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A Family Heirloom

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A Family Heirloom is an achievement that involves locating an Abandoned Necklace in the Desert Highlands and returning it to Stablemaster Unja at the Highjump Ranch.


A Family Heirloom Desert Highlands 2Achievement points
Search the Windshear Scarps for Unja's lost necklace and return it to her.
  • Find Unja's lost necklace.
  • Return Unja's necklace to her.
Found and Returned Unja's Lost Necklace 2Achievement points


The necklace can be found at a burning tent northwest of Waypoint (tango icon).png Highjump Ranch Waypoint, technically on the northern edge of Windshear Scarps along the northern map boundary. The tent is surrounded by scores of alpine skelk of varying rank, and the necklace is sitting on a bedroll next to a dead villager.

Once returned, Stablemaster Unja will offer Zunja's Necklace for sale.