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Almost all of my characters are named "XXXX Witchblood" where XXXX is the name of a diety from the Norse pantheon.

 Odin (Human engineer)
 Thor (Human warrior)
 Loki (Human thief)
 Heimdall (Norn guardian)
 Baldur (Human mesmer)
 Hel (Human necromancer)
 Freya (Sylvari ranger)
 Tyr (Charr revenant)
 Rifkin (Human elementalist)

Interesting. The leading spaces seems to have caused a monospace font.

Anyway the last one is a gesture to the protagonist in the fantasy novel _Witch Blood_ by Will Shetterly, which is available cheaply on eBay and I strongly recommend. It's a shame there was never a sequel.

I'm a member of the "Ethereal Guardians" guild.

I've crafted Bifrost and Sunrise, and am almost finished with Incinerator, the third phase of which desperately needs a flowchart so I'm adding one.