Engineer Koloss Forgebane

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Engineer Koloss Forgebane is trying to absorb the power of the nearby Tar Elementals to create stronger weapons.


Event involvement[edit]

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Kill tar elementals to help Forgebane harvest their essences (61)


The key to making superior weaponry is innovation. Trying out the unexpected. Like the shark gun! Thinks of the guts it took to imagine that.
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What does a shark gun have to do with you?
Guts! These small-minded twiddlers just play with the weapons we already got— repacking bearings and stuff. But I'm thinking big. New combustion source big.
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What do you have in mind?
I think we can tap the essences of nearby creatures to increase our own firepower. I haven't figured out the details yet, but when I do...kaboom! I'm on my way to test it out. I might need some back-up. C'mon along, if you want.
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Good luck with that.