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I don't get all the people calling Trahearne bland. He's a sweetheart and not fit to do much more than research in a priory basement, but his coloration and animations cause him to be among the most terrifying video game NPCs of all time. The way he turns his head and shifts his weight reduces me to tears. Unfortunately, he is thrust into the leading role without meeting the required charisma and social maturity for protagonists. Consequently, he comes across as an egomaniac. When he attempts to be friendly with my character, he comes across as chauvinistic. Regardless, the weed is anything but bland.

Some Characters:

  • Nykki
  • Race: Winter Sylvari
  • Details: Durmond Priory; White Stag storyline
  • Sympathy: Quaggan!
  • Profession: Mesmer for the beautiful clothes, of course! Inspiration and dreams suit her well, fortunately.
  • Personality: Charming! Nykki is open-minded and innately curious about the world. She views all life in equality, besides Trahearne, and struggles to comprehend the dragons' will.
  • Silverhome
  • Race: Human
  • Ancestry: Ascalonian
  • Background: Aristocrat
  • Biggest Regret: Dead Sister
  • Blessing: Grenth
  • Profession: Necromancer
  • Personality: Dignity! Silverhome has seen how society's upper echelon operates and has no respect for titles, only actions. She has a sarcastic and subversive edge but is a natural diplomat.
  • Ygg
  • Race: Norn
  • Totem: Wolf
  • Profession: Ranger
  • Personality: Ferocity! He is just the Norse God of War, currently visiting Tyria while Vili and Vé are out-of-town. I can't believe I got the name.
  • Ryada Fierceheart
  • Race: Charr
  • Profession: Guardian
  • Personality: Dignity! She is the many-greats-granddaughter of Roan who coincidentally joined a warband with similar naming conventions. She is massive with a restrained brutality that commands respect from all ranks. Her heart is good, however, and she fights to change the contented self-sufficiency of her people.

Aliases: Nykki von Dragomiroff; Nykki Jo
Race: Human
Age: 21
Country: USA
Main: Nykki, Winter Sylvari
Current Projects: Trying so hard not to hate this game.

Guild Wars 1 Wiki-Nykki: []

-What Went Wrong-

  1. Anet has broken her stated manifesto. GW2 is simply not like that.
  2. NCsoft's relationship with Nexon, the company that removed jumping from Vindictus for no reason when jumping was integral to the platforming and flying boss fights. This, hopefully, is over.

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