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Mesmer Garm Odalsson[edit]

Race: Norn.
Gender: Male.
Profession: Mesmer.
Affiliation: Snow Leopard.
Other info: The name Garm derives from the name of a wolf that defends Hell in Norwegian mythology, whilst his surname Odalsson means he has no known father, with odal derived from an old germanic word for 'nothing'. He will wield a rapier and a pistol as one weapon set, a wand and a focus as a second. Garm was raised simply by his mother in the Blazeridge Mountains, away from other Norn. One could say that his mother, Fulya Hadrasdottir was a radical, she did not believe in the current Norn society and thought much could be learned from humans political and military ways. She raised her child away from the any sort of Norn civilisation to pass her ideas onto her son, Garm. Garm is a reserved and proud Norn, full of his own dignity and confidence he nonetheless has a wry wit and sarcastic humour. Growing up, his mother had no qualms letting him go to Ebonhawke and he learnt much from the humans there. However, when Kralkatorrik scarred the land he was at Ebonhawke. Ebonhawke survived the Dragonbrand but his mother was less fortunate, at home in her hut. Garm found the hut unscathed, it was about half a mile from the Dragonbrand, but his mother was not there. It is his personal mission to deal with Kralkatorrik and he relishes in the killing of the twisted animals he hunts in the Dragonbrand. To help on his personal mission he is travelling to all the major cities of Tyria for knowledge. He found in Divnity's Reach that he is an avid gambler and drinker, enjoying a card game as much as a bar brawl. He will have short, ginger hair and a similar moustache and beard.

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