Minis 3-Pack (Set 1)

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Discontinued This page contains information about a discontinued Guild Wars 2 component that can no longer be acquired via conventional means.
The only way to obtain this content is through the Trading Post or through content that is no longer available.
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Minis 3-Pack (Set 1)

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Account Bound
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This pack comes with 3 randomly selected Minis (2 common and 1 uncommon) to add to your collection. Minis are tiny models of your favorite monsters and characters from the world of Tyria.

— In-game description

Minis 3-Pack (Set 1) will give you three miniatures of which two are common (Fine) and one is uncommon (Masterwork, Rare or Exotic) from Set 1 minipets. The miniatures are randomly selected, but special miniatures are excluded.


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  • Miniatures from this set can also be obtained through the Mystic Forge.


  • This item was introduced to the Gem Store at release.