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Untitled Warchant, circa 1100 A.E.[edit]

  Hear the cry of warbands
  Taking back their stolen lands
  Ours claws stay swift and sharp
  Watch them make mice warp
  We'll take your gods to the mists.
  Crossing their names off our lists.
  We'll cross off names with no remorse.
  Mice will be today's main course.
  Celebrate this day for it'll be your last
  The Charr will make you pay for the past

Short Stories[edit]

Janthir, the Man with Seven Eyes[edit]

Preface: According to the Apostate in Guild Wars 1, Abaddon got his power from an older, deposed god. Who was that god? This short story explores that, along with the origins of the God of Secrets himself.

Please note that most of this information is not considered canon, and thus only serves to be an interesting take on the origins of Abaddon

  There was once a man who had seven eyes; he said his name was "Janthir". He had six eyes where you'd expect them to be, and another one on his forehead. He gave the people who greeted him faithfully a gift, and cast out those who did not. He reached for the eye on his forehead and he plucked it out as if it were a feather from a dove. With his hands, he encased the eye in a pyramid of pure magic. "With my own eye," he claimed, "I will watch, I will judge, and I will praise those who are truly faithful." He continued, "Beware of the fools who try to sway you. for they will be your folly." The gift he gave his faithful was none other than that of magic. He left without saying a word, the people he gifted begged for his return, but he never did return. He did not return, for he was always there. That eye of his did watch over his faithful for centuries; culling the unfaithful from the faithful, protecting the faithful from the dangers of the wild, and providing them with the gifts of knowledge and secrets to survive longer than the other races. Unfortunately, Janthir's visage did not survive the test of time, not even for his faithful. Centuries passed, and all the world knew him by other than his name, was his eye. Soon, the faithful would forget what the eye stood for, who it belonged to, what it provided, and used it for personal gain.
  There once was a god who had six eyes; he said his name was "Abaddon". He had six eyes where you'd expect them to be, and his "hair" was thick and grim. Abaddon surceased his former self when he found out that those who were once faithful to him forgot his significance to them. Angered, he developed a scheme to get rid of them all and locked it away in a place unknown. He gave the unfaithful more magic so that his once-faithful would never stand a chance. As he had suspected, the unfaithful were filled with greed and went to extreme lengths to acquire their new magic. He knew that eventually, they would pursue his once-faithful for their magic after defeating their own kind. However, unknown to him, one of the unfaithful begged the gods to end the chaos occurring in the mortal realm. Abaddon denied this man's request, but was overruled by his brethren. Feeling betrayed by his brothers and sisters for undoing his work, Abaddon shunned and waged war against them. In the end, however, they banished him away to the Realm of Torment to rot for eternity. Little did the gods know, Abaddon kept his darkest secrets in the Realm of Torment, including magic that no being, not even the other gods, had knowledge of. With this hidden magic, he revised his plan to utilize what he had to work with in the Realm. Using the tortured souls in the Realm, he built himself an army to do his bidding; to exterminate the unfaithful and show all that inhabit the mortal realm what happens to those who oppose Abaddon, the God of Secrecy.