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Voice of the Deceased

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Voice of the Deceased is a Bastion of the Penitent achievement.


Voice of the Deceased Bastion of the Penitent 5Achievement points
You gathered evidence of what happened here.
  • Found the locket's owner.
  • Dug deep.
  • Confirmed your suspicions.
  • Found the culprit.
Bastion of the Penitent Achievement 5Achievement points


The following will explain how to get Voice of the Deceased step by step and the fast way.

Found the Locket's Owner.[edit]

(Possible after first boss) At Death Row go up in the west where you see a Corpse on the upper Floor. A bit more to the West is the Locket (arrow) which is the first step. Then go to the Journal Page east of it and to the page west of the Locket (circle and heart). Turn around and fly to the Journal Page (square) in the south. Finally, return to the Corpse (star) on the same level as the locket.

Dug Deep.[edit]

(Possible after first boss) Also starts at Death Row. Go to the broken shovel (arrow) south of the Point of interest, at the entrance to the Recreation Sector, and interact with it. Then go West down the hallway and before the next corridor interact with the Crumpled Note (circle). Then continue west to the Escape Tunnel point of interest next to the shovel and interact with the Body (heart).

Confirmed your Suspicions.[edit]

(Possible after fourth boss) The first item is the Strange Object statue (arrow) east of the entrance to Chamber of the Guilty. Then go north to Confessional and go up the stairs in the east until you find another Strange Object, a pile of tokens (circle), in the north of the hallway. Then go back to Confessional, looking north, jump to the wooden platform near the stairs. Follow the way up to three books. Read the Strange Book (heart).

Found the Culprit.[edit]

(Possible after fourth boss) Start at Death Row. Interact with the eastern Speared Corpse (arrow) and then with the western Speared Corpse (circle). Then go to the Jotun Corpse (heart) hanging on one platform. Then go to the door before the area of The Warden's Office and read Journal Page in the northern room (square). Go into the The Warden's Office then Southeast to the Speared Corpse (star). If you can examine it after you interacted, everything went right until this point. If not you missed something. Now you need to go to the 3 books from Confirmed your Suspicions in the Confessional and read the Open Book (X marking).

Fast way to get the achievement[edit]

Start at Death Row. Near Point of interest interact with the Broken Shovel, the Corpse east and then west (east first is important) then the dead Jotun. Go up to the Locket, read the 2 Journal Pages near it and the third on the south of the Room (also near the locket). West of the last page read the Crumbled Note and go up to the Corpse you passed after you jumped up to the locket. Then use the western hallway until you get to the corpse near the shovels. Before you enter The Warden's Office read the Journal Page next to the door in the northern room. In The Warden's Office go south east and examine the corpse after you interacted with it. Go back to Recreation Sector and use the way in the south until you come to the Strange object. Walk past Solitary Confinement to Confessional and use the eastern stairs. Short after the Stairs in the north you find another Strange Object. Go back and jump near the stairs to the wooden platform. Go up to the three books and interact with Open Book and Strange Book. Now the Achievement should be finished.