Bronze Dye (choice)
Glossy Black Dye
Glossy Black Dye (choice)
Daybreak Dye
Daybreak Dye (choice)
Blue Whale Dye
Blue Whale Dye (choice)
Sunfire Lava Dye
Sunfire Lava Dye (choice)
Scorched Dye
Scorched Dye (choice)
Magma Dye
Magma Dye (choice)
Incandescent Dye
Incandescent Dye (choice)
Destroyer Orange Dye
Destroyer Orange Dye (choice)
Bloody Red Dye
Bloody Red Dye (choice)