Cloth Coat Panel

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Cloth Coat Panel is one of two parts needed for crafting any cloth coat.


The standard recipe for making cloth coat panels is:

1  Jute Tunic Panel.png Cloth Coat Panel = 4  Bolt of Jute.png Bolts of cloth + 1  Stretched Rawhide Leather Square.png Leather Square + 3  Spool of Jute Thread.png Spools of Thread

Recipes by Material[edit]

Cloth Coat Panel Discipline level Required Material
Jute Tunic Panel.png Jute Tunic Panel 0
Wool Vestments Panel.png Wool Vestments Panel 75
Cotton Coat Panel.png Cotton Coat Panel 150
Linen Coat Panel.png Linen Coat Panel 225
Silk Coat Panel.png Silk Coat Panel 300
Gossamer Coat Panel.png Gossamer Coat Panel 400
Oiled Gossamer Coat Panel.png Oiled Gossamer Coat Panel 400
Damask Coat Panel.png Damask Coat Panel 500