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Tracks the most recently added bugs.

Date Bug Description
23 October 2019 (13:10) Honor of the Waves (explorable) Path 3 is severely bugged, with each boss having one attack that has bugged since game launch and no longer functions as intended:
  • Svánigandr no longer can force players to /cower.
  • Fimbul's Ice Block is no longer susceptible to damage and the boss no longer heals while encased on it.
  • Sorge's summoned jellyfish no longer explode upon player contact to inflict heavy damage, and instead attack as normal.
  • Sorge will almost always clip through the ceiling of the underwater cave if it uses its surge attack while aiming upwards, making it very hard to finish the fight since most skills in the game cannot hit targets through terrain.
20 October 2019 (18:10) Transcendent Tempest While traited, the time to remain in an attunement to attain singularity and be able to cast an overload is reduced from 6 seconds by only 25% to 4.5 seconds instead as stated by 33% to 4 seconds.
19 October 2019 (15:10) Function Gyro (tool belt skill) When traited to apply superspeed, the Lightning field will sometimes slow the caster running through it and they will not move at full speed until they are clear of the field.
19 October 2019 (05:10) The Malestrom The item name is a misspelling of "Maelstrom". The skin name is spelled correctly.
17 October 2019 (21:10) Bond of Life Using Bond of Life while already under the effects of Bond of Life, for example by means of an Adrenal Mushroom, will instantly down the player.
16 October 2019 (06:10) Carapace of Chaos Despite being a level 80 weapon, it has the stats of a level 78 weapon.
16 October 2019 (06:10) Last Rites (weapon) Despite being a level 80 weapon, it has the stats of a level 78 weapon.
16 October 2019 (01:10) Rocket Boots The Count Recharge of the underwater version of this skill is 22 seconds instead of 20, and is not affected by the Gadgeteer trait at all, even though the tooltip shows updated values.
07 October 2019 (17:10) Confronting Captain Tervelan Leaving the cave after breaking the gate before the cinematic can start may result in Tervelan remaining Determined and preventing completion of the mission. Restarting the mission is the only way to solve it.
07 October 2019 (13:10) Grothmar Valley Reward Track In the WvW Reward Track the item  Basic Reward Track Loot Box.png Siege Blueprint Case replaced the 38th reward ( Wood Shipment.png Wood Shipment).