28 Mikan 1637 CC

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28 Mikan 1637 CC

28 Mikan 1637 CC is a letter found in Sunqua Peak Fractal.


The Mists


A tattered letter. It seems to have gotten torn up in travel.
Talk more option tango.png Read the letter.
28 Mikan 1637 CC


We've received our orders from Emperor Usoku. We're to meet up with the Ministry on the mainland and join the fight in the forest. I know you might be worried, but know that this is what I've trained the last few months for. We're uniting our land. We're bringing peace.

I'm sorry I don't have time to write more. We were given short notice, and the last-minute messenger leaves soon. I'm giving him some coin to bring you both a bag of persimmons from the monastery. If he doesn't have the coin or the bag, kick him for me.

I'm kidding. Maybe.

I love you.


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