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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars 2.
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Until release very little is known about the Seer, and not nearly enough of the Sylvari. This is conjecture and comments are welcome.

"The Pale Tree, also known as the Mother Tree, is a massive, magical, sentient tree which is the mother of all playable sylvari. She is aware of activity around her and can manifest as a physical being and will converse with those who seek her wisdom. On rare occasions she may even talk to other races. The Pale Tree will send sylvari to be ambassador to the other races cities, and report back to her."

I believe the Seer we met in GW1 might have been an ambassador or even a projection of an ancient Mother Tree, the ancestor of the "new" race of Sylvari. The seer is humanoid yet genderless and has features that are specifically not human, much like the Sylvari. There are certainly differences - the Seer had four arms and floated. Hir skin had an organic texture and hir body seemed lithe underneath thick robes. Certainly not bright and shiny like the newly born Sylvari, and the opposite of pale, the Seer was withered and charcoal-black, save for bright blue eyes. We know that while Sylvari are born fully grown "they do not seem to age or die,"[1] so it seems possible their race has the lifespan to become what human races would consider ancient (which the seers certainly are.)

"Some remnants of that civilization, and that ancient time, still remain in modern-day Tyria (both in GW and GW2), but often, those who discover such things do not realize what they have found." [2]

This may be refering to ancient ruins, but I believe this is speaking directly to the Sylvari and the seeds they came from. Speaking of the seeds, consider the wiki article about Ronan concerning how he found the seed of the Pale Tree.

"Ronan was a member of the Shining Blade in the era of the Krytan civil war around 250 years ago. A soldier called to battle, he was at one point separated from his patrol and, in wandering, stumbled upon a guarded cavern filled with mysterious seeds. Escaping with a single seed the size of a man's fist, he stowed it away to show to his daughter. However, it was not to be: he returned to his village only to find his family murdered by mursaat and the village in ruins. In grief, he then swore to lay down his weapons and planted the seed upon the graves. It was near this tree that he would stay for the rest of his life."

First, think back to the tale of Saul D'Alessio who also became lost in the forests of Kryta. He didn't find seeds, he found the Mursaat. Perhaps Ronan had slipped into that same hidden forest when he found the cave. Perhaps siblings of the Pale Tree exist in that hidden forest of the Unseen, protected by guardians spawned from their mother tree, much like the Pale Tree gives birth to Fern Hounds. It would be particularly bitter-sweet that Ronan planted the Pale Tree on the grave of his family, murdered by the Mursaat, if these seeds were all that was left of the race of seers, defeated by the Mursaat.

Additional evidence
The last Seer sighted was in Zinn's research lab in Divinity Coast in Kryta[3].