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Aspect Gatherer is an achievement during Festival of the Four Winds that requires players to find 52 Sky Crystals throughout Labyrinthine Cliffs.


Aspect Gatherer Festival of the Four Winds 10Achievement points
Collect 52 sky crystals in the Labyrinthine Cliffs. 1 Sky Crystal Gathered 1Achievement points
5 Sky Crystals Gathered 1Achievement points
15 Sky Crystals Gathered 1Achievement points
30 Sky Crystals Gathered 2Achievement points
52 Sky Crystals Gathered 5Achievement points


The Sky Crystals aren't numbered in game, making it harder to determine which crystals are left to be collected. Collected crystals do not display an object name and have no interact option. After you interact with the Sky Crystals, there's no way to tell whether it was a Master Sky Crystal (MSC) or a regular Sky Crystal (SC). You'll probably want to reference the Master Aspect Gatherer page along with this one. (Some of these Sky Crystals are listed on that page as indicated in the description.)

# Map Image Notes
1 Aspect Gatherer 01 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 01.jpg On the rock just south of 18, near the top on the northwest side.
2 Aspect Gatherer 02 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 02.jpg On the rock just south of 1, about halfway up on the west side.
3 Aspect Gatherer 03 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 03.jpg On the cliff side at the far southeast end of the Bazaar Docks (or directly east of Sky Docks waypoint), there's a series of houses and bamboo platforms. On the lowest bamboo platform, with a wind crystal.
4 Aspect Gatherer 04 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 04.jpg Near 3, on top of a finger of rock just south of the cliff.
5 Aspect Gatherer 05 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 05.jpg Above 3, on a hanging bamboo platform (use a lightning crystal to get here).
6 Aspect Gatherer 06 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 06.jpg On top of a bamboo pole at the northeast corner of the giant white banner with the yellow half-circle.
7 Aspect Gatherer 07 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 07.jpg (This is the same crystal as MSC 5.)
8 Aspect Gatherer 08 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 08.jpg (This is the same crystal as MSC 10.)
9 Aspect Gatherer 09 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 09.jpg On the large island southeast of the airship, on the southwest side, on top of a group of smaller rocks.
10 Aspect Gatherer 10 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 10.jpg Near 11, on a small rocky island southeast of the coral island, about halfway up on the north side.
11 Aspect Gatherer 11 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 11.jpg South of the airship, on top of the odd-shaped coral island with the hole in the center.
12 Aspect Gatherer 12 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 12.jpg (This is the same crystal as MSC 7.)
13 Aspect Gatherer 13 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 13.jpg On the large island southwest of the airship, on the roof of the house at the south end of the island.
14 Aspect Gatherer 14 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 14.jpg On the large island southwest of the airship, on the roof of the lowest house (of the stack of four).
15 Aspect Gatherer 15 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 15.jpg On the small island directly south of 14, on the angled finger of rock.
16 Aspect Gatherer 16 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 16.jpg On the large island southeast of the airship, on the finger of rock on the northeast side (about halfway up the east side of the rock).
17 Aspect Gatherer 17 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 17.jpg On the island southeast of the Sky Docks waypoint, on the roof of the lowest house in the stack (a green one).
18 Aspect Gatherer 18 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 18.jpg On the cliff under the Zephyrite memorial, near the bottom of the scaffolding, on a small outcrop/pillar on the west side of scaffold.
19 Aspect Gatherer 19 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 19.jpg On the scaffolding under the Zephyrite memorial, close to the top (near the gears).
20 Aspect Gatherer 20 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 20.jpg On a ledge just below the griffon rental.
21 Aspect Gatherer 21 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 21.jpg On top of the houses just east of the hot air balloon.
22 Aspect Gatherer 22 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 22.jpg (This is the same crystal as MSC 3.)
23 Aspect Gatherer 23 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 23.jpg On the eastern windmill pillar (across the road from the jackal rental), on the east side of the cliff, on some scaffolding near the bottom of the houses.
24 Aspect Gatherer 24 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 24.jpg On the western pillar with the windmill (near the Jackal rental), on a bamboo platform to the left of the windmill.
25 Aspect Gatherer 25 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 25.jpg On the cliff to the west of the western windmill pillar, on a ledge (start at the bar and walk around the ledges).
