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April 2014 Feature Pack banner.png

The April 2014 Feature Pack is out! Players can obtain 24 new grandmaster traits by exploring the world or purchasing traits from a trainer. This comes alongside repairing armor for free and resetting your traits at any time. Ferocity is a new primary attribute with Critical Damage now a secondary attribute. The update also brings the wardrobe, which streamlines the trasmutation process and makes it easier than ever to customize character appearance. Structured PvP has a multitude of changes including the removal of glory and a new map. Finally, the megaserver system completely overhauls how players get together in the world, removing the home world concept and grouping by your connections with other players. Find out more...

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The Origins of Madness banner.jpg

The Origins of Madness starts the final arc for the first Living World chapter on January 21. Like the Mysterious Probes scattered around Tyria, the arc probes the reasons behind Scarlet Briar's exploits and deeds that have been causing havoc in Tyria for the past year. The probes aggravate the creatures of the depths and enormous wurms arise from beneath the earth. A monstrous Twisted Marionette, Scarlet's twisted humor, guards the operation of the probes. The heroes must face down these threats and work with Rox, Braham, Kasmeer Meade, Marjory Delaqua, and a new asuran ally to unveil Scarlet's true intentions. Find out more.


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