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Super Adventure Box.png Super Adventure Box[edit]

Super Adventure Box releases
Super Adventure Box release banner.jpg
Super Adventure Box
SAB Back to School banner.jpg
Back to School

Event items[edit]

Item Acquisition Trading Post
Bauble.png Bauble
Bauble Bubble.png Bauble Bubble
Continue Coin.png Continue Coin
Infinite Continue Coin.png Infinite Continue Coin
World 1 Super Boom Box.png World 1 Super Boom Box
World 2 Super Boom Box.png World 2 Super Boom Box
Bauble.png Moto's Unstable Bauble Infusion: Blue
Bauble.png Moto's Unstable Bauble Infusion: Red
Super Adventure Box o' Fun.png Super Adventure Box o' Fun


Item Acquisition Trading Post
Super Axe.png Super Axe Skin
Super Dagger.png Super Dagger Skin
Super Mace.png Super Mace Skin
Super Pistol.png Super Pistol Skin
Super Scepter.png Super Scepter Skin
Super Sword.png Super Sword Skin
Super Focus.png Super Focus Skin
Super Shield.png Super Shield Skin
Super Torch.png Super Torch Skin
Super Warhorn.png Super Warhorn Skin
Super Greatsword.png Super Greatsword Skin
Super Hammer.png Super Hammer Skin
Super Long Bow.png Super Long Bow Skin
Super Rifle.png Super Rifle Skin
Super Short Bow.png Super Short Bow Skin
Super Staff.png Super Staff Skin
Super Backpack Cover.png Super Backpack Cover
Item Acquisition Trading Post
King Toad's Backpack Cover.png King Toad's Backpack Cover
Storm Wizard's Backpack Cover.png Storm Wizard Backpack Cover
Box of Super Adventure Box Goods.png Kaiser Snake Weapon Box
Kaiser Snake Weapon Box.png Kaiser Snake Weapon Box
Kaiser Snake Backpack Cover.png Kaiser Snake Backpack Cover


Item Acquisition Trading Post
Mini Moto.png Mini Moto
Mini Princess Miya.png Mini Princess Miya
Mini Super Spider.png Mini Super Spider
Mini Super Bee Dog.png Mini Super Bee Dog
Mini Super Monkey.png Mini Super Monkey
Mini Super Banana.png Mini Super Banana
Mini Super Raccoon.png Mini Super Raccoon
Mini Super Yeti.png Mini Super Yeti
Mini Super Assassin.png Mini Super Assassin
Item Acquisition Trading Post
Mini Super Trio.png Mini Super Trio
Mini Super Trio—World 2.png Mini Super Trio—World 2


Item Acquisition Trading Post
Fancy Furniture Coin.png Fancy Furniture Coin
Super Cloud.png Super Cloud
Super Small Rock.png Super Small Rock
Super Tree.png Super Tree
Super Rock.png Super Rock
Super Pagoda Column.png Super Pagoda Column
Unimpressive King Frog.png Unimpressive King Frog
Super Mountain.png Super Mountain
Super Rock Platform.png Super Rock Platform
Super Rock Ramp.png Super Rock Ramp
Super Rock Wall.png Super Rock Wall
Super King Frog.png Super King Frog

Special items[edit]

Item Acquisition Trading Post
Super Bee Dog Mail Carrier.png Super Bee Dog Mail Carrier
Permanent Super Explosive Finisher.png Permanent Super Explosive Finisher
Permanent Super Explosive Finisher.png Limited-Use Super Explosive Finisher