Edge of the Mists (living world achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Living World achievement category. For other uses, see Edge of the Mists (disambiguation).
Edge of the Mists is a Living World achievement category for The Edge of the Mists release.
Edge of the Mists.png
Edge of the Mists (Historical)
Total achievements: 3 40Achievement points
This achievement rewards an item. Raiders of the Lost Parts 15Achievement points
Find and retrieve Taimi's golem parts from the Edge of the Mists.
Reward:Mini Chest of the Mists.png Mini Chest of the Mists
Golem Parts Retrieved 15Achievement points
This achievement rewards an item. Delaqua Investigator 20Achievement points
Help Marjory and Kasmeer investigate Scarlet's motives.
Reward:Mini Chest of the Mists.png Chest of the Mists
Investigations Concluded 20Achievement points
Live on the Edge 5Achievement points
Find and enter an unstable Edge of the Mists portal in the wilds of Tyria. Unstable Edge of the Mists Portals Entered 5Achievement points