Winter's Presence

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement. For the skin, see Winter's Presence Skin.

Winter's Presence is a Festival Collections achievement unlocked by purchasing a Blueprint for Winter's Presence.


This achievement rewards items. Winter's Presence Festival Collections 10Achievement points
Collect all 10 items to create Winter's Presence.
Unlock Item:Blueprint for Winter's Presence.png Blueprint for Winter's Presence
Reward:Winter's Presence.png Winter's Presence Skin

Blueprint for Winter's Presence — Unlocks the Winter's Presence collection.
Essence of Mischief — This item only has value as part of a collection.
Essence of Snowfall — This item only has value as part of a collection.
Magnanimous Obsidian Crystal — This item only has value as part of a collection.
Winter Music Score — Grants 10,000 karma.
Champion's Snowball — Grants 10,000 karma.
Snowglobe — Grants 10,000 karma.
Refurbished Toy — Grants 10,000 karma.
Icy Aura — Grants 10,000 karma.
Masterful Toast — Grants 10,000 karma.
Collected 1 Item 2Achievement points
Collected 5 Items 3Achievement points
Collected 10 Items 5Achievement points

Unlock item[edit]

Collection items[edit]


Item Acquisition
Blueprint for Winter's Presence.png Blueprint for Winter's Presence Sold by Charity Corps Seraph (Gift Wrapping).
Essence of Mischief (rare).png Essence of Mischief Crafted using the Mystic Forge.
Essence of Snowfall.png Essence of Snowfall Crafted using the Mystic Forge.
Magnanimous Obsidian Crystal.png Magnanimous Obsidian Crystal Crafted using the Mystic Forge.
Winter Music Score.png Winter Music Score [1] Winter's Presence (achievements).png Winter's Presence: Sounds of the SeasonComplete songs in the Bell Choir 3 times during Wintersday. (3Achievement pointsWinter Music Score)
Champion's Snowball.png Champion's Snowball [1] Winter's Presence (achievements).png Winter's Presence: Snowball Fight!Claim victory in the Snowball Mayhem activity 3 times during Wintersday. (3Achievement pointsChampion's Snowball)
Snowglobe.png Snowglobe [1] Winter's Presence (achievements).png Winter's Presence: The Wintersday GauntletComplete the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle 3 times during Wintersday. (3Achievement pointsSnowglobe)
Refurbished Toy.png Refurbished Toy [1] Winter's Presence (achievements).png Winter's Presence: Toy Quality ControlFinish 30 rounds of Toypocalypse during Wintersday. (3Achievement pointsRefurbished Toy)
Icy Aura.png Icy Aura [1] Winter's Presence (achievements).png Winter's Presence: Frozen ClawDefeat the Claw of Jormag 3 times during Wintersday. (3Achievement pointsIcy Aura)
Masterful Toast.png Masterful Toast Winter's Presence (achievements).png Community: Festive ImbiberDrink 10,000 Wintersday drinks. These include spiced cider, buttered spirits, and eggnog. (15Achievement pointsMasterful ToastTitle: Spirited Drinker)
  1. ^ a b c d e Can only be obtained during Wintersday


Item Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell)
Cup of Spiced Apple Cider.png Cup of Spiced Apple Cider
Mug of Eggnog.png Mug of Eggnog
Glass of Buttered Spirits.png Glass of Buttered Spirits
Snowman Tonic.png Snowman Tonic
Reindeer Tonic.png Reindeer Tonic
Festive Golem Tonic.png Festive Golem Tonic