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Profession Speculation[edit]

Professions reveal 7.jpg


  • Elementalist - Confirmed.
  • Necromancer - Confirmed.
  • I Don't Know - Something we haven't thought of. I'm really at a loss here.


  • Ranger - Confirmed.
  • Assassin - Less focused on daggers, brings in part of Necromancer's blood line and focuses more on Deadly and Shadow Arts. Daggers are backup weapon and casting aids. Uses daggers, staff, scepter, focus and shortbows (possibly longbows).
  • Mesmer - Keeps Domination and Inspiration whilst drawing from Necromancer's Curses line. Can use sword (rapier-like)/pistol etc. for defensive or quick conditions. Uses scepter, focus, staff, sword, pistol.


  • Warrior - Confirmed.
  • Sentinel - Mix of Dervish, Paragon and Monk. Best armor rating, AoE buffs, mainly defensive. Single target protection spells, not red barring. Good with axe and mace. Uses greatsword, sword, axe, mace, shield, possibly torch.