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Discontinued This page contains information about a discontinued Guild Wars 2 component that can no longer be acquired via conventional means.
The only way to obtain this content is through the Trading Post or through content that is no longer available.
Transmutation Crystal.png

Transmutation Crystal

Item type
Account Bound
200 Gem.png for 5
360 Gem.png for 10
800 Gem.png for 25
Game link
You have

Double-click to consume 1 transmutation crystal for 1 transmutation charge.

— In-game description

A Transmutation Crystal is a consumable item that was used for transmutation, transferring the properties (appearance or stats) of one item to another of the same type. This crystal was required to transmute level 80 items. For level 1-79 items, the more abundant Transmutation Stone was used.



  • Prior to the March 26, 2013 update, this was known as "Fine Transmutation Stone".
  • Prior to the April 15, 2014 update, the crystals were used for transmuting equipment.
  • The inventory icon of this item resembles that of the Powerstone of Courage from the original Guild Wars, while the icon used during earlier beta tests is identical to the original Powerstone icon.

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