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Live for tomorrow, be happy today!

— Billie Holiday

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My monk and ranger. Fear my paint skillz






Monk and Ranger

Hello there my IGN is Nedaro. Welcome to my user page ^_^ I have been playing Guild Wars from ~3 months after the release. Even though I have not actively played Guild Wars for about 2 years, I am looking forward to playing Guild Wars 2 in the future C: I'm also new to this wiki page stuff, but I will try to make this page a bit more interesting ^^

こんいちわ私の名前はネダロです。オランダからきました。私はみなみ大学の学生です。日本語をべんきょうします。 海賊になる。^^ はっはっは。ワンピースが大好きですよ。


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