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Living World (replay).png Living World Season 1: Scarlet Briar[edit]

Living World season 1
Previous story — Season 1: Toxic Alliance
The Origins of Madness banner.jpg
The Origins of Madness
The Edge of the Mists banner.jpg
The Edge of the Mists
Escape from Lion's Arch banner.jpg
Escape from Lion's Arch
Battle for Lion's Arch banner.jpg
Battle for Lion's Arch
Battle for Lion's Arch Aftermath banner.jpg
Battle for Lion's Arch: Aftermath
Next story — Season 2: Dry Top

Release items[edit]


Item Acquisition Trading Post
Scarlet's Kiss.png Scarlet's Kiss
Scarlet's Rainbow.png Scarlet's Rainbow
Scarlet's Veil.png Scarlet's Veil Skin
Scarlet's Spaulders.png Scarlet's Spaulders
Scarlet's Grasp.png Scarlet's Grasp
Spinal Blade Pack Blueprint.png Spinal Blade Pack Blueprint
Spinal Blade Pack.png Spinal Blade Pack
Twin Spinal Blades.png Twin Spinal Blades
Quad Spinal Blades.png Quad Spinal Blades
Advanced Spinal Blades.png Advanced Spinal Blades
Tempered Spinal Blades.png Tempered Spinal Blades
Gift of Blades.png Gift of Blades
Recipe sheet legendary gift.png Recipe: Gift of Blades
Dynamic Tempered Spinal Blades.png Dynamic Tempered Spinal Blades (Infused)
Dynamic Assault Knight Power Core.png Dynamic Assault Knight Power Core
Static Tempered Spinal Blades.png Static Tempered Spinal Blades (Infused)
Static Assault Knight Power Core.png Static Assault Knight Power Core
Synergetic Tempered Spinal Blades.png Synergetic Tempered Spinal Blades (Infused)
Synergetic Assault Knight Power Core.png Synergetic Assault Knight Power Core


Item Acquisition Trading Post
Mini Twisted Watchwork Moa.png Mini Twisted Watchwork Moa
Mini Marjory Delaqua.png Mini Marjory Delaqua
Mini Captain Magnus.png Mini Captain Magnus
Mini Molten Berserker.png Mini Molten Berserker
Mini Aetherblade Admiral.png Mini Aetherblade Admiral
Mini Toxic Warlock.png Mini Toxic Warlock
Mini Armored Scarlet Briar.png Mini Armored Scarlet Briar
Item Acquisition Trading Post
Scarlet's Champions Mini 3-Pack.png Scarlet's Champions Mini 3-Pack


Item Acquisition Trading Post
Tuning Crystal Station.png Tuning Crystal Station
Recipe sheet masterwork feast utility.png Recipe: Tuning Crystal Station
Maintenance Oil Station.png Maintenance Oil Station
Recipe sheet masterwork feast utility.png Recipe: Maintenance Oil Station
Sharpening Stone Station.png Sharpening Stone Station
Recipe sheet masterwork feast utility.png Recipe: Sharpening Stone Station
Selfless Potion.png Selfless Potion
Thoughtless Potion.png Thoughtless Potion

Special items[edit]

Item Acquisition Trading Post
Found Belonging.png Found Belonging
Found Heirloom.png Found Heirloom
Refugee Child's Drawing (Lion's Arch).png Refugee Child's Drawing
Blade Shard.png Blade Shard
Watchwork Mechanism.png Watchwork Mechanism
Power Core Component.png Power Core Component
Molten Code Fragment.png Molten Code Fragment
Molten Cypher.png Molten Cypher
Aetherblade Code Fragment.png Aetherblade Code Fragment
Aetherblade Cypher.png Aetherblade Cypher
Watchwork Code Fragment.png Watchwork Code Fragment
Watchwork Cypher.png Watchwork Cypher
Toxic Code Fragment.png Toxic Code Fragment
Toxic Cypher.png Toxic Cypher
Scarlet Briar's Journal.png Scarlet Briar's Journal
Gift of Sprockets.png Gift of Sprockets
Captain's Airship Pass.png Captain's Airship Pass
Captain's Airship Pass.png Captain's Airship Pass