26 Aspect Gatherer 26 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 26.jpg Northwest of the western windmill pillar, on a red house on the opposite cliff. You can get there using a lightning crystal and the hanging platforms.
27 Aspect Gatherer 27 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 27.jpg On the western pillar with the windmill (near the Jackal rental), at the very top.
28 Aspect Gatherer 28 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 28.jpg On the cliff opposite the eastern windmill pillar (on the other side of the lightning jump towers), on the roof of a red house.
29 Aspect Gatherer 29 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 29.jpg (This looks like the same crystal as 3.)
30 Aspect Gatherer 30 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 30.jpg Under the center windmill pillar, on the northside of the cliff (the last lightning platform in the dolyak race) at the bottom of the bamboo scaffolding.
31 Aspect Gatherer 31 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 31.jpg On top of the green house that hangs above the Springer rental.
32 Aspect Gatherer 32 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 32.jpg On the houses above the Lightning Guide, at the top of the scaffolding.
33 Aspect Gatherer 33 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 33.jpg Southwest of Lumen (contact for the Labyrinthine Cliffs Crystal Collection), on the roof of one of the red houses, above a wind crystal.
34 Aspect Gatherer 34 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 34.jpg (This is the same crystal as MSC 1.)
35 Aspect Gatherer 35 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 35.jpg (This is the same crystal as MSC 9.)
36 Aspect Gatherer 36 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 36.jpg From the bottom of the multi-tier waterfall, take the road to the south (going up the hill). It's tucked away on top of the second house that hangs across the road (behind the red lanterns, on the right.)
37 Aspect Gatherer 37 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 37.jpg East of the Sun Guide, in a cave behind a waterfall (with a large sun symbol on the wall) on the middle bamboo platform.
38 Aspect Gatherer 38 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 38.jpg South of the Sun Guide (or southeast of the blacksmith), on top of a bamboo platform.
39 Aspect Gatherer 39 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 39.jpg At the Bazaar Docks, on the very top of the building above Drooburt's ghost.
40 Aspect Gatherer 40 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 40.jpg North of the Wind Guide's Platform, on the scaffolding in front of the middle water wheel.
41 (This is the same map as 40.) Aspect Gatherer 41.jpg On top of the house to the north of the Wind Guide's platform.
42 Aspect Gatherer 42 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 42.jpg From the top of the lightning jump tower (across from the three windmill pillars) on a second platform down, in a hanging basket.
43 Aspect Gatherer 43 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 43.jpg Northwest of the treasure hunt merchant, on an outcrop on the rock to the left.
44 Aspect Gatherer 44 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 44.jpg On a lightning jump platform southeast of the Bazaar Docks waypoint (one platform down from the lightning crystal).
45 150px 150px -
46 Aspect Gatherer 46 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 46.jpg On the cliff below the Sky Docks waypoint, between the 2nd and 3rd bamboo platform.
47 Aspect Gatherer 47 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 47.jpg South of the Lightning Guide, on the second floating platform.
48 150px 150px -
49 150px 150px -
50 150px 150px -
51 Aspect Gatherer 51 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 51.jpg From the bottom of the multi-tier waterfall, take the road to the south (going up the hill). The crystal is tucked into a nook at the top of the first column of rock (to the right of the hanging lanturns, behind the red and yellow banners.)
52 Aspect Gatherer 52 map.jpg Aspect Gatherer 52.jpg Just past the bottom of the multi-tier waterfall, behind another waterfall, is a cave with a giant and a devourer. The crystal is on the ledge across from the waterfall. (This one is tricky to get to. It looks like you're supposed to run up the bamboo pole with a sun crystal, but I found that really difficult. You can lightning jump to the platform and not take too much damage. I don't think you can get it from the ground.)

Crystals That Don't Have Images Yet[edit]

  1. Next to the multi-tier waterfall with a large wind symbol on the wall, on top of the bamboo scaffold with the candles. (This is the pond where Gourdon often hangs out.)
  2. On the rock east of the Skimmer Slalom Time Trial, about halfway up the rock on the east side.
  3. On top of the cabin at the boat on the Bazaar Docks.
  4. On the bamboo pole across the entrance to Bazaar Docks.
  5. Walking up the road from the Bazaar Docks waypoint, on a bamboo pole across the road, above a paper lantern.
  6. Directly above the Sun Guide, (past the second waterfall), next to a house to the north of the platform.

These two might be duplicates. I need to double-check the comparison of the MSC and SC locations. (We might not get this confirmed until next year's festival.)

  • On top of a rock just west of 3.
  • On the large island southwest of the airship, near the top of the rock.